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  1. Hey I'm Kora ❤

    [AIM] Notorious BOT's Unmute Appeal

    Right. All I am reading right now is "mute evade". And as a matter of fact, it is actually bannable. Not only have you mentioned that you have made more accounts just for this, you have over 30 different comm bans added up on each which was clearly pointed out by Diamond. Not only that, there have been many complaints from staff about you. On many accounts you have been told to stop by countless staff and have failed to listen. You continue to mic spam and disobey the rules and have always been ignorant towards staff. On top of all of this, I was informed that while all of this was happening, you were also being disrespectful towards Retro via d'ms. You have been warned many times by staff to stop and every time you have failed to comply. I would also love for you to look at this link, Mainly rule 5 and 8 which quotes "Mic/Chat spam is not allowed. You are not allowed to play music over your microphone unless you have a Staff Member's permission.". Also rule 19 which states "evading any punishment is punishable by a longer sentence". Senior staff and I have decided to deny your appeal with a 3 month ban on top of that (on all your accounts) for mute evading, for the failure to follow rules and the sheer disrespect towards staff. After your ban has expired you will remain perm muted unless an appeal is accepted. Any attempt to evade said ban/ mute will lead to your ban being extended for a longer period of time and will eventually lead to you being perm banned indefinitely. I hope you understand the extend of your wrong doings and I hope to see a change in your attitude towards staff and players alike. Yours sincerely, Kora (with a hint of Retro)
  2. | Rensta |

    [OTHER] vhelldogsz's Unban Appeal

    Helldogz was a frequent to surf at a point during Dec/Jan/Feb. Whilst I don't know why he was banned - there's definitely been worse people who got away with much much worse. The fact that the ban length has been what it is currently and he is still applying deems it appreciable that he still cares about trying to play on the servers. +1 to unban
  3. skyprah

    pls just hand over skill surf

    Community Directors and Surf Managers all have access to zone and fix maps if they want to. They do not need full access to the servers to be able to fix a map bug. as they can create a test environment on their own local server which can then get uploaded to all of the servers by myself. I'm more than happy to help set this up but so far no one has ever been interested in spending days worth of work fixing things (except for 1DJ) As I always say... any game breaking bugs/exploits should be directly messaged to me with as much information as possible. This is the responsibility of the surf managers and head admins. to relay that information and continue to follow it up with me to insure it's fixed as quick as possible I just got back from being inactive for a while... I was on the surf servers and was told by some players of a few minor exploits. They were able to provide me with a step by step to reproduce it. My point being... they would of been fixed months/weeks ago if someone actually provided all the information directly to me. Provide step by step to reproduce the bug (timer related) and preferably a short gyazo/video of it. I can't fix anything if I don't know how to reproduce it or even know about it. As for map related bugs, I'm hoping drk can be trained to take over this as he is currently in charge of picking and zoning new maps.. I can help out with these map related bugs but I just don't have time to fix them all by myself.
  4. Big Hob

    [SKILL] JonnyBoy's Moderator Application

    Thanks for your application JonnyBoy, your application is a little lackluster. I wouldn't have minded to see more put into "description of myself" & "Qualities you bring to KZG". You're telling us about yourself, not everyone here would have the pleasure of meeting you ingame. You have an adequate amount of hours within the server which is great, which servers do you play on more often?, I'd like to get the chance to meet you and find out what you can bring to the staff team in a more collective way on how you deal and speak within the community. Until then my vote is NULL I bounce from server to server so I'll be bound to run into you. Example of "description of myself" Cunny Funt's Moderator Application Happy Surfing!
  5. BillSmacker

