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  1. Steam Account Name: KennyS Steam ID: [Hidden Content] Age: 16 Sex: Male Desciption of Myself: I am a gaming enthusiast with an undying passion for games including CS:GO. The servers are an extremely well structured and enjoyable playing experience which allows to spend a great amount of time playing without any symptoms of boredom. My desire is unquenched and the fulfilment I receive is incredible. I enjoy gaming development and ensuring the playing field amongst myself and peers are positive and delightful. Qualities I bring to Killzone Gaming My extensive knowledge for games including CS:GO is quite broad and it allows for me to deliver a better playing experience for my friends and I. I believe my experience is a great quality to bring to Kill Zone Gaming, as the company is evergrowing and the demand for developers to lead this company in the future is extensive. Why I Deserve to be Part of Killzine Gaming: Killzone gaming represents a vast community of gaming enthusiasts which I value myself as, due to the passion and enjoyment I receive from playing the servers and creating a dynamic playing field for myself and others around me. I spend a lot of time trying to better myself when playing, by aiming to unlock multiple skills and striving to increase my potential as a player. Play-Time on Server Group: 60 hours Times Usually Played on Server Group: Most week days and a lot on the weekend. Weekdays: 1-5 Hours Weekends: 2-10 and Lots more Vouching Staff on Server Group: Administrator Vouching Players: None Have Read Server Group Rules: Yes Have Met Server Group and Application Requirements: Yes Have working Microphone: Yes
  2. Just gonna give these away because i dont care No particular thing you need to do just enter (Edit to enter just comment)
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    i'm sorry do i know you?
  4. mgboltss

    [AWP] Kora's Moderator Application

    I Can't Begin With Words or anything Else Kora is a Outstanding guy he respects everyone and handles situations with integrity. He knows whats right and wrong every time I've seen him on. I'm not being bias because he's my friend. Kora beholds something not many people hold a way communicating and understanding whats wrong and right in my personal opinion not many people can get that right all the time. He would be a great fit and I highly agree to he'd be a great Mod ++rep Good Luck Mate
  5. Spinner

    [AWP] Plex's Unban Appeal

    ACCEPTED, I have unbanned you because I believe you did indeed not know about the mute evading rule, and hopefully you've learned to be less toxic. Enjoy
  6. Nala

    [AWP] Kora's Moderator Application

    +rep Amazing bloke, can get along with anyone and knows how to stand his ground. This is your steam ID, STEAM_0:0:153947029 I agree with @Mtb another mod will benefit the server and the staff.
  7. TheRealMvp

    [AIM] KennyS's Administrator Application

    This is amazing Good job KennyS
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    @RetroViper nah you are much better than me "dawg"
  9. I don’t do this often, or ever really, I’ll +rep my own bans unban appeal on the terms that he’ll be on very thin ice for the first 2 weeks. That is if management is okay with accepting this appeal. As a result of this comment: I have deleted my previous comment. Hopefully if you are accepted you will have learnt your lesson. Good day kind sirs.
  10. Not gonna lie, I don't care if you Perma rename me, perma gag/mute me or anything. Just really wanna play on KZG again.
  11. RetroViper

    [AIM] ✪-sGenz™'s Moderator Application

    Accepted Please contact me on discord at RetroViper#9937 to start trial period.
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  13. Steam Account Name: Aqua Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:240009206 Age: 15 Sex: Male Desciption of Myself: Hey everyone. My Steam name is Aqua and I was previously a Moderator for KillZone Gaming Aim servers, I was demoted due to making my own Discord server very similar to the KZG one. I want to apologies to SkyPrah and all the other admins for my mistake. KZG feels like my home soil so that's why I want to give it another shot on applying for the Servers. Qualities I bring to Killzone Gaming I have always been a trusted and consistence Staff. I also have tons of experiences when it comes to problems whether in-game or outside game play. Before I got to know KZG, I was administrating for Sky-Net Gaming Servers and after I got demoted in KZG, I was requested to apply for Staff by the K1NG Staff team. I can help the Server and will be there whenever the Server needs. Why I Deserve to be Part of Killzine Gaming: I simply deserve to be part of this KZG community because I love and appreciate it. I will always respect the community and treat it like my own family. Play-Time on Server Group: Retake (76hr) + Retake Executes (187hrs) = 263 hours Times Usually Played on Server Group: I don't have exact times, but I play most days. Vouching Staff on Server Group: Vouching Players: Felix, Cokokie, RmT, FaTe and Nat Have Read Server Group Rules: Yes Have Met Server Group and Application Requirements: Yes Have working Microphone: Yes
  14. Raymond

