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  2. Hey mate, Can I ask in what way he is hated? If its because he has solid skill and more experience than most players, its not a valid -rep. Every time I have been on he has just been quiet doing his own thing killing cunts. Could not really see this fella being the toxic type
  3. Lelouch


    How do you claim rewards won in raffle?

  4. This kid is one of the most hated members on the fun community, how do you think itll react to him getting staff, when he comes on people leave, and if they dont leave they just complain, giving him staff is about as good as kicking people before they even play
  5. Lelouch

    [COMBAT SURF] Killua's Ban Report

    Another clip where it looks like he shoots behind them and locks onto the player
  6. Hey everyone, Today’s Test Server patch includes a brand new full-auto pistol, the new Conquest Mode Custom Game setting, improvements to custom games in general, and other bug and quality of life fixes. We’ve also given the Training Mode map a name and “Camp Jackal” can now be selected as a War Mode map in custom games. As always, this patch will deploy to live servers after testing is complete. While on the Test Server, only squad mode will be available to mitigate long matchmaking times. FIX PUBG Update QoL UI GUIDES: Added an on-screen key guide function which shows dynamic key guides depending on the game play situation (on by default, can change to off in gameplay options) Bug Fixes UNDERWATER: Fixed the issue where players could use weapons while swimming if they kept pushing the weapon equip button near rocks New Weapon: Skorpion [Hidden Content] Added a new handgun, the Skorpion The Skorpion spawns on all maps Single fire and full auto fire mode Uses 9mm ammo, it can load up to 20 bullets and 40 with an Extended Magazine Attachments: Sight: Red dot sight Muzzle: Suppressor Lower Rail: Vertical Foregrip, Half Grip, Light Grip, Laser Sight Stock: Stock for Micro UZI Magazine: Extended Magazine only Skorpion is also available in the Training mode. Have a fun! Lobby Patch Notes Added Patch Notes to the lobby. They can be viewed in a popup by clicking the Patch Notes icon in the top right. Videos included in the patch notes cannot be played directly in the client. When clicking on a video, an external browser will open to play the video. Note: This feature will be applied once the update is moved to live servers. Gameplay Decreased recoil of the P18C. We’ve toned down the opacity of the blue zone so that it less difficult to see through . Thanks to all of our players for the feedback you provided regarding this. Please share your feedback with us once you’ve tested the changes. Mitigated an issue where the blue zone’s opacity difference was too strong depending on the map and weather type. Before and after: Erangel Miramar Sanhok UI/UX Added an on-screen dynamic key map guide which changes based on the gameplay situation. Appears above the minimap. Set to “On” by default, but can be switched off in Settings > Gameplay. We’ve improved the control of wheel menu, making it easier for players to select items. We’ve improved the Page Up/Page Down reticle changing functionality of red dot sight, holographic sight and 2x/3x scopes. Selections are now on a loop, so players can press one button to cycle through the options. The name of the player being watched while spectating teammates, in observer view, or killer spectating will now appear in the top left corner of the screen. World Made fixes and improvements to Training Mode Optimized moving targets. Basic function is same as before but the appearance is slightly changed. Limited the maximum spawns of water vehicles (boat, aqua rail) to 2 This is a temporary solution due to a performance issue, we will implement additional improvements in the future. Reduced visual flickering of thin objects such as electrical wires. Performance Improved performance by mitigating an issue causing thin objects to flicker. Optimized particles in rainy weather. Supply System Survival XP can now be earned while observing teammates. This grants 50% less XP than while alive Anti-Cheat / Report Added the report player function to event mode games. By pressing “R” key when spectating, you can report a player who previously killed you. Players can report other players during a match by clicking the “Report” button on the death screen. Up to 8 recent players who killed you will be displayed as available to report. When reporting a teammate who killed you, the option to report for team killing will be displayed. You can only report a player once per match. Skin & Items Added multi-slot items as a new category. These are single piece clothing items that require multiple slots to wear (Torso and Legs, for example). If you try to wear a multi-slot item while wearing a single slot item in one of those slots, those items will be removed automatically. Changed the reset time of the weekly random crate to Tuesday 5pm PDT (UTC 0). Custom Match Added a new game mode, War Mode: Conquest This game mode sets two Platoons (up to 50 vs. 50) against each other to capture and hold objectives within an area. Your Platoon earns points as you hold these objectives and the team with the highest score wins. Multiple options, including capture area circle size can be adjusted in the match options. Added a few War Mode: Conquest related presets. A detailed guide for recommended custom match settings for this mode will be announced in a separate article at a later date. Replays are not yet available for War Mode: Conquest matches. This functionality will be added in a future update. Added the option to invite friends to a custom game Added an option to adjust damage ratios (from 0 to 500%) in custom game settings. You can adjust the head, upper body, lower body, arm, or leg damage ratio from bullets and melee attacks. You can also adjust the damage ratio from throwables. Corrected issue with default configuration settings for killer spectating and red zone in Esports Mode. Added “Camp Jackal” (Training Mode Map) as an available map for War Mode matches. Bug Fixes Fixed the issue where players could use weapons while swimming if they kept pushing the weapon equip button near rocks. Fixed some exploitable spots which allowed players to enter inside cliff faces. Fixed the issue where in FPP when character holding throwables or ready to throw throwables is moving facing the sky, his/her hand flickers and moves around. Fixed an issue which caused the screen to shake excessively when spectating or viewing the death cam of an opponent who was firing a weapon. Fixed the issue where when freefalling out of the plane and pressing particular movement keys, certain animations didn’t play correctly. Fixed the issue where the footstep sounds of players moving at low speed (walking when crouching) was not played to other players. Fixed the issue where when click the “Play” button, game was frozen in the lobby. Fixed the issue where world map and wheel menu could be opened at the same time. Fixed the issue where a spot at the back of the truck and buggy would block bullets. Fixed the issue where when plane flew around you, the sound of plane was not played. Fixed an issue which caused waves to not be heard momentarily after unmuting the game sounds. View the full article
  7. i under stand that the times that i might have talked to you i was immature and im trying to change my behavior but thanks for your opinion
  8. All i was going to say
  9. Killua

