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      Staff Applications
      Naga - Posted
      Hey mate, Can I ask in what way he is hated? If its because he has solid skill and more experience than most players, its not a valid -rep. Every time I have been on he has just been quiet doing his own thing killing cunts. Could not really see this fella being the toxic type
    • 35
      Staff Applications
      Naga - Posted
      Nah denied mate
    • 10
      Abuse / Mute / Ban Reports
      Lelouch - Posted
      Another clip where it looks like he shoots behind them and locks onto the player
    • 0
      Garry's Mod News / Updates
      Killzone Gaming Bot - Posted

      Crash fixes and minor improvements across the board

      View Post[gmod.facepunch.com]

      Changes Added quick search to Material tool
      You can now ignite ragdolls
      Restored Half-Life 1 turret entities
      Added support for $treesway shader paramters, which is affected by env_wind entities on existing maps
      Downloading workshop items when joining servers now deletes the useless .compressed files that waste space
      npc_sniper no longer becomes pacifist after one player kill
      Fixed a crash issue with monster_flyer
      Fixed a crash issue with Half-Life: Source monster_*_dead NPCs
      Fixed model of monster_hevsuit_dead
      Fixed HL2 barney appearing on HL1 map c1a1
      Fixed HL1 and HL2 episodes not displaying their chapter titles and other on-screen text
      Fixed purple blood color on HL1 alien NPCs
      Fixed a crash on srcds when combine soldiers with smg1 die and there isn't a player in first server slot
      Fixed a rare crash with npc_combie_s trying to shoot a gun they don't have
      Fixed a potential AI pathfinding crash
      Reenabled monster_bigmomma hp recovery system
      Fixed npc_barnacle not picking up players from vehicles
      Fixed chatbox filters looking weird
      Fixed default join messages not working on dedicated servers
      Fixed some scenes not playing
      Smooth scrape sounds are no longer repalced by rough scrape sounds for glass and tile textures
      Fixed flashlight sound stopping weapon sounds
      Fixed some effects (mostly on NPCs) not working in multiplayer
      Fixed some HL1 NPCs not talking in multiplayer
      Addon entities ("anim" type SENTS) are now properly credited as inflictor and not the attacker when thrown into a player with a gravity gun
      Updated language files (Community Contribution)
      Updated TTT to its latest version
      Added proper distance and entity validity checks for all default properties to stop them from being exploited by clientside scripts
      Spawnmenu Icons no longer save images of missing models to disk
      Minor changes to NPC difficulty to match Half-Life games (Community Contribution) Added CTakeDamageInfo.__tostring
      Added CNavArea.GetPlace()
      Added CNavArea.SetPlace()
      Added PhysObj.GetPositionMatrix()
      Added Entity.GetWorldTransformMatrix()
      Added util.GetSurfaceData()
      Added Half-Life: Source CLASS_ enums
      Added input.GetKeyCode(), works opposite of input.GetKeyName
      Added ProjectedTexture:SetQuadraticAttenuation()
      Added ProjectedTexture:SetLinearAttenuation()
      Added ProjectedTexture:SetConstantAttenuation()
      Added ProjectedTexture:GetQuadraticAttenuation()
      Added ProjectedTexture:GetLinearAttenuation()
      Added ProjectedTexture:GetConstantAttenuation()
      Added player.GetByAccountID( id ) ( Community Contribution )
      Added render.WorldMaterialOverride
      Added return value to DColumnSheet.AddSheet (Community Contribution)
      Added player_connect_client gameevent
      Fixed FL_ANIMDUCKING not resetting when entering a vehicle
      Fixed HTTP() cutting off post body at the NULL byte
      Fixed func_breakable_surf crashing when damaged by DMG_BLAST with no inflictor
      Fixed crash issues with CNewParticleEffect.AddControlPoint and CNewParticleEffect.StopEmissionAndDestroyImmediately functions
      Fixed Player and Entity.__newindex crashing the game when assigning non string keys onto those entities
      CTakeDamageInfo.GetDamageType now properly returns an unsigned int
      JSON functions now can handle NULL bytes properly
