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  2. Steam Account Name: killzonehog Steam ID: [Hidden Content] Age: 16 Sex: Male Desciption of Myself: Enthusiastic kid, loved by the awp community for my great banter. everyone appreciates my jokes. responsible and i'm looking for more stuff to occupy myself like being a mod. interview me and you'll see im a good guy Qualities I bring to Killzone Gaming humour, exhuberance and enthusiasm Why I Deserve to be Part of Killzine Gaming: My name is Hitesh and I'm from melbourne. I'm a great kid and i love a good joke. i have absolutely no intention of making this role a boring and worthless time spend for me. if i get this role, ill be chatting and occupying myself to spend time with the awp community. I'm well known because of my humorous banter and you'll see that I'm a nice kid when you interview me. i know i don"t fit all the criteria because I've never made a killzone account but i can assure you i have a lot of hours on the server. i am by no means good at the game but i enjoy it and that's what matter. Play-Time on Server Group: 19.5 hours Times Usually Played on Server Group: weekends, some late nights and after school sessions Vouching Staff on Server Group: Vouching Players: Slim, The grey Foski and some other that keep changing their names Have Read Server Group Rules: No Have Met Server Group and Application Requirements: No Have working Microphone: Yes
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  4. iisoken

    • iisoken
    • revzi

    WTF it didnt work, and im banned for evading or something


  5. Steam Account Name: Zer0 Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:155751256 Alternate Accounts: STEAM_NONE Server Group: AWP Server: Casual Competitive Date / Time of Ban: 6/15/2019 13:07 Admin that Punished You: CONSOLE Reason for Ban: Multi-Hack Why I should be unbanned / unmuted: Basically I was playing in the Awp server, I didn't do anything harmful to the game, and I got banned for no reasons. I'm quite good at awping, you can ask other players in the server. I hope you understand what i was trying to say here, Thank you.
  6. oh shit forget to +rep it before xd +rep yung fella
  7. Killzone Gaming Bot

    EffortlessGrapheme's Unban Appeal

    Unbanned. Closed.
  8. Killzone Gaming Bot

    50's Unban Appeal

    Denied. Closed.
  9. Killzone Gaming Bot

    Munckey's Unban Appeal

    Denied. Closed. - Cheating on the servers - Ban evading
  10. Killzone Gaming Bot

    Wow/Invisible/imafluffycloud's Unban Appeal

    Denied. Closed.
  11. Killzone Gaming Bot

    star's Unban Appeal

    Denied. Closed.
  12. Killzone Gaming Bot

    Olé ahí's Unban Appeal

    Unbanned. Closed.
  13. Killzone Gaming Bot

    ×××'s Unban Appeal

    Denied. Closed. - Your main account is banned
  14. Killzone Gaming Bot

    Bot Levi's Unban Appeal

    Denied. Closed. - Your account is now VAC banned [Hidden Content]
  15. Killzone Gaming Bot

    S1ngulaR's Unban Appeal

    Unbanned. Closed.
  16. Killzone Gaming Bot

    B-Hop Benson's Unmute Appeal

    Unmuted. Closed.
  17. Killzone Gaming Bot

    VoxxRye's Unban Appeal

    Unbanned. Closed.
  18. Killzone Gaming Bot

    $erinami's Unban Appeal

    Unbanned. Closed.
  19. Killzone Gaming Bot

    12's Unban Appeal

    Unbanned. Closed.
  20. Killzone Gaming Bot

    revzi's Unban Appeal

    Unbanned. Closed.
  21. Killzone Gaming Bot

    JayTee's Unban Appeal

    Unbanned. Closed.
  22. Killzone Gaming Bot

    Teido's Unban Appeal

    Unbanned. Closed.
  23. Killzone Gaming Bot

    Kak Rawezh's Unban Appeal

    Unbanned. Closed.
  24. Killzone Gaming Bot

    Mosley's Unban Appeal

    Unbanned. Closed.
  25. Killzone Gaming Bot

    iisoken's Unban Appeal

    Denied. Closed. - Ban evading [Hidden Content]
  26. Killzone Gaming Bot

    T1ЯO ヅ's Unban Appeal

    Unbanned. Closed.
  27. Killzone Gaming Bot

    wave's Unban Appeal

    Declined. Closed. - Your alternate account was banned for cheating on our servers [Hidden Content]
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