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  1. Steam Account Name: Aiko 木枯らし Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:62403100 Age: 16 Sex: Female Desciption of Myself: I am a 16 year old and live in Queensland, I used to play Cricket but stopped about a year ago. I started out playing on the Xbox 360 and eventually moved onto PC about 6 years ago, At first i didn't get into csgo all that much but as i started to play more and more i was starting to have fun. Eventually i found KZG and ever since then have been playing every chance i can get. To be honest i have never been a csgo server Admin or Moderator before but i have been Admin one Various Garry's Mod servers. Overall i am a kind and caring individual and wish to make the community better in any way i can. I can not say i am the most well known player in the AWP servers but i am to change that in the upcoming future. Qualities I bring to Killzone Gaming I enjoy playing on KZG and would like to help out the community and it's players in any way that i can. I am not one to get angry and i do not make rash decisions, I will answer any questions that a player may have. I am an active player on the server and would like to help it even further. Why I Deserve to be Part of Killzine Gaming: Whenever i am able to i will gladly hop onto the AWP server and watch the players, I have been on this Community for about 2 years now and would like to keep expanding my time with the community and it's players, I believe myself to be a very optimistic and open person so if anyone on the server may need questions answered i will be more then happy to do so. I believe i am a capable leader in the tasks that i have been set and believe in the position i have been given and it responsibilities. I most definitely would like to bring new people into the community and would like to make it happy and thriving i believe if i can become a Moderator i will be one step closer to making that a reality, I am usually on the server in the afternoons and the times i do get on i hear people insulting other and saying inappropriate and uncalled for names. If i were to become a Moderator i would be able to stop them from doing this as i would be on most afternoons as other Moderators may be dealing with IRL situations. I will be on to mute players that are being inappropriate and be able to calm down the situation. In all honesty i believe i would be a good addition to the team and i would like to give it a shot. Play-Time on Server Group: 5 days 1 hour on AWP server and 1 days 20 hours on SK Times Usually Played on Server Group: I will at least be on once every day mainly afternoons as i have school and stuff. Vouching Staff on Server Group: Vouching Players: Kevin07, Have Read Server Group Rules: Yes Have Met Server Group and Application Requirements: Yes Have working Microphone: No
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    Cough Cough *BANNED* Cough Cough
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    SKRRRRRR IT's ya boi BEST STAFF HERE Like this if u gud staff. I ur not staff make sure to not like this YEET. IM SAD AND ONLY YEYE. Dont know what to do skr. Pls play with me someone jk me very happy
  4. lixer

    lixer's Unban Appeal

    Steam Account Name: lixer Steam ID: steamcommunity.com/id/officiallixer Alternate Accounts: [Hidden Content] Server Group: Server: Date / Time of Ban: 3 years ago Admin that Punished You: Console Reason for Ban: Cheating Why I should be unbanned / unmuted: I was cheating on my alt account on the server i was really young and dumb then and i just started getting back into csgo so i would really like to be able to play on your servers
  5. skilledreaper22

    [AWP] Stomedy the rice farmer's Moderator Application

    +rep, god at the game, would be a great mod because he is a chill dude. He's like shep 2.0, (better). Overall would be an amazing mod (Soup btw)
  6. Haru

    winter's Unmute Appeal

    +rep i know winter personally and he is never toxic, also i see many people trying to talk with winter but I’ve got to tell them that hes muted/gagged
  7. bojan

    winter's Unmute Appeal

    +rep i believe he has matured since i last talked to this kid he doesn't seem like an annoying 12 year old anymore
  8. Shep <3

    Mitch the Bitch's Unmute Appeal

    ooo i like stories about shitheads please tell me
  9. woods

    woods's Unban Appeal

    Steam Account Name: woods Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:54491292 Alternate Accounts: STEAM_1:1:71497436 Server Group: SKILL Server: Easy Date / Time of Ban: 09-06-18 10:54 Admin that Punished You: skyprah Reason for Ban: Ban Evading, fake binds, Nuisance Why I should be unbanned / unmuted: it's been over 6 months since i was initially, admittedly i did try and ban evade which i severely regret. My last ban appeal was denied but i have waited the requested time before i can reapply for an unban. I regret the ways i used to act upon the server and understand how i have affected people that i have interacted with. During my time away off kzg, i believed I've matured and would like to be unbanned. I no longer hang around the toxic people i used to associate with. Allow me to make up for my past mistakes and emend friendships that i burned Thanks for reading
  10. Bismuth