      IGModAudioChannel.__gc no longer crashes the game in some cases
      Fixed an error with empty nextbox NPCs (Community Contribution)
      SWEP Holdtype is now updated clientside whenever server sends a holdtype update
      PlayerUse no longer blocks using when Lua doesn't return a value or returns a non boolean
      Fixed DMenu's non self deleting submenus not opening in some cases
      Player.Kick no longer fails with reasons too long ( now cuts them off at ~512 )
      util.SpriteTrail no longer crashes the game if you do not give the material ".vmt" extension
      util.SpriteTrail no longer silently fails halfway through when not given a color
      Dragginig/Resizing DFrame as a child element now works properly (Community Contribution)
      Consistent caching between Entity.GetEyeTraceNoCursor and Entity.GetEyeTrace (Community Contribution)
      Fixed a crash issue with Vehicle.GetVehicleViewPosition
      Fixed a few Vehicle functions returning garbage in certain cases ( GetVehicleViewPosition, GetPassengerSeatPoint, GetWheelContactPoint )
      Fixed RebuildSpawnIcon() not taking bodygroups into account
      Added voice_overdrive, volume and _restart on client to the blocked console command list
      prop_vehicle and prop_vehicle_driveable are now considered Vehicles by Lua
      Entity.GetSaveTable now works properly with most array fields, they will show up as 1-based table in Lua
      Entity.SetSaveValue can now handle array fields, just like GetSaveTable()
      Entity.GetInternalVariable now supports all field types as GetSaveTable/SetSaveValue does
      CLuaEmitter.Add will now also initallize startSize
      util.GetSurfacePropName now returns "" for out of bounds input
      IGModAudioChannel:IsValid now properly reflects the validity of the sound channel instead of testing existence of the Lua objecct
      Most IGModAudioChannel functions now also check for channel validity
      DoModal no longer works without cursor visible for all panels, not just "Frame"
      Vector.WithinAABox now orders vectors on its own
      Entity.GetAttachments, Entity.GetBodyGroups and Entity.GetMaterials will now return an empty table where they used to return nil
      util.(De)Compress and util.Base64Encode error on no input and return an empty string when given an empty string
      Failed-to-send net messages now reset current net message
      Calling net.Start() while a net message is already active now displays a message
      You can no longer send net messages with no players on the server
      Entity.GetSaveTable and Entity.GetInternalVariable no longer iterate over Inputs and Outputs
      Entity.SetHitboxSet no longer assigns non existent hitbox sets when using a string as the first argument resulting in a console warning spam
      You can no longer remove player_manager entity
      Made DLabelURL's color functions work consistently to DLabel's
      Vehicle.GetVehicleViewPosition's only argument is now optional
      Entity.SetModelScale is now limited to +-400 on server (unchanged on client) Keys in mount.cfg are now marked as mounted ( for IsMounted() ), if they are in the list of mountable games
      Restored Gib Model functionality of func_breakable from HL1
      mountdepots.txt will now be automatically created if it doesn't exist so dedicated server owners can edit it
      Fixed nav file error 4 (out of date) being displayed when the nav file is in fact up to date
      Nav file errors now properly displays the actual error by name, not error ID
      Updated surfaceproperites.txt to remove some entries to fit the 128 entry limit
      Bumped maxiumum key length of key values in bsp to 64 (from 32)
      Notice View the full article
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      Abuse / Mute / Ban Reports
      owo - Posted
      Your In-Game Name: owo * nhentai.net
      Your Steam_ID: https://steamcommunity.com/id/xxgodspawnxx2/ Their In-Game: Hopped
      Their Steam_ID: Not sure Reason(s): He locked on me through a wall randomly and triple tapped my head, he immediately left the server so I couldn't get his Steam ID. Proof / Evidence / Witnesses: He did it at around 8:30PM Sydney Time on KZG Retakes #2 on the map overpass. It was the last round of the map before we switched over to Mirage and he disappeared.