    [COMBAT SURF] Killua's Ban Report

    Idk why you guys think I’m hacking in thosr clips, get a life of and stop searching cause I ain’t hacking
  10. Killua

    [COMBAT SURF] Killua's Ban Report

    That was bluetac, it’s not that hard to hit shots like that
  11. For this week's event mode, we're debuting something new to events. In Platoon Mode, you'll join one of 5 10-person squads that make up your Platoon. Normal game objectives still apply, except on a massive 50 vs. 50 scale. Loot up and coordinate to be the last Platoon standing! EVENT SCHEDULESTARTS: Oct 18, 7pm PDT / Oct 19, 4am CEST / Oct 19, 11am KST ENDS: Oct 21, 7pm PDT / Oct 22, 4am CEST / Oct 22, 11am KST AVAILABLE QUEUESTPP/FPP RULES Two teams (Platoons) of 50 players will fight in Erangel. Each Platoon is comprised of 5 squads, and each squad has 10 players. Players in your Platoon, but not in your squad, will have a blue circle above their head. Players in your Platoon, but not in your squad, are marked with a blue circle on the minimap. Other rules are same as public match. OTHER EVENT RULES 10-man squads only. Auto-matching is forced. Weather is set to Sunny. Red zones are enabled. General care packages are enabled. Killer Spectating is disabled. Friendly fire is disabled (Including Platoon members). View the full article
  12. Yesterday
  13. [gmod.facepunch.com] Crash fixes and minor improvements across the board View Post[gmod.facepunch.com] Changes Added quick search to Material tool You can now ignite ragdolls Restored Half-Life 1 turret entities Added support for $treesway shader paramters, which is affected by env_wind entities on existing maps Downloading workshop items when joining servers now deletes the useless .compressed files that waste space npc_sniper no longer becomes pacifist after one player kill Fixed a crash issue with monster_flyer Fixed a crash issue with Half-Life: Source monster_*_dead NPCs Fixed model of monster_hevsuit_dead Fixed HL2 barney appearing on HL1 map c1a1 Fixed HL1 and HL2 episodes not displaying their chapter titles and other on-screen text Fixed purple blood color on HL1 alien NPCs Fixed a crash on srcds when combine soldiers with smg1 die and there isn't a player in first server slot Fixed a rare crash with npc_combie_s trying to shoot a gun they don't have Fixed a potential AI pathfinding crash Reenabled monster_bigmomma hp recovery system Fixed npc_barnacle not picking up players from vehicles Fixed chatbox filters looking weird Fixed default join messages not working on dedicated servers Fixed some scenes not playing Smooth scrape sounds are no longer repalced by rough scrape sounds for glass and tile textures Fixed flashlight sound stopping weapon sounds Fixed some effects (mostly on NPCs) not working in multiplayer Fixed some HL1 NPCs not talking in multiplayer Addon entities ("anim" type SENTS) are now properly credited as inflictor and not the attacker when thrown into a player with a gravity gun Updated language files (Community Contribution) Updated TTT to its latest version Added proper distance and entity validity checks for all default properties to stop them from being exploited by clientside scripts Spawnmenu Icons no longer save images of missing models to disk Minor changes to NPC difficulty to match Half-Life games (Community Contribution) Added CTakeDamageInfo.__tostring Added CNavArea.GetPlace() Added CNavArea.SetPlace() Added PhysObj.GetPositionMatrix() Added Entity.GetWorldTransformMatrix() Added DMG_SNIPER and DMG_MISSILEDEFENSE Added util.GetSurfaceData() Added Half-Life: Source CLASS_ enums Added input.GetKeyCode(), works opposite of input.GetKeyName Added ProjectedTexture:SetQuadraticAttenuation() Added ProjectedTexture:SetLinearAttenuation() Added ProjectedTexture:SetConstantAttenuation() Added ProjectedTexture:GetQuadraticAttenuation() Added ProjectedTexture:GetLinearAttenuation() Added ProjectedTexture:GetConstantAttenuation() Added player.GetByAccountID( id ) ( Community Contribution ) Added render.WorldMaterialOverride Added return value to DColumnSheet.AddSheet (Community Contribution) Added player_connect_client gameevent Fixed FL_ANIMDUCKING not resetting when entering a vehicle Fixed HTTP() cutting off post body at the NULL byte Fixed func_breakable_surf crashing when damaged by DMG_BLAST with no inflictor Fixed crash issues with CNewParticleEffect.AddControlPoint and CNewParticleEffect.StopEmissionAndDestroyImmediately functions Fixed Player and Entity.__newindex crashing the game when assigning non string keys onto those entities CTakeDamageInfo.GetDamageType now properly returns an unsigned int JSON functions now can handle NULL bytes properly IGModAudioChannel.