    [SKILL] billsmacker's Unmute Appeal

    Your in-game name: billsmacker Your Steam_ID: STEAM_0:1:146912127 Any smurfs/alternate accounts that you have: STEAM_STEAM_ Discord Handle: billsmacker#5379 Server Group: SKILL What server were you banned on? SKILL SURF - Noob #1 Staff Member that Punished You: DRK Reason for Ban: drk big power hungry man who cannot be admin and will not be admin next month. kzg dead without billsmacker now the community is dead and is full of first time surfers because kzg killed the community. dark has become exactly what he sought to destroy. a nazi admin. yesterday he came into the server and muted/banned people for no reason after there already being mods and admins in the server who had okayed the situation that was taking place. fuck drk, fuck kzg mods are gods and kill all head admins Why I should be unbanned / unmuted: drk big gay
  6. MJ1604

    [SKILL] JonnyBoy's Moderator Application

    -rep way too immature for mod makes people vouch for him
  7. urmumgao

    [SKILL] Hugh Janus's Moderator Application

    +1 He will fit right into the community of child groomers also known as admis
  8. Sorrow [Not The Admin]

    [AWP] BabaJ's Moderator Application

    Considering one of your vouches is cowlingi, a guy who is known by many to have spent a rough period of about two weeks being incredibly racist and toxic on the server when he joined , and the other being a 14 year old, your actual player vouches would be seen as invalid by some. You also have zero staff vouches which heavily depreciates your application. From the surface it looks like you put a lot of effort into this application which is a great quality, so in the future maybe direct some of that effort towards gathering support for your application , whether that be more reputable player vouches or staff vouches. Personally however, my experience with you has been pretty chill, you're a nice guy from what I can tell and you seem to like the awp server a lot which is also quite important if you're going to take an administration role. I'm just a donator so take my words with a pinch of salt, I could be wrong Best of luck, if you apply again I would be happy to be one of your vouches in the future if you wish ^^ Take care.
  9. CraftyCritter

    fix the goddamn top 200 server

    its been broken for over a week nobody can join it
  10. xsus

    [AIM] Samuukxs's Moderator Application

    10/10 well structured app +rep
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  12. kzgs skill surf is the only big surf server run by a person that doesnt surf. I can think of two servers on csgo that compete with kzg in size, but the server is ignored. please just hand it over to someone that actually will run the server and that doesnt struggle on t4s. it is literally the only au server with people playing on but it is complete garbage.
  13. ViperX

    [AIM] Notorious BOT's Unmute Appeal

    lol. Retro done that according to what he witnessed, I never asked for it and due to your previous offences felt it was fit. Multiple offences have been made on multiple occasions. Many staff can attest to you being a nuisance and annoyance to the server with constant remarks about drugs excessively, mic spam and ear rape through your mic with music & hot miccing. I could go on and on including the several alts made to mute evade on multiple occasions. You have done nothing but the wrong thing. You have extended your mutes constantly by mute evading, continuing to have conversations you have been warned to not continue. ps. a skill surf mod had told me you had been mute evading on yet ANOTHER alt. The pure fact that a staff member from another sever had to come to me to come mute you says it all. The fact of the matter is that you were in the wrong, continued to do the wrong things and make new alts. I can never seem to keep up and once muted you for hot miccing/spamming music after asking you several times to turn it off. I'm considered one of the chillest mods and I take pride in that, you only seem to take advantage of it. The other mods & admins I'm sure have a lot to say on this but that's only a short compact list. Best of luck, Viper
  14. Samuukxs

    [AIM] Samuukxs's Moderator Application

    Thanks Robert, Ruthles_kila! If you get to know me, I can assure you I am a nice guy! If you ask around, I am never toxic, always looking for a good time!
  15. Robert

    [AIM] Samuukxs's Moderator Application

    mostly out of context +1
  16. ViperX

    [AIM] Samuukxs's Moderator Application

    From this app alone +rep! The effort put into this app is what captures the most interest, you seem to genuinely want to be staff for all the right reasons. Your playtime is beyond good for staff and you seem to have the right attitude to fit in with the current staff team. Feel free to chuck me a message on my discord below if you want to know a bit extra/just want to get to know another staff member. Always happy to chat or play a game or two! Best of luck, Viper
  17. yoshimasa

