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  1. Gaylee

    [MINIGAMES] Lenky ^_^'s Moderator Application

    sit this one out wesley
  2. Steam Account Name: zippy6234 Steam ID: zippy6234 Age: 57 Sex: Male Desciption of Myself: I am 57 years old, and play Scum with my wife whos aged 57 too. I live in Brisbane, and im an old slower gamer. I have streamed on twitch for a while, and may even go back to streaming some day. I am semi retired. I have 2 sons who are also gamers themselves, although they player various other games. Qualities I bring to Killzone Gaming An older way of looking at problems before jumping to anything before thinking about how it will affect the outcome. Why I Deserve to be Part of Killzine Gaming: I think i deserve to become part of the killzone gaming staff team, so that i can participate in helping to run a nice good server, which will be equal to all that may play on it. I dont thinbk i can reach the three hundred word limit, but as your server has no active Admin, i would just like to give it my best shot. Play-Time on Server Group: 98.4 hours on your scum server alone. 541 hrs total scum Times Usually Played on Server Group: Most afternoons, into the evenings. But hoping to get a few other admins join to cover more hours of the day. I do jump on around 6.30 am just to check in some days too. Vouching Staff on Server Group: skyprah Vouching Players: rawks Have Read Server Group Rules: Yes Have Met Server Group and Application Requirements: Yes Have working Microphone: Yes
  3. Chibiz

    Fix this server

    Yes almighty skyprah, immaculate deconstruction of my post. I deeply apologize I questioned the state of the server. May you have mercy on my ip.
  4. So basically i was on speed surf right, doing my hsw getting wr and stuff, Anyway.... So i was surfing trying to get that good time and then boom the 8th ramp on colum up on stage 2 just makes me stop.... like wadu heck man. Fuck that ramp and fuck that stupid ramp glitch. So basically i want that ramp reported and banned. Thanks
  5. Gypsy

    [AIM] ❤ twitch.tv/Sariah707 ❤'s Moderator Application

    gamer girl
  6. skyprah

    [Suggest] New Maps for Skill Surf

    It's ready as well as jusched2. Im just waiting until I finish the rest of the maps which should be this weekend.
  7. Steam Account Name: MissC Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:170694483 Age: 16 Sex: Female Desciption of Myself: I am a 16 year old girl, from NZ. I enjoy playing cs in my spare time, my whole family are gamers, we all enjoy cs. I am an outgoing person, easy to get along with and I love playing KZG minigames!! Qualities I bring to Killzone Gaming I get along with the players on the server, and I am usually on, therefore I'd be an active admin which is needed when there is bullying on the server which I've noticed happens a fair amount of time. Why I Deserve to be Part of Killzine Gaming: I feel I deserve to be on the KZG staff team because I am an active player and I follow the rules. I feel I would be an asset because I help the new players already as it is, with either what to do on the map or how the game is played. I am a friendly person, I am easy to talk to and love to help and communicate with other people no matter where or what we are doing. The cs community is a extremely toxic place, especially being a girl, I feel like having a girl as an active admin on the server would stop girls being targeted and purposely bullied throughout the game. I am an extremely enthusiastic person in general and I'd love to just help out and be part of the KGZ staff team. Cs is almost like a second home for so many people, its like an escape from the real world, weather it be for a few hours or a few days, I'd hope to make it more enjoyable for not only myself but for the all the payers wanting to escape for a while. I feel it's an important thing to have. I feel I would bring a lot to the KZG team staff as a whole. I've grown up in a house full of bickering children, so therefore I can easily defuse conflict without second thought. I am a respected person on the server, I am confident with majority of the maps played. I feel I would be able to perform the duties of an admin to the highest standard, while still being able to have a sense of humour with the players. I would be very happy if I got the chance to be an Admin. Thank you for the consideration. Play-Time on Server Group: 5 days 01:40:24 hours Times Usually Played on Server Group: I'm usually active on the server at least an hour everyday. Vouching Staff on Server Group: Vouching Players: Nitro and Daz Have Read Server Group Rules: Yes Have Met Server Group and Application Requirements: Yes Have working Microphone: Yes
  8. Sandy


    This is my dot-to-dot progress #1
  9. Hybernate scrims

    [SKILL] bronzevampire347's Unmute Appeal

    Steam Account Name: bronzevampire347 Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:84327572 Alternate Accounts: STEAM_1:0:91822868 Server Group: SKILL Server: Easy Date / Time of Ban: 12/18/2019 03:10:44 Admin that Punished You: BlankD Reason for Ban: ban evading? Why I should be unbanned / unmuted: Well you see this is where the real funny part comes in. I don't know this guy nor do I have an account banned and then the even funnier part I don't think I was even playing cs at the time of this mute and gag thats perm.
  10. #toehunter