__gc no longer crashes the game in some cases Fixed an error with empty nextbox NPCs (Community Contribution) SWEP Holdtype is now updated clientside whenever server sends a holdtype update PlayerUse no longer blocks using when Lua doesn't return a value or returns a non boolean Fixed DMenu's non self deleting submenus not opening in some cases Player.Kick no longer fails with reasons too long ( now cuts them off at ~512 ) util.SpriteTrail no longer crashes the game if you do not give the material ".vmt" extension util.SpriteTrail no longer silently fails halfway through when not given a color Dragginig/Resizing DFrame as a child element now works properly (Community Contribution) Consistent caching between Entity.GetEyeTraceNoCursor and Entity.GetEyeTrace (Community Contribution) Fixed a crash issue with Vehicle.GetVehicleViewPosition Fixed a few Vehicle functions returning garbage in certain cases ( GetVehicleViewPosition, GetPassengerSeatPoint, GetWheelContactPoint ) Fixed RebuildSpawnIcon() not taking bodygroups into account Added voice_overdrive, volume and _restart on client to the blocked console command list prop_vehicle and prop_vehicle_driveable are now considered Vehicles by Lua Entity.GetSaveTable now works properly with most array fields, they will show up as 1-based table in Lua Entity.SetSaveValue can now handle array fields, just like GetSaveTable() Entity.GetInternalVariable now supports all field types as GetSaveTable/SetSaveValue does CLuaEmitter.Add will now also initallize startSize util.GetSurfacePropName now returns "" for out of bounds input IGModAudioChannel:IsValid now properly reflects the validity of the sound channel instead of testing existence of the Lua objecct Most IGModAudioChannel functions now also check for channel validity DoModal no longer works without cursor visible for all panels, not just "Frame" Vector.WithinAABox now orders vectors on its own Entity.GetAttachments, Entity.GetBodyGroups and Entity.GetMaterials will now return an empty table where they used to return nil util.(De)Compress and util.Base64Encode error on no input and return an empty string when given an empty string Failed-to-send net messages now reset current net message Calling net.Start() while a net message is already active now displays a message You can no longer send net messages with no players on the server Entity.GetSaveTable and Entity.GetInternalVariable no longer iterate over Inputs and Outputs Entity.SetHitboxSet no longer assigns non existent hitbox sets when using a string as the first argument resulting in a console warning spam You can no longer remove player_manager entity Made DLabelURL's color functions work consistently to DLabel's Vehicle.GetVehicleViewPosition's only argument is now optional Entity.SetModelScale is now limited to +-400 on server (unchanged on client) Keys in mount.cfg are now marked as mounted ( for IsMounted() ), if they are in the list of mountable games Restored Gib Model functionality of func_breakable from HL1 mountdepots.txt will now be automatically created if it doesn't exist so dedicated server owners can edit it Fixed nav file error 4 (out of date) being displayed when the nav file is in fact up to date Nav file errors now properly displays the actual error by name, not error ID Updated surfaceproperites.txt to remove some entries to fit the 128 entry limit Bumped maxiumum key length of key values in bsp to 64 (from 32) Notice Unlike many previous updates, this one will require servers to update before you can join them. We try to keep such updates to a minimum, but it was necessary for this update. This means that for a certain time after the update you may get a message such as "The server is running an older version of the game" when connecting to your favourite servers. You will have to wait for servers to update before you can join them again. You CANNOT downgrade to a previous version of the game. View the full article
  14. -REP Very immature and not suited for the position. Take you and your childish mates out the door please
  15. I read the post good information sharing. I bought new book. It is very interesting. I share the topic many social sites. It is service provide in 24 hour Des Moines Towing. Thanks for post.
  16. Your In-Game Name: owo * nhentai.net Your Steam_ID: [Hidden Content] Their In-Game: Hopped Their Steam_ID: Not sure Reason(s): He locked on me through a wall randomly and triple tapped my head, he immediately left the server so I couldn't get his Steam ID. Proof / Evidence / Witnesses: He did it at around 8:30PM Sydney Time on KZG Retakes #2 on the map overpass. It was the last round of the map before we switched over to Mirage and he disappeared.
  17. paradiso