    [AIM] Samuukxs's Moderator Application

    From this app alone +rep
  18. Hey I'm Kora ❤

    [AIM] NS_195's Moderator Application

    http://killzonegaming.gameme.com/player_histories/chat/1385580 RELOADING! 28, I also recommend not chat spamming

    [AIM] NS_195's Moderator Application

    No problem sir thank you for replying
  20. ViperX

    [AIM] NS_195's Moderator Application

    Hi there! just wanted to pop by and let you know your steam id is actually STEAM_0:0:461186249, please edit it in. Also as well please include more information about yourself and what makes you want to become a mod for aim! On top of this, you have actually only spent 2 hours 38 minutes total playtime on our servers so I would highly suggest getting your hours up and coming back with a more well put together application. Unfortunately with these things combined I'm going to have to -rep this app due to activity and lack of effort in the app! Best of luck to you Peace out, RELOADING! 28
  21. NightmareOCE

    [SKILL] watto (formally ethot)'s Moderator Application

    +rep, One of the most genuine players on the server. The skill surf team needs more experienced players to help the head admins adjust the servers to correction. best of luck.
  22. soggyblunt

    [SKILL] watto (formally ethot)'s Moderator Application

    -Neutral. I have never seen him cause any trouble while I have been surfing in the same server as him (People may have other experiences with him). Application was written pretty well. From SoggyBlunt.
  23. Steam Account Name: ttv/smackyow Steam ID: 76561199061934957 Discord Handle: Smacky#9440 Age: 17 Sex: Male Desciption of Myself: Hi! Im Smacky or Chris, i'm a 17 year old Australian. I'm super passionate about video games and streaming being my two favourite activities. I personally know I can be toxic sometimes but also a very cheerful and funny person making sure people are having fun. I mostly try to better myself by listening to crucial advice or even just feedback. I'm super supportive to anyone in need whether it be mental or physical health no matter if I've know them for years or just met them. I'm not really the sporty type at all but I love to exercise and better not only my physical but mental health as well! Qualities I bring to Killzone Gaming Staff Team: Being a 17 y/o I can help and assist a much wider community being some younger players may have trouble talking to certain age ranges. So being my age I can assist with those problems little or big. Not only that but I can always hope to bring a smile to someone's face wither it be cracking a joke or laugh at myself, being a very positive, trustworthy staff member that someone can always chat to if needed. Why I Deserve to be Part of Killzone Gaming Staff Team: I personally think I deserve to be apart of this community as I see to that everyone has a safe and positive experience during there down time. Seeing to that toxicity doesn't go out of hand or any worries or troubles players might have, I can attend to with a smile. Play-Time on Server Group: 2 days+ Times Usually Played on Server Group: Everyday if i get the chance, usually be on for an hour or 2. Vouching Staff on Server Group: Vouching Players: daichi, silver 3, d!va Have Read Server Group Rules: Yes Have Met Server Group and Application Requirements: Yes Have working Microphone: Yes Are you currently a Staff Member within another Community: No ,
  24. SmackyOW

    [SKILL] ttv/smackyow's Moderator Application

    Appreciate the nice comment and feedback, will take it into account for next time.
  25. NightmareOCE

    Its Time, Nightmare Resignation

    For all those who know me I'm pretty sure you are well aware of the behavioural and decision making shift I've been having in the past couple of months. Being a KZG Staff member has more downs than ups and this current stage, nothing ever gets done and all user feedback comes straight onto you. All the people I've met over time I am glad to be working alongside of and developing friendships over time. I've seen my fair share of how bad KZG has been going downhill recently. If you ever want to chat or checkup on how I've been I'll still be around surfing on the Skill Surf servers. I wish you all the best of luck in the future.
  26. Killzone Gaming Bot