    • 0
      Fun Mod
      Wolfleader - Posted
      GENERAL SERVER RULES Hacking/Cheating is a permanently bannable offence. Scripting/Macroing will result in a suspension for 2 weeks when first caught. If caught again, said user will be permanently banned Abuse towards other players will not be tolerated and will be punished with the utmost severity. We understand that the environment on all servers can become heated at times, but the community of Killzone Gaming does not condone any form of toxicity/hate speech/abuse/racism/discrimination. No advertisement of any form. The only exceptions are KZG, twitch and/or youtube links. Mic/Chat spam is not allowed. The use of vocoders (voice-changers) and/or stupid accents is forbidden. The only language that is allowed to be spoken over voice chat is English. You are not allowed to play music over your microphone unless you have an Administrator's permission. Glitching/Exploiting maps, plugins or server features is not allowed and is punishable. Ghosting is not allowed and is highly condemnable on servers that allow all talk. Ghosting is disclosing enemy information once said user has died. If caught DDOSing any Killzone Gaming servers/users, said user will be dealt with accordingly.  DOXing or revealing personal information about another player will get you a permanent ban - this includes: names, address’, social networking accounts, mobile phone numbers etc.  Impersonations of any Staff Members or users are prohibited. Players are NOT allowed to publicly accuse other players of cheating. This creates unnecessary spam and could alert a possible cheater of the servers awareness to their hacking. To privately message an online Staff Member - Open <TEAM CHAT> (not <ALL CHAT>) and put an @ in front of your message  e.g. @Nyalon is aboosing his powers. Delaying rounds purposely is punishable by death. Continuing to delay rounds once told not to will most likely result in a suspension. Trolling Staff Members or users is not acceptable and said user will be punished grimly.  Ban evading is punishable by a longer ban sentence. FUN SERVER RULES Team stacking is not allowed. If you continue to switch teams after a staff member has told you to move or moved you, you will be slain and/or kicked.  Administrators and/or Moderators get final say if something is an exploit. Sitting AFK for over 5 rounds will result in a kick. Sitting AFK for friends to earn xp will result in a ban. Spamming RTV and/or spamming people to RTV will result in a gag.   Administrators and/or Moderators will always have the last say. If you disagree with a Staff Member and you think they are abusing their powers - make an [ABUSE REPORT] _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________  INFRINGEMENT OF ANY RULES LISTED ABOVE MAY RESULT IN CONSEQUENCES WHICH MAY INCLUDE BEING GAGGED, MUTED, KICKED, SUSPENDED OR BANNED.   ALL RULES STATED ABOVE APPLY TO THE FUN SERVER
      [Fun Server] _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ NOTE: THESE RULES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE AT ANY TIME.
    • 0
      Abuse / Mute / Ban Reports
      MoistPenguin - Posted
      Your In-Game Name: MoistPenguin
      Your Steam_ID: https://steamcommunity.com/id/MoistPengu Their In-Game: Fat Eshay
      Their Steam_ID: steamcommunity.com/id/FatEshaysOnly Reason(s): Tele Camping Proof / Evidence / Witnesses: https://youtu.be/zMrS71M8bME
    • 5
      Staff Applications
      B0nes - Posted
      Played with him a few times, seen some good leadership qualities, definitely worthy of admin. Can be a quiet, should work on being a little more vocal + he's a sharpy.   xx
    • 11
      Staff Applications
      ruthles_kila! - Posted
      Vouching Staff on Server Group:  Skyprah made this optional. (also no staff that i know play bhop)   MUTUAL = not a + or - rep.   Damn, everything on the application was great besides this one, you know admin of bhop just they wouldn't vouch for you.   nice person to friends, would like to see how you would go with permission against new people and current friends, GOOD LUCK.
    • 12
      Staff Applications
      The Open Divide - Posted
      Uses HUF's aimbot to get kills -1
    • 12
      Staff Applications
      X♡Follower - Posted
      thanks for the support @Wolfleader  
    • 0
      Fun Mod
      Wolfleader - Posted
      Hey Everyone, the Fun Server has been out for a while now (since like march) and is finally gaining traction within KZG and has been getting an outstanding number of players over the last two months. I am hoping to see even more players in the near future and hope everyone in KZG comes and tries it out and see if they like it 😉  I am hoping to have a little KZG event (have to ask skyprah) on the Fun Server and Teamspeak or Discord so stay tuned for that Anyways definitely come and try out  the Fun Server i am sure you will enjoy it!! IP: or go to this URL  steam://connect/
    • 21
      Staff Applications
      ๋DingoBird19 - Posted
      +rep cause i feel like it
    • 10
      Haru - Posted
      Ohw okie thanks for the correction lmao
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