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Welcome! This is for people of all ranks! Whether you're just starting, a seasoned veteran or someone who's never even heard of the game. osu! is a point and click rhythm game made in Japan in 2007 and has become one of the most popular games in its genre. Best part about this game is it's simple, so don't be afraid to download it and give it a try. If you want to talk to me or play some multiplayer with us. Add me - Unlocked

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  2. Bread

    Multiplayer Events

  3. zuelhs

    Multiplayer Events

    Your not wrong, still cool tho
  4. Bread

    Multiplayer Events

    i bet you got that from beastrollmc
  5. zuelhs

    Multiplayer Events

    osu battle royale's. There is a website that hosts osu battle royale games for free ([Hidden Content]) As you may know there is also different modes within osu multiplayer (as in teams and score v2) that we can play and host exclusively to KZG members part of the group or not.
  6. Bread

    Multiplayer Events

    osu battle royale? or just kzg games battle royales
  7. Hey everyone, If you know anyone that would like to join the club or play osu in general, make sure to invite them. I'm wanting to make KZG exclusive multiplayer events such as Battle Royale's and so forth. If you guys have any idea's for such events list them below. -zuelhs
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