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  2. Haru

    [AWP] winter's Unmute Appeal

    +1 damn cutie cant talk
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  4. GlitteryBobcatz

    [AIM] GlitteryBobcatz's Unban Appeal

  5. GlitteryBobcatz

    [AIM] GlitteryBobcatz's Unban Appeal

    This doesn't make sense? I don't 4 accounts and no one else in this household play cs? There wouldn't even be 4 GlitteryBobcatz on steam? how is this possible??
  6. Yassuo

    [AIM] GlitteryBobcatz's Unban Appeal

    10-18-19 00:32 GlitteryBobcatz CONSOLE Permanent Ban Details Player GlitteryBobcatz No Demos Steam ID STEAM_1:1:128577844 Steam3 ID [U:1:257155689] Steam Community 76561198217421417 Invoked on 10-18-19 00:32 Banlength Permanent Expires on Not applicable. Reason [SourceSleuth] Duplicate account Banned by Admin CONSOLE Banned from ♚ KZG | Retakes #1 128 tick [WS/KNIFE/GLOVES/R... Total Bans No previous bans Blocked (4) GlitteryBobcatz, GlitteryBobcatz, GlitteryBobcatz, GlitteryBobcatz
  7. Spinner

    [SKILL SURF] Aria's Abuse Report

    DENIED, Thanks for understanding what I've said above.
  8. Steam Account Name: GlitteryBobcatz Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:128577844 Alternate Accounts: NONE Server Group: AIM Server: Retake Date / Time of Ban: 10/18/2019 00:32 Admin that Punished You: CONSOLE Reason for Ban: Duplicate Account Why I should be unbanned / unmuted: I'm not sure as to why this ban has been given to me, I have never had a second account or 'duplicate'. I haven't connected to these servers for over 4 days as I have had work. I enjoy playing these servers and have never had as such as a mute. This ban was given to me as i launch csgo for the first time in 4 days. Happy to talk to someone and answer any questions they may have to help resolve this problem. Thanks
  9. Yesterday
  10. Yassuo

    [AIM] 3foot3inches's Unban Appeal

    I submitted the demos the day this was appealed.
  11. and in fact, really only surf staff that actually gives a fuck about a little bubble sound lol.
  12. he was the only one that actually took care into it but all good lol. don't make things up what u don't know.
  13. 3 people that don't want to hear it.
  14. with 3 people on?
  15. So he's muting people for mic spamming? If you don't like being muted, stop doing it. Simple as that. We don't want to hear you hitting bongs 24/7.
  16. springpizza

    [SKILL] SassyTheSoftcock's Unmute Appeal

    Usually mute appeals are for longer lengths. Day mutes aren’t really long and usually expire before any action is taken
  17. It because you’ve been muted 9 times with almost all of them being because you were smoking a bong with your mic on. Those other guys may have done those noises as a one off thing, but you have consistently done the same thing over and over again. [email protected] shouldn’t have to give you warnings as you know it’s wrong. Honestly that mute length is justified
  18. It seems you keep doing the same thing over and over. You know you not supposed to yet you keep doing it. Earlier today i muted you for 3 hours for doing the same thing. Before today i've only muted you more than once for about 30-60 minutes. I've given you lots of chances yet you still carrying on. This time it's a 24 hour mute. Your admin application was denied a few months back because of your attitude yet you not showing us that you want to change. edit: i do care about people screaming into mics. I've muted them very quickly. You yourself asked me the one day how i was so fast. So please don't try say I don't care about mic spam. Thank you.
  19. He also does this heaps of other times even if other people on making weird fucked up noises and I make or someone else makes a little bong noise or something he doesn't like you get muted for it.
  20. Steam Account Name: SassyTheSoftcock Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:507190694 Alternate Accounts: STEAM_ Server Group: SKILL Server: ==SKILL== Date / Time of Ban: 18/10/2019 7:01am. Admin that Punished You: [email protected]ñk ([email protected]) Reason for Ban: "smoking bong" [Hidden Content] Why I should be unbanned / unmuted: I should be unmuted because why be so toxic with only 3-4 people on and no one even cares about a little noise, like I honestly Blank cares more about people not hurting anyone making little things just to have a little fuck around then a little kid or some retard screaming into the mic for 2 hours straight. it's honestly ridiculous.
  21. Your In-Game Name: SassyTheSoftcock Your Steam_ID: STEAM_0:0:507190694 Their In-Game: [email protected]ñk ([email protected]) Their Steam_ID: STEAM_0:0:7077140 Reason(s): I got muted for just smoking a bong that was at the end of the map and it was just a 3 sec rip didn't even get the full thing down and i get a full day mute. disgusting. also no one even cared about it one person brought it up and there was like tops 5 people on the server barely. It was me Blank and one other chick and maybe one guy surfing without a mic. like a bit toxic don't you think? Proof / Evidence / Witnesses: [Hidden Content]
  22. -[pkN24!7]-

    [AIM] 3foot3inches's Unban Appeal

    Before a ban takes place a staff member is required to take atleast 5 rounds recording for evidence. Please wait until a decision has been made on the footage and stop posting in chat box.
  23. Spinner

    [JUMP] MADDOG7321's Moderator Application

    ACCEPTED, Please add my discord Spinner#7677 for us to continue.
  24. Forgot to reply to this, As far as ive known him he was a pretty cool dude and is a previous admin/mod already so as far as i was aware he was a pretty decent staff member. Personally had no problems so +rep
  25. With 11 hours playtime not many people will know you. This won't help much with your application. I don't feel like much effort was into the application. Like drk said, maybe try meet the community so they can get to know you.
  26. Wrong Section. Post in [Surf]
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