    [Fun Mod] clutchyy's Administrator Application

    You should fix the staff apps format so that everyone knows pls fix my forum role too
  18. Les remèdes naturels et à base de plantes font fureur à présent, mais plutôt que de dépenser une fortune dans des produits de beauté prétendant utiliser des ingrédients naturels miraculeux, passons maintenant aux vieux secrets de beauté et aux remèdes maison que nos Mémés utilisaient bien avant qu’ils ne soient brevetés. Utilisez ces conseils de beauté naturelle qui ont fait leurs preuves et vous serez éclatants de beauté en un rien de temps. Conseils de soins de la peau de grand-mère 1. Traitements au miel Le miel fait des merveilles pour votre peau. Pour éclaircir votre teint, appliquez un masque de miel mélangé avec du lait, du yogourt et des graines de sésame moulues dans des proportions égales, Robe fourreau chic. Pour une peau éclatante, appliquez un mélange de miel et de jus de tomate sur votre visage et votre cou. Laissez agir 15 minutes et rincez à l'eau tiède. Pour un bain vraiment luxueux qui laisse votre peau souple et éclatante, mélangez deux cuillères à soupe de miel dans l'eau. 2. Masque aux amandes et au miel Si vous avez besoin de vieux remèdes de beauté pour la peau sèche, essayez un masque aux amandes. Faites tremper les amandes dans de l'eau pendant la nuit et réduisez-les en pâte le matin. Ajouter le miel et le jus de citron et bien mélanger. Appliquez le masque sur votre visage, laissez agir pendant 10 minutes et rincez à l'eau tiède. 3. masque de fenugrec Le fenugrec est un autre ingrédient magique du livre de vieux secrets de beauté de grand-mère. Ses feuilles sont un excellent remède contre les boutons, les points noirs, la peau sèche et les rides. Écrasez les feuilles en une pâte et appliquez-la sur votre visage chaque soir. Rincez-le à l'eau tiède le matin. 4. masque de curcuma Vous recherchez de vieux secrets de beauté pour une peau éclatante? Si vous voulez un teint plus brillant, appliquez quotidiennement un mélange de pâte de curcuma, de jus de concombre et de jus de citron et laissez agir toute la nuit. Rincer à l'eau tiède.
  19. eschalier