    [MINIGAMES] MissC's Administrator Application

    +rep extremely well written application! I personally see missc on minigames very often , i’d also be glad to count as a vouching player. Gl
  11. Wisey

    [MINIGAMES] Lenky ^_^'s Moderator Application

    -Rep You dont have any players vouching for your abilities and traits that would suit you as a staff member for this server, nor do you have staff vouching for your application. Along with this just from reading your application it seems as if you're only applying because there are no staff that play it Once you fix these errors and add some more detail in your answers i suggest reapplying then All the best
  12. skilledreaper22

    [AWP] xd123's Unban Appeal

    Steam Account Name: xd123 Steam ID: STEAM_https://steamcommunity.com/id/69420212169520420232032/ Alternate Accounts: STEAM_ Server Group: AWP Server: Other Date / Time of Ban: 11:45 Admin that Punished You: Blaze Reason for Ban: Blaze randomly banned me, because he asked who said the n word in chat, someone said my name and I just got banned Why I should be unbanned / unmuted: because that's fucking retarded, literally no proof, go in demos or whatever its called, imagine banning someone for no reason idiot, problem with blaze is he's to busy sweating his nuts off, he completely ignores the voicechat and just takes random people in chats word....
  13. Steam Account Name: Obscure Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:76411470 Alternate Accounts: STEAM_ Server Group: SKILL Server: Easy Date / Time of Ban: 26/12/2019 - 19:20:02 Admin that Punished You: Tito Reason for Ban: It was in agreement to my server unbanning. Why I should be unbanned / unmuted: It's been a reasonable amount of time, and I think I have fulfilled the recommended amount. I am ready to return in my reformed state.
  14. RealTwipel

    hey guys uwu

    Okay baby
  15. Steam Account Name: Hob Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:90569404 Age: 17 Sex: Male Desciption of Myself: Generally chill and get along with people pretty well. Can adapt to change fairly quickly. Like having a joke and laughing with friends and others around me. Way too much free time. Ok at surf. Qualities I bring to Killzone Gaming Fairly active on the KZG surf servers, on pretty much every day if I can. I like problem solving and figuring things out in new areas which is optimal for helping people out. I respond relatively quickly and like to read the chat and interact with players in voice chat, whether it's joking with people or giving helpful tips on different maps. Why I Deserve to be Part of Killzine Gaming: I believe I should be part of the KZG Staff as I have played the surf servers for most of the time I've owned CS:GO, I know how the community acts and I understand how to act appropriately to each situation. I went inactive for a short while but I've come back to the server in full force and have been active every day overnight when there aren't staff members on and there are still players online who may require help. There are a lot of active players during peak time and there seems to be limited staff to deal with the mic spammers and racist players. I can identify what kind of attitude players have while they are speaking in chat which helps with knowing when to punish or not. Play-Time on Server Group: 13 Days, 4 Hours, 20 Minutes Times Usually Played on Server Group: 3-9 hours, 4-7 Days a week Usually later in the day, 5pm - 4am Vouching Staff on Server Group: Whizz Vouching Players: LNiskawaii, drk, vHelldogsz, Plumpkin Have Read Server Group Rules: Yes Have Met Server Group and Application Requirements: Yes Have working Microphone: Yes
  16. My Name is Tito

    [SCUM] rawks72's Administrator Application

    Hi, I am pleased to inform you that your SCUM Administrator Application has been accepted. Your Application was voted on by the Skill Surf Staff Team at our most recent meeting. ACCEPTED! Please get in touch with me on steam or discord.
  17. Big Hob

    [SKILL] Plumpkin's Moderator Application

    toxic as bro cya on the forums +1
  18. Sinister

    [AIM] Revers3's Moderator Application

    +1 dedicated and the position is well deserved for this kid
  19. ruthles_kila!

    ITs Ya Boi

    @Fedora u got competition!!
  20. Steam Account Name: Dxshii Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:56311855 Alternate Accounts: N/A (can't remember any of my alt accounts if I ever tried to join on one) Server Group: SKILL Server: ==SKILL== Date / Time of Ban: 08/09/2018 Admin that Punished You: Skyprah Reason for Ban: Doxxing and all around abuse towards regular players. Why I should be unbanned / unmuted: A year ago I was banned for doxxing several players with a group of mates and abusing anyone we could while at the time apart of the staff team, I had gotten bored of dealing with the people on surf and the general annoyance of being admin at the time. as the immature person I was, I decided to go out with a bit of a bang and leave a nice stain in the surf community that was my name and reputation. it's been nearly a year and a half that I have been banned and I'd like to say I believe I have definitely improved as a person and have reformed from my severely toxic ways and I'd like to rejoin the community. I'd like to personally apologise to anyone I may have upset with my previous actions, what I did was terrible and I'm hoping I can make amends. Thank you for reading.
  21. S1nap5e