    NEW maps Please Add Skyprah <3

    not ski 2 night. the ledge behind booster under jail breaks speed 24/7. surf egypt is quite a boring map as its just campers on top of pyramid killing anyone trying to get out of the maze which is most of the map the rest are fine tbh, also shoulda put this on reedas post,
  15. Steam Account Name: Studio Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:51433620 Age: 18 Sex: Male Desciption of Myself: I am currently a university student with a love of Mordhau. I have over 400 hours on the game and i play anywhere from 20-40 hours per week. I have become semi-known in the community and love playing with everyone. I now believe after the time ive put into Mordhau i am ready to manage a server i play on every single day Qualities I bring to Killzone Gaming I believe I gift unbiased judgement and penalization, dependability in disrespectful things and most of all respect for fellow players. i'll never abuse my power as authority and can conduct myself in a constructive manner as often as given the chance to. Why I Deserve to be Part of Killzine Gaming: I'm not aiming to say that i'm higher than the opposite candidates, however i think that a decent staff member gets to the heart of the problem, puts the players first, obeys the principles of the community and communicate with folks that are virulent with a neater, less violent approach in their informing of rules and regulations. i think that i can offer everything previously mentioned. Play-Time on Server Group: not on the link provided however 350 hours of my entire career can be guranteed to have taken place on KZG servers Times Usually Played on Server Group: Monday - Friday = 4pm to 11pm Saturday and Sunday = 11am to 11pm Vouching Staff on Server Group: GSW Envoy, brutalskills Vouching Players: Cat drinking goon, eX. Post Meridiem, konji, GSW Ben Rubik, PinguisOP. Have Read Server Group Rules: Yes Have Met Server Group and Application Requirements: Yes Have working Microphone: Yes
  16. Mtb

    [SKILL] ♕ ₰nowie ♕'s Moderator Application

    I've been playing skill surf a bunch recently and he seems like a chill dude. Rarely see admins on the server, and there is a very strong need for staff in my personal opinion. +rep Good luck!
  17. Spinner

    [AWP] Kora's Moderator Application

    +rep Knows his shit, don't mind him helping
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    hey, just came back from a years absence to say fuck you.
  19. skyprah

    [AIM] alpha male/hamstring's Unban Appeal

  20. Bloomzey

    [AWP] Kora's Moderator Application

    I guesssss yourrrr ok +rep good guy doesn’t break rules and is always there to have a good laugh ~BZ
  21. springpizza

    [AWP] nani☁'s Moderator Application

    +rep basically gives me free kills
  22. Nala

    [AWP] nani☁'s Moderator Application

    +REP He is always helping the community members when is needed. He is always active and i do believe he will be a great fit for our team.
  23. Kevin07

    [AWP] Kora's Moderator Application

    Big +REP to this dude. He's good he's trustworthy. He's responsible. He's fun to play with. +rep my guy
  24. +rep Seen him on the server a bunch. Had a few chats and seems like a good bloke. I feel we are in need of another Mod. Moderator will not only assist the server with having that extra staff member, it will allow you to learn how to keep control of a server. Good luck!
  25. RetroViper

    Combat Surf Perms Not Working

    Whilst asking about he spinner about this he told me “suck dick for them” also known as you may not know how to use them aka spinner will have a gander and look into it - your friendly neighbourhood Retro
  26. -[pkN24!7]-

    Deagle only server

    im going to have to agree with spinner on this, the proper maps would be much better suited and a bit of variety through game modes and maps is always desired. Although thats not to say it couldn't be added in further down the track if the people really want it.
  27. revzi

    [AWP] winter's Unmute Appeal

    +1 because peenoise
  28. Haru

    [AWP] winter's Unmute Appeal

    +1 damn cutie cant talk
  29. It seems you keep doing the same thing over and over. You know you not supposed to yet you keep doing it. Earlier today i muted you for 3 hours for doing the same thing. Before today i've only muted you more than once for about 30-60 minutes. I've given you lots of chances yet you still carrying on. This time it's a 24 hour mute. Your admin application was denied a few months back because of your attitude yet you not showing us that you want to change. edit: i do care about people screaming into mics. I've muted them very quickly. You yourself asked me the one day how i was so fast. So please don't try say I don't care about mic spam. Thank you.
  30. drk

    [AIM] Aqua's Administrator Application

    Forgot to reply to this, As far as ive known him he was a pretty cool dude and is a previous admin/mod already so as far as i was aware he was a pretty decent staff member. Personally had no problems so +rep
  31. Daxie