    [SKILL] ★ Tryhard.2G4U's Unban Appeal

    Hi Tryhard, A member of the Management Team will look in to your Unmute / Unban Appeal. In the mean time please wait for a responce from someone on the team. The Unmute / Unban Appeal process usually takes 1-2 weeks. DO NOT try to bump this post and / or harrass a member of the staff team to have a look at your application. - Killzone Gaming Management
  27. Big Hob

    [SKILL] soggyblunt's Moderator Application

    Solid app, seen you on a few times but I've probably not been paying attention and haven't heard you speak much. Hopefully will see you on the servers, haven't been on for a few days but I'm sure we'll run into each other a few more times if your activity is what you say it is +1 good luck.
  28. Cunny Funt

    [SKILL] soggyblunt's Moderator Application

    Hi Soggy, Firstly as mentioned above I want to congratulate you on spending time and putting effort into this application. I have encountered you numerous times and to be honest I am so surprised you are only 15 as you have portrayed a greater maturity than most the surf community. You're activity is also fantastic and we do need more super active staff members like yourself. I personally would have no issues with giving you a go to be part of the team as I do feel you have value to add so best of luck in your application. +rep my dude! Best of luck That Old C#*t Boomer
  29. ViperX

    [SKILL] soggyblunt's Moderator Application

    -neutral this is a really well put together app, I don't think I've seen you on but I'm not on surf very often unless it's late at night. This application is really promising so wishing you the best, this guy depending on others experiences could become a really great mod for surf with the right guidance.
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  32. stratex

    [SKILL] rab's Moderator Application

    hey i know you
  33. .Daytime

    [SKILL SURF] .Night's Abuse Report

    Your In-Game Name: Un-Registered Sex Offender Your Steam_ID: .Night sucks Their In-Game: .Night Their Steam_ID: .nightsuckslol Reason(s): Bro this guy is the most power hungry fag. He legit only plays for the sole reason to kick and mute people. A guys tested his mic and it had static and he just kicks him. I also called him fat and copped a 2 hour mute. When hes alone he just goes power hungry crazy Proof / Evidence / Witnesses: legit everyone whos not an admin
  34. JonnyBoy_

    [SKILL] JonnyBoy's Moderator Application

    Hi Hob, I will definitely take this into account and add more info about myself. I can't wait to meet you in game!
  35. drk

    [SKILL] Dubzz Fx's Moderator Application

    First of all I don't like the fact that I'm one of the only staff members who tried telling people to listen to you and what you have to say and help back up things you are trying to get fixed or help with and then turn around and talk shit about me to others. If your willing to do this then I don't want you on my team. Plus I said to the team and people who ask that I don't feel mod is what you are after since you aren't the kind of guy to sit there and mute people, I do think you know what you are saying in terms of helping the server but mod isn't what you want. You use to be a pretty alright guy to be around, but youv'e changed to someone else
  36. ViperX

    [SKILL] JonnyBoy's Moderator Application

    +rep Jonny has been on surf with me a few times whenever I've been on surf instead of Aim and I can say he's not been toxic at all. He's friendly & out going with a solid mindset. I think he would fit the role well with extra guidance. - Viper
  37. NightmareOCE

    [SKILL] JonnyBoy's Moderator Application

    Kinda Sus
  38. xMiseryy

    [SKILL] JonnyBoy's Moderator Application

    Good player, good guy. Pretty active. Def +rep from me
  39. drk

    [SKILL] rab's Moderator Application

    Sounds like you have some goods skills but I personally have not met you yet, I recommend trying to get a contact that is staff so they are able to help vouch for you and they will be able to tell me and Whizz that you do have all these great skills you say you have(not saying you don't but it helps us to know who you are), Hope to see you in-game and good luck.
  40. Killzone Gaming Bot

    [AWP] Lord Cowingi's Unban Appeal

    Hi, It is our pleasure to accept this Appeal. Your UNBAN / UNMUTE APPEAL has now been accepted. ACCEPTED. - Killzone Gaming Management
  41. jacooby

