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  2. ioutrankyou

    cryptic's Unban Appeal

    So whats the lesson you've learnt?
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  4. Steam Account Name: cryptic Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:446788095 Alternate Accounts: STEAM_ Server Group: COMBAT Server: Other Date / Time of Ban: ive been banned for ages Admin that Punished You: dont know Reason for Ban: mic spam? Why I should be unbanned / unmuted: because ive learnt my lesson
  5. Steam Account Name: ✪ Falcon The Eagle Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:185139902 Alternate Accounts: STEAM_0:0:455121974 Server Group: JUMP Server: BHop Date / Time of Ban: 02-16-19 05:06 Admin that Punished You: CONSOLE Reason for Ban: [SourceSleuth] Duplicate account Why I should be unbanned / unmuted: Ok so it started i presume when i lended my smurf to my cousin who lives in the same house as me, and he went onto a 1v1 server and got insta banned i just laughed at him when he told me not thinking much of it, then a week or so goes by i dont really know how long and i was really in the mood to practice some bhopping so i launch up the bhop server and get kicked, then it tells me im banned so then i tried joining the 1v1 server and when i do it says im banned and then i get worried because i have played kzg for a while and really enjoy it so then i decided to see why and found out its because my other account got banned and yeah thats the situation and im sad. and note i know that if this gets declined i cant do anything about it and will respect your decision. Thank you and kind regards: Falcon
  6. Wolfleader

    [Fun Mod] Kaotic's Administrator Application

    +1 to kaotic am i right?
  7. ioutrankyou

    remmii's Unban Appeal

    02-04-19 08:06 John Schmitty CONSOLE Permanent Ban Details Player John Schmitty No Demos Steam ID STEAM_1:1:204196879 Steam3 ID [U:1:408393759] Steam Community 76561198368659487 Invoked on 02-04-19 08:06 Banlength Permanent Expires on Not applicable. Reason Multi-Hack Banned by Admin CONSOLE Banned from ♚ KZG | Jailbreak 2.0 BETA | 128t | SHOP/WS/KN... Total Bans No previous bans Blocked (1) Zaky It says Multi-hack, were you cheating?
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  9. Steam Account Name: remmii Steam ID: STEAM_76561198907391316 Alternate Accounts: STEAM_76561198368659487 Server Group: JUMP Server: BHop Date / Time of Ban: 02/10/19 Admin that Punished You: Console Reason for Ban: Duplicate Account Why I should be unbanned / unmuted: It is not a "duplicate account". This is my smurf account and I thought I would start fresh, so I started playing bhop then I got instantly banned from the server. This is a prime account and it is pretty new so I think I shouldn't be banned. I haven't cheated or anything, just instantly banned.
  10. Yassuo

    • Yassuo
    • zerotwo

    bb <3

    1. zerotwo


      I love you darling <3darling in the franxx hug GIF by mannyjammy

  11. zerotwo

    [SKILL] Jerry's Moderator Application

    I can completely agree with both Yassuo and Blobby. +rep -Best AIM Admin, Twipel
  12. Yassuo

    [SKILL] Jerry's Moderator Application

    FAT +REP, Great bloke
  13. Steam Account Name: 42 year old investment banker Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:178264244 Age: 32 Sex: Male Desciption of Myself: I am a fair and competitive player who enjoys to play, even if it means losing Qualities I bring to Killzone Gaming absolute fairness, but a vast knowledge of hackers, playing since 1.5, I've seen countless players try and dupe and treat people into thinking they're playing fairly even if they're not. Why I Deserve to be Part of Killzine Gaming: I am honest, and yet again, "fair" I don't jump hastily to a verdict of someones ability, without observing for a length of time and (usually without a second opinion) Play-Time on Server Group: probably at least 40 hours, off and on, ongoing also. Times Usually Played on Server Group: when I can, can be nightly up to 6 hours + if required. Vouching Staff on Server Group: Yassuo, with the wheel chair icon. Vouching Players: Yassuo Have Read Server Group Rules: Yes Have Met Server Group and Application Requirements: Yes Have working Microphone: Yes
  14. revzi

    Server needs to be fixed

    going 50/10 on average and still losing points is fun
  15. Munckey

    [AIM] aqua's Administrator Application

    +rep, known the guy for a year or so, hella friendly and chill person.
  16. F Banished to the bottom of the forums
  17. We've been forgotten F to pay respects for fun mod apps
  18. zerotwo


    Darling Honestly gonna miss you though. IOutRankYou is right, irreplaceable. Goodluck darling - Twipel (Best aim admin)
  19. RetroViper


    Gimme dies banana I'll cherish every moment we had together
  20. Last week
  21. Haru

    [AWP] [ON] Aiko's Moderator Application

    Neutral Your pretty active but you dont use a mic, also try be helpful for players :3 -Haru
  22. -[pkN24!7]-

    goldfish's Unban Appeal

    So what youre saying is your "friend" logged into your computer and used the "Cheats" that were on your computer but on his account. You realise cheats are installed on the computer not the account right?
  23. Mendaaxx

    Mendaaxx's Administrator Application

    Sorry was posted at 2am on my laptop touch pad probably didn't recognise my click for yes regarding the rules. Also sorry for the STEAM ID because on the ARMA 3 Servers I developed for and moderated we used Steam 64 as with the Rust Server I ran. Just bad habit. Forgot Valve uses STEAM_0:0:42281529.
  24. Mashiro Shinna

    Mashiro Shinna's Unban Appeal

    oh remember now because i wallbang from spawn when the round just started in awp bungalow because it was common wallbang in other awp server as well.
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