    Hoogz's Unban Appeal

    you mean someone else and you share the pc ?
  11. sloppy, written by a 11 year old no detail
  12. ♿BigBoyBolts♿

    [AWP] ♿BIGBOYBOLTS♿'s Moderator Application

    Hi Shep how can i know about Mod is there anyway I can learn if i get it Or will Sky be reading it thank you everyone for positive support
  13. This whole app is sloppy: ill list just the things i found here: outrageous claim as you have 1 vouch. this paragraph is meant to be about how you deserve to be a staff member, you rambled on about a simple slay. you dont need to prove to us that you know what to do, as that can always be trained, i want to know... what you are like? how calm are you? will you break the rules? will you stay composed? do you have friends in the community? How well do you relate to the community? give me a reason to think you deserve staff, cause right now i just see a kid that wants staff to boss others around. that is not the job role you are applying for.
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  15. Shep <3


    i dont like beggers
  16. ZimkZ123-iwnL

    Bring back radio commands

    I think they should bring back radio commands so people with out mics can say things quicker but have a 30 or 50 sec delay before u can do another one thx for reading.
  17. ZimkZ123-iwnL

    [AIM] ZimkZ^'s Administrator Application

    Sorry mate I meant over 2k hours and yeah I can’t 100% tell if someone is cheating if they are using Low fov but I can tell most of the time thx for the feed back and I will fix that right now have a good day I appreciate the feed back and hope to be accepted for the administrator .
  18. -[pkN24!7]-

    Bring back radio commands

    In this day and age most if not all people have a microphone. whether they choose to use it or not is up to them. When it was added there would just be someone sitting there spamming the commands for half an hour annoying everyone and next thing you know there would be 3 people doing it driving people insane and forcing them to leave because there is no way to block it.
  19. panthA

    [AIM] PredatoR's Moderator Application

    Accepted! Please add my steam here to move forward, Congratulations.
  20. Accepted! Please add my steam here to move forward, Congratulations.
  21. Steam Account Name: woat is aim Steam ID: [Hidden Content] Age: 14 Sex: Male Desciption of Myself: Active csgo and kzg player who would love some more moderation on the AWP server. I like zooper dooper's. Qualities I bring to Killzone Gaming I am kind and almost always positive although, I slip out a few harsh words at times. But I have been calming down recently. Why I Deserve to be Part of Killzine Gaming: I think I deserve to be part of the Killzone Gaming Staff Team because I have played the server for a few months now and have one of the highest amount of hours on the server, more than most admins. I believe that I will be able to everything the server throws at me, from AFK's to hackers. I follow all of the server rules, I can tell if somebody is actually cheating or they just have good game-sense and good aim. I have never been banned on any server that I have played on and know all of the rules. Play-Time on Server Group: 8d 02:11h Times Usually Played on Server Group: Usually any time from 10am to 8pm on weekends and most weekday afternoons. Vouching Staff on Server Group: Vouching Players: Sliimey, Haru, Original, AKDK(Ninja), mgbolts, jingus, Fam Have Read Server Group Rules: Yes Have Met Server Group and Application Requirements: Yes Have working Microphone: Yes
  22. -rep i agree with Nala. Also the admin vouches werent with the consent of the admins. Your actual playtime is 3 days 19:58:57 hours.
  23. woatisaim

    Server needs to be fixed

    The server has gone to absolute shit. Non prime accounts are able to get in, the points are getting so high and there is no way to catch back up. There are so many new players on NON prime accounts that just happen to be as good as all the people in top 10 and it is nearly impossible to make points. The ranks need to be reset. I barely ever see staff on anymore. Get off your asses and do something for the server that you applied and got admin for.
  24. Chibiz

    Chibi and $5 hentai Breaking Rules etc.

    Hey Dark I'm so darn sorry for saying mean words and saying the n word . You are so renstarted for thinking I was admin you borderline mute cunt I hope you die a slow death while you stream to your 2 fans on twitch.
  25. Haru


    Im wondering what everyone thinks about collision personally i would love no collision. Type Yes or Nah in the comments :3
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