    [AWP] BabaJ's Moderator Application

    Steam Account Name: BabaJ Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:43685579 Discord Handle: BabaJ#4754 Age: 15 Sex: Male Desciption of Myself: I am a good student who enjoys playing sports, playing video games and watching television. I play Piano and Guitar and my two favourite sports are Basketball and Kickboxing which I do quite often in my spare time if I'm not playing video games. I enjoy spending time with my family and listening to music and also hanging out with my friends (Pre COVID). Some personal qualities of me are that I am able to communicate with anyone by having a good chat and being friendly, I am a genuine teenager who and quite humble. I work at the local Woolies where I work on my customer service skills and make a little bit of money. Qualities I bring to Killzone Gaming Staff Team: I am a reliable person who is always willing to help a lending hand, I value others needs before mine so I am quite a selfless person. I personally think everyone should spread positivity and have a little banter, especially within the gaming community. As a hard worker, I am good with time management and enjoy learning but also helping others learn too. Why I Deserve to be Part of Killzone Gaming Staff Team: I strongly believe that I should be apart of Killzone Gamings staff team as I am acquainted with the rules and understand the consequences for actions. I have previous experience on other servers and different games as staff and am able to communicate well with players and other staff members. I don't look at being a moderator as a hierarchy sort of thing and rather as an individual who would be more approachable for the community and ready to help others in need of it whether it would be finding something, talking to somebody who isn't in the right state of mind and just helping in any way possible. I will ensure that I am active on the server as I get on for half an hour or more almost every day and am willing to spend more time on the server to familiarise myself with other players and get to know as many people as possible. I try my best to enforce the rules and report anybody who isn't following them even though I am only a player within the community, as a moderator I will not have to go through the process of reporting them but taking action myself and if things get out of control I would be sure to call for help from fellow staff who will be able to deal with the situation accordingly. I am an honest person and I believe I could make a great addition to the staff team as a moderator, I would try my best to create a significant difference within the community and be sure to help anybody in need of assistance. As a moderator, I would not take the responsibility lightly and will be sure to not abuse any of the power that comes with the role and won't treat others as if they are any less of myself. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to consider my application. Play-Time on Server Group: 1 Day 11:33:44 Hours Times Usually Played on Server Group: On weekdays (MON-FRI) I play usually after 3:30 PM AEST and get off the PC around 11 Weekends (SAT AND SUN) I play anytime during the day or night Vouching Staff on Server Group: Vouching Players: Lord Cowingi, f0b Have Read Server Group Rules: Yes Have Met Server Group and Application Requirements: Yes Have working Microphone: Yes Are you currently a Staff Member within another Community: No ,
  42. Nathey1308

    [AIM] nath's Moderator Application

    I will probably try to apply again once I'm a lot more active on the server. Thank you for all your feedback
  43. Hey I'm Kora ❤