    [SKILL] Dxshii's Unban Appeal

    +1 i think hes learnt from past mistakes
  22. Changing onto an alt account while muted is not allowed, admin impersonating is not allowed. You change name and even profile picture. You were asked to change your name and you didn't. All these are the reasons you got banned.
  23. drk

    [SKILL] Hob's Administrator Application

    I +1 this man, great guy and he will do well
  24. My Name is Tito

    [SCUM] rawks72's Administrator Application

    Nice app dude I added you on steam contact me when free
  25. Tris

    [Abuse Report] surf_colum_up report

    +1 ramp should be banned
  26. Helldog2269

    [Abuse Report] surf_colum_up report

  27. Helldog2269

    [Abuse Report] surf_colum_up report

    +1 ramp =dodgy
  28. Has been referred to Retro, should sort this confusion out soon.
  29. 1 point
    good morning, thanks for signing up, now sync your discord account.
  30. Accepted Congratulations, please message myself or whizzboy on the forum so we can discuss.
  31. Steam Account Name: Blake Steam ID: 76561198216529967 Age: 18 Sex: Male Desciption of Myself: An 18-year-old student who has played video games his entire life, Along with this I am always down to spin a yarn on servers to anyone, or help anyone who needs it. Qualities I bring to Killzone Gaming in the past 4 months i have played csgo for 300 hours with around 95% of that time spent in KZG surf. Through this time I have met many friends and talented surfers gaining. Because of this KZG has become one of my favourite things in life. I like to help people out whether it be with commands or teaching how to surf/showing maps (am currently ace). I know when to talk and when to listen which means that I can interact with others to solve problems or disputes. Why I Deserve to be Part of Killzine Gaming: Personally I believe that through my extensive playtime on KZG surf I have gained an understanding of how the community operates. As I play on the server almost daily this has allowed me to see how people react to certain situations like mic spammers or people being racist/homophobic so I know when people are having banter or crossing the line. I am on the server basically every day in the last 4 months and have no intention to stop anytime soon so there will be a mod on the server most of the time. As I said before that I like to help people and start conversations within the server which helps people stay within the KZG community as there is a place where people can come to surf or talk without having people there to ruin the fun. This is why I deserve to be apart of the KZG staff team Play-Time on Server Group: 300+ hours Times Usually Played on Server Group: Most day time from 10am - 5pm (depends on work or school) then nights normally from 7pm - 10pm (NZT) Vouching Staff on Server Group: Vouching Players: drk Have Read Server Group Rules: Yes Have Met Server Group and Application Requirements: Yes Have working Microphone: Yes
  32. Soulcatcher

    [MORDHAU] z†ron's Moderator Application

    I don't think I really know you bro, but if Egatron and Snower vouch for you, you got my support. And all your other vouching players are well respected veterans, some from Chiv too. REPREPREPREPREP GET THIS MAN NOW NOW
  33. 1 point
    Merry Christmas.. Stay safe and don't drink and drive or hop in with someone who is.
  34. FrankTon

    [] FrankTon's Unban Appeal

    Steam Account Name: FrankTon Steam ID: STEAM_Fetus69420 Alternate Accounts: STEAM_ Server Group: Server: Date / Time of Ban: 5/01/2020 Admin that Punished You: TastyWhizz Reason for Ban: Toxicity Why I should be unbanned / unmuted: For my last appeal the deny wasn't true. I'd appreciate it if a different admin could look over this one. His opinion is clearly bias and therefore unfair to let him judge my appeal. He clearly didn't know what he was talking about as I didn't even return to the stream after the second day of my ban. If you don't believe me you can go check through the vods of her stream. I have reformed and I take offence to [email protected] was made up. Thanks, FrankTon
  35. Steam Account Name: Stomedy the rice farmer Steam ID: redak56 Age: 17 Sex: Male Desciption of Myself: I am a gamer of the 21st century looking to help out this community and see what i can do to make sure that all players are following the rules (mainly on AWP) - btw i wont actually be doing that. I just wanna be a mod cos it seems cool and i want to be COOL. But on a serious note, I do enjoy playign on the kzg server and have seen myself being on the AWP server whenever i can, even playing when i should probably do my assignments and shit but like fucc it dawg Qualities I bring to Killzone Gaming I am basically on all the time I'll interact with the comoonity - i actually wont I am half decent at AWP server, i have good aim but bad movement as said by mr vachuntor and uh idk aye dawg g i mean ill try and do some good shii but yuh Why I Deserve to be Part of Killzine Gaming: Well i will try and enforce the rules and shi throughout the different kzg servers and um fuck idk like also im a good person to talk to, i can be funny, i can uh be more serious about this shi if youd like mr big boys whoever reading this shi but uh yuh idk what to say here but theres a minumum of 300 words so um i kinda need to get to 300 words so imma just say some random shit to get to 300 and um i also wanna do this so i can talk to the other mods and admins so i feel like i belong and have friedns cos i has no friends and i would like to have some friends but i dont think anyone wants to be my friend. Friends are good but uh um yuh i mean like also ill be on the awp server most of the time so i can keep on like ya know making sure none of that bad shi going down on the server especially late at night when things get a bit rowdy ya know how it is aye mr manns reading this yuh? Well hopefully thats 300 words and um thanks for reading this and im sorry for wasting your time cos like this is pretty fucking gammon bullshit ay g. I dont actually talk like that btw im trying to act like bojan so forgive my language and dialect. Play-Time on Server Group: 3d 13:50h Times Usually Played on Server Group: I mean i play from like 4:00pm to like 1:00 or 2:00am on weekdays and like all day usually on weekends Vouching Staff on Server Group: Vouching Players: mgbolts, Soup, Sorrow, Haru, Bojan, AKDK ninja, Dingobird, Sliimey, Woat is aim Have Read Server Group Rules: Yes Have Met Server Group and Application Requirements: Yes Have working Microphone: Yes
  36. Nyalon