    Tutoriel Glam Hazel Eyes Maquillage

    Les yeux noisette sont de belles combinaisons de toutes les couleurs d'yeux, principalement des couleurs marron, verte et dorée. Les yeux Hazel sont très polyvalents et vous permettent de jouer avec une grande variété de couleurs de maquillage, en fonction de la couleur que vous souhaitez mettre en valeur. Les meilleures couleurs de maquillage pour les yeux noisette incluent: des tons neutres chauds et des nuances automnales douces pour le port de jour, tandis que les tons violets devraient être vos couleurs préférées pour les yeux fumants fumants pour les yeux noisette. Essayez ce maquillage glamour pour les yeux rose et brun avec des reflets dorés pour faire ressortir la couleur de vos yeux noisette, Robe dos nu rouge! Glam Hazel Eye Makeup: Visage Commencez par créer une base uniforme et appliquez le fond de teint avec un pinceau synthétique. Pour une tenue de jour, utilisez un fond de teint léger à moyen, mais si vous partez, vous aurez encore plus de couvrance et une peau parfaite. Ensuite masquer les imperfections et les imperfections de la peau avec un correcteur. Définissez le tout avec une poudre pour visage pure qui donnera une finition lisse et polie. Étapes de maquillage des yeux Glam Hazel Appliquez d'abord un apprêt crémeux pour les paupières sur les paupières. Un apprêt intensifiera les couleurs et constituera une bonne base d'adhésion pour les ombres à paupières. Utilisez un fard à paupières rose avec des reflets dorés sur toute la paupière supérieure. Choisissez un fard à paupières brun moyen mat avec un pinceau ferme et appliquez-le sur le coin extérieur des yeux et dans le pli. Accentuez légèrement les ombres à paupières dans un mouvement ascendant pour obtenir un effet liftant des yeux flatteur, puis ramenez-les au centre de la paupière inférieure. Utilisez un pinceau propre et moelleux pour estomper les ombres à paupières et créer une transition en douceur entre les couleurs rose et marron. Améliorez les cils supérieurs et inférieurs en utilisant un fard à paupières brun foncé. Cela donnera aux cils profondeur et plénitude. Appliquez un fard à paupières fini perlé sur le coin intérieur des yeux pour ajouter de la brillance au look. Si vous souhaitez transformer le maquillage de jour en un look de soirée spectaculaire, intensifiez la couleur des plis et le coin extérieur avec un fard à paupières noir mat. Mélangez-le légèrement pour une finition homogène.
  20. eschalier