    [AWP] Fitzer's Mute Report

    Not much, but many peoples and admin (Springpizza) are on the server before this report. Spring alrdy mute him but after couple day after the server mute he comes back and makes noise again. He also sometimes trash on other admin on the server. But I'll look after when I join the server and give more footage if he comes back again. If I record another footage, I'll edit and pull more witnesses.
  32. springpizza

    [AWP] winter's Unmute Appeal

    +rep, my bro is really a nice guy and i think he should definitely be un-muted. Also, hi winter
  33. perfectly said and well described, what an amazing stuff
  34. Spinner

    [SKILL SURF] Aria's Abuse Report

    Aria muted you for what she believed to have heard coming from your mouth as being toxic and disrespectful to her, what is bad for you, is that there was more than 1 staff online and they agreed that you were being toxic. If you believe that you were muted just because you were talking at the same time as whoever else was toxic, it is unlucky on your behalf.
  35. zuelhs

    [AIM] KennyS's Administrator Application

    You sound like a good guy so i doubt it won't be too hard to get some stuff and players to vouch for you.
  36. zuelhs

    [AIM] KennyS's Administrator Application

    This is definitely one of the most well thought out admin applications i've seen in quite a long time. Great responses to most questions, only thing i could critique would be that when asked for vouching staff, specific staff names is recommended. Your motivation for the future development and growth is for KZG is great stuff, I have high expectations for what you have to offer. It's just up to staff and community feedback for now. Good Luck. (@Spinner please take a look at this)
  37. Hr3g G3ryla Dracks

    [AIM] KennyS's Administrator Application

    Indeed this is incredibly well written and is honestly fantastic.
  38. You seem like you've matured up. +rep -Nala
  39. Wolfleader


    spinner is gey
  40. Bismuth


    isnt spinner that bad csgo player ?
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  42. 0 points
  43. Sassy The Softcock

    [SKILL SURF] [email protected]ñk ([email protected])'s Abuse Report

    and in fact, really only surf staff that actually gives a fuck about a little bubble sound lol.
  44. Steam Account Name: Mendaxxxxx Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:42281529 Age: 23 Sex: Male Desciption of Myself: Just your average 23 year old, enjoy a decent 1v1 I'm rather competitive, I'm a Cyber Security student so when I'm not at Uni or studying 9 times out of 10 I'll be playing around in 1v1's. Qualities I bring to Killzone Gaming I believe I am extremely unbiased with my decision making allowing me to make the correct decision dependant on the situation, I used to be a developer for an Arma 3 Life Community as well as a Moderator, often leaving me to deal with PvP support cases so being impartial was needed to get the correct ruling as there was 50+ rules and plenty of loopholes players liked to exploit. I believe I'm level headed and a nice person. I used to co-Administrate and develop for a Rust community too, although it was PvE there was still a lot of Community Management needed. Why I Deserve to be Part of Killzine Gaming: As stated above with my previous experience I believe I can come to a fair decision based on the evidence provided. I believe I can tame the beast (being the mic spamming and general toxicity) in a way that benefits the broader community to make it a fun and enjoyable place. Play-Time on Server Group: 3 1/2 days across the servers I have played on. Times Usually Played on Server Group: I'm usually an for an hour here and there between activities during the day then on for a little longer at night. Vouching Staff on Server Group: Vouching Players: N/A Have Read Server Group Rules: Yes, I have familiarised myself with the KZG Aim rule set. Have Met Server Group and Application Requirements: Yes Have working Microphone: Yes
  45. Zing

    My twitch and twitter

  46. 7 hours and making an application, couldn't help myself but laugh. Applying for a staff position on a server that you probably cant even list the names of 10 maps shows all of the qualities we don't want in our admins. Big fat -1
  47. Steam Account Name: Gigzee Steam ID: STEAM_STEAM_0:1:47643452 Alternate Accounts: STEAM_STEAM_0:0:95449282 Server Group: SKILL Server: Easy Date / Time of Ban: 10-19-19 08:08 Admin that Punished You: console Reason for Ban: [SourceSleuth] Duplicate account Why I should be unbanned / unmuted: pls uban was 3 years ago i make good decisions now i swear :)
  48. mane

    [AIM] wunderstruck's Unban Appeal

    Steam Account Name: wunderstruck Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:456749219 Alternate Accounts: STEAM_ Server Group: AIM Server: 1v1 Arenas Date / Time of Ban: 10-02-19 02:30 Admin that Punished You: CONSOLE Reason for Ban: suspected aimlock Why I should be unbanned / unmuted: The truth was, i wasnt using aimlocking, i was using a fake spinbot bind you can locate via this page: [Hidden Content] I dont play kzg often and i just signed up to this page. i am completely unaware of the rules and dont know if this bind is not allowed. Regards, mane
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