    [AIM] MeerXy70's Unban Appeal

  37. springpizza

    [AIM] MeerXy70's Unban Appeal

    It's only been two days... We expect a person to wait a number of weeks or a couple of months before they can apply for an unban. It all depends on the severity of the players actions, in your case you should reapply after a considerable amount of time due to being banned for multi-hacking
  38. Steam Account Name: ChrisLad Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:502824306 Age: 14 Sex: Male Desciption of Myself: My name is Chris I am currently 14 turning 15 next month Here is a description of my experience on the server I am a regular player of the KZG surf servers and have talked to many mods/staff about obtaining this role. I think I would fit being a moderator because I play every day at most hours from 6 am NSW time to 9 am NSW time. I have experience moderating and know the basic rules of being someone people can ask for help. I also know most of the commands for the plugins on the server. I've helped many people already with commands such as helping them respawn when they get stuck by a server glitch or a map error for example. Qualities I bring to Killzone Gaming I am very knowledgeable of the commands and have good skills on helping people with server issues and problems they may have. I am known on the server by casual players as a "chill person" and don't cause havoc upon players of the server. I am able to deal with crowded situations such as multiple mic spammers by muting them for a short amount of time. I frequently notice people tying bad things in chat whether it be a racial comment or offensive speech I pick up on most of it already. Why I Deserve to be Part of Killzine Gaming: I am a determined person when it comes to management and moderation. Helping people who are new to the server is something I have done before and would like to be a regular person to ask for help. I don't abuse privileges or power. It would be a great opportunity for me to keep playing KZG servers. Play-Time on Server Group: 3 days 02:53:43 hours Times Usually Played on Server Group: 6 am - 9 pm weekly Vouching Staff on Server Group: Vouching Players: fluffyduck_prod Have Read Server Group Rules: Yes Have Met Server Group and Application Requirements: Yes Have working Microphone: Yes
  39. ReedaNZ

    [COMBAT SURF] vibri's Unban Appeal

    -Denied. You seem to be making a more proper attempt, unlike yenn. Still doxxing is a permanent ban and shall remain.
  40. DreZeek

    [AIM] DreZeek's Moderator Application

    Steam Account Name: DreZeek Steam ID: https://steamcommunity.com/id/DreZeek/ Age: 17 Sex: Male Desciption of Myself: Asian, 6ft, full english, hypebeast Qualities I bring to Killzone Gaming im fair and i hate abusing power of roles, i like fair games and good talks without toxicity Why I Deserve to be Part of Killzine Gaming: i have been playing in your servers for nearly 3 years and thought its time to apply to be more apart of it Play-Time on Server Group: nearly 3 years Times Usually Played on Server Group: 2-3 hours a day Vouching Staff on Server Group: FourLeaf Fedora Vouching Players: B L A K E Have Read Server Group Rules: Yes Have Met Server Group and Application Requirements: Yes Have working Microphone: Yes
  41. Denied you were one of those that were fighting with Sariah. Please try apply again in a few months
  42. Zuhn

    [AIM] 串联 Dori | xFarts's Unban Appeal

    My last appeal they thought i was zuhn
  43. ruthles_kila!

    Obi's Resignation

    dont accept
  44. RetroViper

    [AIM] KennyS's Administrator Application

    DENIED, Please try again at least 3 months into the future.
  45. -1 points
    hey good looking how have you been
  46. ElementX

    No Title Required

    This is what happens when you trust ElementX Credit: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198287847910/
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