    Fragrances d'automne pour femmes

    Voulez-vous acheter un nouveau parfum et ne savez pas exactement ce que vous devriez faire? Vous êtes au bon endroit car nous vous proposons des suggestions étonnantes concernant les parfums de l'automne 2013. Nous avons mis au point une liste de recommandations qui, nous en sommes sûrs, vous plairont et vous inspireront pour vos futurs achats! Nouveaux parfums pour l'automne 2013 Si vous êtes une de ces femmes sûres et sexy qui maîtrisent la technique du flirt, vous devriez opter pour un parfum floral lumineux avec des touches de douceur. De cette façon, vous allez sûrement attirer l'attention des autres et vous démarquer. Pour les créatifs qui passent beaucoup de temps à aller dans des galeries d'art, à prendre de belles photos artistiques ou à écrire dans leur cahier, un grand parfum floral avec des nuances boisées vous fera vous sentir spécial et génial! Si vous êtes plutôt du genre sportif qui ne recule devant aucune compétition saine, optez pour un parfum frais, énergique et parfumé aux agrumes qui vous gardera jeune comme la tarte au sucre et aux épices citron Jo Malone (60 $). Achetez-le: Tarte au citron et au sucre Jo Malone, Robe sexy dos nu. Es-tu par hasard ce grand ami qui écoute et donne les meilleurs conseils? Si votre réponse est un grand OUI, cela signifie que vous aimez les parfums fleuris subtils et délicats qui feront fleurir votre personnalité. Essayez la pâquerette de Marc Jacobs (85 $) et vous vous sentirez au paradis. Si vous êtes une de ces femmes geek qui connaissent beaucoup de choses sur de nombreux sujets, vous voudrez peut-être acheter un parfum floral et élégant pas trop sucré, par exemple Pleasures Pop de Estee Lauder (60 $). Aimez-vous passer beaucoup de temps avec vos amis à l'extérieur ou simplement planifier des soirées extraordinaires? Si oui, cela signifie que vous êtes ce que l'on appelle le papillon social qui veut être le centre de l'attention ou l'âme du parti. Et vous devriez choisir un parfum fruité amusant qui correspond à votre personnalité charmante et amicale.
  21. Inspiré par la tradition du jour des morts mexicain, le crâne en sucre (le crâne en sucre est une décoration complexe composée de bonbons apportés comme offrande aux morts), le maquillage en forme de crâne en sucre est devenu un look de maquillage très chaud pour Halloween. Gardez à l’esprit que le maquillage du crâne en sucre est élaboré et nécessite une attention minutieuse aux détails, mais il a l’air superbe et vaut vraiment le travail acharné. Il est préférable de pratiquer le maquillage du crâne en sucre plusieurs fois, pour ne pas paniquer si quelque chose ne va pas bien avant la fête d'Halloween, Robe bustier dentelle. Comment faire du maquillage Skull Sugar: Maquillage Sugar Skull Pour créer un maquillage de crâne en sucre mexicain, vous aurez besoin de: - base blanche pour le visage - fards à paupières mats brillants ou palette de maquillage - Doublure liquide noire et / ou eye-liner noir à crayon avec taille-crayon - mascara - facultatif: paillettes, strass, paillettes, faux cils 1. Choisissez d’abord un motif de maquillage de crâne en sucre. 2. Commencez par la base blanche / claire. Couchez le produit jusqu'à ce que vous obteniez la couverture souhaitée. 3. Assombrissez les yeux avec un crayon pour les yeux, puis appliquez un fard à paupières noir et / ou coloré pour le faire durer plus longtemps et éviter les froissements. Laissez votre structure osseuse vous guider pour savoir jusqu'où aller avec le maquillage des yeux du crâne en sucre. Lorsque vous peignez le visage Halloween, suivez toujours la base avec des ombres et des parties qui n'ont pas besoin de précision. 4. Passez au nez et dessinez-le si le motif que vous avez choisi comporte un nez de crâne noirci (ou «pas de nez»). Vous pouvez à nouveau recourir à un crayon pour les yeux au beurre noir en terminant par un fard à paupières noir mat pour le faire paraître plus foncé et moins brillant. 5. Faites la même chose sur les joues. Votre structure osseuse devrait vous guider lorsque vous vous maquillez du crâne en sucre. Trouvez votre propre structure osseuse et utilisez plus de noir pour mettre en évidence les creux de vos joues. 6. Utilisez votre doublure liquide pour dessiner les détails de votre maquillage de crâne en sucre. Pour un maquillage de crâne en sucre mexicain fidèle à sa forme, vous aurez besoin d'une décoration complexe. Les motifs populaires incluent les toiles d'araignées et les fleurs. Vous pouvez commencer par dessiner un motif de toile d'araignée sur le front au crayon noir. La partie la plus difficile de ce maquillage est de rendre les deux parties symétriques. Assurez-vous donc de prendre votre temps et utilisez une main ferme pour dessiner les détails les plus infimes. 7. Tracez de fines lignes noires sur et sur les lèvres pour qu'elles ressemblent à des dents. 8. Mettez une doublure noire et du mascara et ajoutez de faux cils. 9. Ajoutez de minuscules strass, paillettes ou paillettes à vos modèles pour les rendre plus complexes. 10. Pour un maquillage de crâne en sucre à l'aspect véritable, n'oubliez pas d'ajouter du blanc également à vos oreilles et dans votre cou.
  22. Lelouch