    [MINIGAMES] Milo's Unban Appeal

    Could you please tell me your association with this account? Also, the chances of you getting unbanned after you saying that you you had a hack client open is null. It shows that you are willing to cheat. Good luck
  44. Steam Account Name: ElementX Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:77661908 Discord Handle: .Tim | ElementX#5670 Age: 17 Sex: Male Desciption of Myself: Hi my name is Tim, I'm from New Zealand and a former KZG staff for Jailbreak and Trouble in Terrorist Town. I'm fairly out there and straight forward so I don't really give a shit about what others will say and will normally voice my opinion on a matter if it's stupid. I'm introverted and don't really do any extracurricular activities as it's too much effort. I like "boys". Qualities I bring to Killzone Gaming Staff Team: I hate everyone equally, therefore I am non-biased towards people. Although I hate people I'm quite friendly, respectful towards others and like to take criticism from people to try and better myself. As I said in the "description of myself" I'm a vocal very vocal person, so that when it comes to ideas and such I'm not afraid to say my opinion. Why I Deserve to be Part of Killzone Gaming Staff Team: Currently there are barely any skill staff and a few of them barely join, and with the previous experience that I've had on the KZG staff team I think it's quite valuable for the current staff, in not only the skill surf staff but the KZG staff team as a whole. Hopefully with the previous experience I've had in staffing it will help boost the morale of everyone and make it more enjoyable to staff. Play-Time on Server Group: 6 days 16:47:16 hours Times Usually Played on Server Group: All of these times will be in NZST: ========================================= Monday - Friday 5pm - 10pm, 11pm Friday - Sunday All day (unless busy) _____________________________________ Here are the times in AEST: ========================================= Monday - Friday 3pm - 8pm, 9pm Friday - Sunday All day (unless busy) _____________________________________ (All these times vary so don't jump on my ass for it) Vouching Staff on Server Group: Vouching Players: JonnyBoy | Kaleb | Dzy4r | BlazingAsian | Lank | Collector | Hob Have Read Server Group Rules: Yes Have Met Server Group and Application Requirements: Yes Have working Microphone: Yes Are you currently a Staff Member within another Community: No
  45. Yuqi

    [AWP] BabaJ's Moderator Application

  46. Inoob

    [AWP] BabaJ's Moderator Application

    Hey boss! you seem like an absolutely top notch dude although I have seen you around, I just don't know you well enough to be able to vouch for your staff application, sorry but good luck
  47. NightmareOCE

    [SKILL] ElementX's Moderator Application

    Thanks for your application ElementX, your application is a little lacklustre. I wouldn't have minded to see more put into "description of myself" & "Qualities you bring to KZG". You're telling us about yourself, not everyone here would have the pleasure of meeting you in-game. You have an adequate amount of hours within the server which is great, which servers do you play on more often?, I'd like to get the chance to meet you and find out what you can bring to the staff team in a more collective way on how you deal and speak within the community. Until then my vote is NULL I bounce from server to server so I'll be bound to run into you. Example of "description of myself" Cunny Funt's Moderator Application Happy Surfing! WE NEED MORE SKILL SURF STAFF Current Active Staff Members: 5/18 Members
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    What’s up I’m fuyu/axxru I hope I can become a big part of the community as a member.
  49. VinhDT

    [MORDHAU] HuziG's Unban Appeal

    Ok so, yes im a known ffa'er in the oce mordhau serves but this time was 1v1ing my friends in kzg#1 when looseygooseygod in #4 bans me for trolling and harassment but i was just 1v1ing in a different server. - You're a known ffa'er and you continue to do so constantly so a ban on all KZG server is quite reasonable. You've been let off easy time and time again and never learn the lesson so a lengthy ban might help with this. So the reason i should be unbanned is because looseygoosey falsely banned me and accused me of something i didnt do, im presuming he did it for fun or to troll me. - He banned you because of something you did do and has been well documented and logged. He is a also known for abusing his powers as a mod, loosey banned me couple days back for trolling cause i had the name loosey the abuser but i was like fair enough this time he just did it for the false reason of trolling and harassment. - I've known Goosey for quite awhile and his always been honest and fair and is one of the very few players that is always willing to help others, even before he became an admin. Goosey is a trustworthy and the community benefits from his service. While you who yourself state you're a constant ffa'er have cause endless issues on the servers. I did msg someone that also talks to looseygoosey and loosey told him that i was banned for ffa, Loosey proceeded to lie to me about my ban and kept saying and i quote "You were banned for trolling and harassment nothing else needs to be said" So also when the person reading this realises looseygooseygod is an abuser and should not have powers thank me later. - If you ffa, you get banned. If you abuse a staff member, you get banned. If you don't follow the rules, you get banned. Simple. Here's my vote; Trash this ban appeal. Behave when you're allowed back.
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