Unmute / Unban Appeal

Please read before submitting an unban request

The more information the better your chances of yourself getting unbanned. Please submit all information required, if you do not then your request may be denied instantly.

Any troll requests submitted will be blacklisted from making another unban request and will stay banned indefinitely. 

Please take your time and submit all required information. 


  • SteamID's can be found at http://www.steamidfinder.com

    Example: STEAM_0:1:7498457

    You must also link your forum account to steam. If you logged in via steam, it should be linked but if you did not then you must manually link it. The reason for this is just because you provide a STEAMID does not verify you are the account owner. Click here to link your steam account.

  • Type NONE if you have none. If you did not list all your previous accounts or current, this unban will be denied.


  • Details of your ban/mute can be found at our sourcebans website just paste your Steam ID in the right area you're searching for, Comms to search for mutes/gags and Bans to search for bans.

  • Details of your ban/mute can be found at our sourcebans website @ https://bans.killzonegaming.com/

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