    [COMBAT SURF] Killua's Ban Report

    i'll try get some more; also when I was trying to get clips I saw him die to the bottom of japan multiple times and he never really hit shots untill that point where the person went back after dying
  23. That is some really weird movement in the second clip. First clip is kinda sus but I've seen legit players get nuts shots on combat / minigames so I'm not 100% sure. I agree with @qd., get more clips of this guy, very difficult to ban someone for this if there is limited footage
  24. Lelouch

    [COMBAT SURF] Killua's Ban Report

    I got another sketchy clip of killua which when slowed or viewed shows him getting a kill and the person teleporting back to where his cross hair was Clip:
  25. Last week
  26. Wolfleader


    GENERAL SERVER RULES Hacking/Cheating is a permanently bannable offence. Scripting/Macroing will result in a suspension for 2 weeks when first caught. If caught again, said user will be permanently banned Abuse towards other players will not be tolerated and will be punished with the utmost severity. We understand that the environment on all servers can become heated at times, but the community of Killzone Gaming does not condone any form of toxicity/hate speech/abuse/racism/discrimination. No advertisement of any form. The only exceptions are KZG, twitch and/or youtube links. Mic/Chat spam is not allowed. The use of vocoders (voice-changers) and/or stupid accents is forbidden. The only language that is allowed to be spoken over voice chat is English. You are not allowed to play music over your microphone unless you have an Administrator's permission. Glitching/Exploiting maps, plugins or server features is not allowed and is punishable. Ghosting is not allowed and is highly condemnable on servers that allow all talk. Ghosting is disclosing enemy information once said user has died. If caught DDOSing any Killzone Gaming servers/users, said user will be dealt with accordingly. DOXing or revealing personal information about another player will get you a permanent ban - this includes: names, address’, social networking accounts, mobile phone numbers etc. Impersonations of any Staff Members or users are prohibited. Players are NOT allowed to publicly accuse other players of cheating. This creates unnecessary spam and could alert a possible cheater of the servers awareness to their hacking. To privately message an online Staff Member - Open <TEAM CHAT> (not <ALL CHAT>) and put an @ in front of your message e.g. @Nyalon is aboosing his powers. Delaying rounds purposely is punishable by death. Continuing to delay rounds once told not to will most likely result in a suspension. Trolling Staff Members or users is not acceptable and said user will be punished grimly. Ban evading is punishable by a longer ban sentence. FUN SERVER RULES Team stacking is not allowed. If you continue to switch teams after a staff member has told you to move or moved you, you will be slain and/or kicked. Administrators and/or Moderators get final say if something is an exploit. Sitting AFK for over 5 rounds will result in a kick. Sitting AFK for friends to earn xp will result in a ban. Spamming RTV and/or spamming people to RTV will result in a gag. Administrators and/or Moderators will always have the last say. If you disagree with a Staff Member and you think they are abusing their powers - make an [ABUSE REPORT] _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ INFRINGEMENT OF ANY RULES LISTED ABOVE MAY RESULT IN CONSEQUENCES WHICH MAY INCLUDE BEING GAGGED, MUTED, KICKED, SUSPENDED OR BANNED. ALL RULES STATED ABOVE APPLY TO THE FUN SERVER [Fun Server] _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ NOTE: THESE RULES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE AT ANY TIME.
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