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  1. CL | trigga

    [JAILBREAK] blobby's Administrator Application

    although blobby is complete garbage at the game, has no skills, cant rebel for shit, cant aim for shit, no idea how to bhop and has never won a map game in his life, he has mastered the 'rules' of jailbreak, and wants to create a better community, +rep ~ best jb player au ~
  2. Shep <3

    AWP Tournament

    Hello KZG Players Some other AWP administrators and i have decided to restart the AWP Tournament as the last post had been filled with spam this left the idea to be deserted. Because ofthis i have tried my best to take over the idea and changing it to make it as fun as possible for all KZG players that decide to play. Here are the current rules and regulations: - Normal kzg rules, (no hacking, no racism, no scripting etc.) - There will be teams of 3 players as it is easier to handle and easier to get teams online. - The games will be first to 10 - There will be a max of 8 teams, so first in first served! - All games are knockout - Only top 2 teams will get prizes - The final prize has been undecided but will be something special - There will be no /shop this means no miscellaneous items to give yourself a disadvantage (laser site, trails etc.) - I will be monitoring the teams making sure they are not stacked (max of 1 top10 player in your team) - If you're unable to make a game one of your "Registered" Sub's can Sub in - The date is still TBD but you will be updated shortly NOT ALL RULES ARE FINAL AND CAN BE CHANGED OR ALTERED AT ANY TIME. The maps will be voted on by the teams out of this selection: AWP_Gade AWP_India AWP_India_small AWP_India_Winter AWP_Fort AWP_Pro PRIZES TBA! Format: Team Name: Player 1 (Captain) Name: Steam ID: Steam Link: Player 2 Name: Steam ID: Steam Link: Player 3 Name: Steam ID: Steam Link: Sub 1 Name: Steam ID: Steam Link: Sub 2 Name: Steam ID: Steam Link: Make sure at least 1 player in your team has me added. please refrain from spamming this thread, and contact me if you have any questions: [Hidden Content] Choose your team wisely and good luck! @Awp Admin
  3. Snapz

    Bring back LR with 2 people

    -Rep 1 person is as hard to get to as 2 people, sometimes easier. For example if you have 5 Ts and play a quick map game the winner LRs, ezy. Having 2 people LR will just make the rounds last longer, with 1 person LR, the rounds pass at a good pace and dead Ts don't have to wait for a long time. Making it 2 people LR will just cause the rounds to last longer.
  4. sown

    Minigames 2.0?

    Hey this thread is aimed mainly at skyprah/executives of the server. Will we be seeing a re-vamp of minigames much like the 2.0 jailbreak release? I know the mg playerbase has dwindled and all but it's still an original server with tons of maps/customs, letting it go is almost a waste since it has so much potential. With the addition of csgo being "free to play" I feel like now is a better time than ever to build up a new community/player-base around minigames. The map pool should be flushed out and examined towards a community setting (currently there are too many course maps). Player interaction should be encouraged and VIP shouldn't just give you every skin on the server. Course maps could be timed and rewarded for beating server records. Name tags could be reworked so they're only obtainable by completing tasks/missions, eg: 100 headshots = Hunter sown There could be a daily login reward system were being active allows you to recieve 2x credit bonus on kills (wont work if spectating). Adding the new fortnite damage display system would also give the server a unique theme. Fists/throwing axes and other cool gadgets should be experimented and played with. Also, let the community stay more involved by doing weekly/monthly polls on which maps to add or delete, gameplay features and skin preferences. These were just a few examples i came up with so let me know yours. Thanks and i hope you're having a good new year.
  5. Immortalwankz

    AWP Tournament

    Team Name: Hitlers left nut Player 1 (Captain) Name: Immortalwankz Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:40328583 Steam Link: [Hidden Content] Player 2 Name: Immortalwankz Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:40328583 Steam Link: [Hidden Content] Player 3 Name: Immortalwankz Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:40328583 Steam Link: [Hidden Content] Sub 1 Name: Immortalwankz Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:40328583 Steam Link: [Hidden Content] Sub 2 Name: Immortalwankz Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:40328583 Steam Link: [Hidden Content]
  6. Snapz

    Minigames 2.0?

    FUCKING KOHZTEC Zing and Goose have already covered anything i would want to say but for the memes 1. Remove Kohztec its a fucking KZ MAP 2. Get rid of Kohztec its a trash map 3. Haven't had a problem with the new tick, but i trust Zings word, so change back i guess 4. Add credit gifting and credit games back, plz 6. Add course timers 7. Fuck Kohztec 8. Did you realise i skipped 5 edit: and fuck Mario journey TL;DR - Remove Kohztec
  7. Goose

    Minigames 2.0?

    I agree with bringing back 64 tick. Definitely feels worse now than before. I got no issue with course maps, but I agree that decreasing the map time is a good idea, as I have seen many 20+ pop nights die after a single map. I also suggest to increase the maps needed to play the same map again (I believe it is currently 3 maps) as this allows for more variety in maps played. I always thought that the weakest part of minigames is its map pool. There are a lot of terrible and broken maps (iPods, Tom Greens All in One, Devine) with a few more needing fixing (nimafa3? had several bugs), and the variety of maps played was real shit (before the most recent wave of map additions, it was Sonic, Acrophobia, Gruber and then maybe a multigames map every 6 or so maps). The problem with adding more maps is there is more chance of people getting frustrated at the map (which is what happened a lot when we live tested new maps on the server) and just left, only to rejoin if Sonic or something was on. Credits are ridiculous. Add back Coinflip and maybe the kiddies will come back. New title system would be sick at as well. the addition of throwing knives would be shit, I, as well as a few others, prefer as close to vanilla experience as possible. There were a lot of things in the pipeline for minigames that were sidelined for one reason or another. I’m not blaming Sky as I know he is busy. Maybe if there was a head admin for the server Good post overall
  8. My Name is Tito

    [JAILBREAK] blobby's Administrator Application

  9. skyprah

    Jailbreak Changelog

    2/1/2019 Fists damage increased to 25 per slash/stab All other buyable knives increased by 10 damage 4/1/2019 Added jb_clouds_beta02_1 Admin command to remove baited weapons from a player Admin command to revive free killed players to their death location Admin command to provide more information about kills/locations
  10. Lethiem

    Jailbreak Server Rules 2.0 [23/12]

    Added 'General rule' - "AFK's cannot be killed before 12:15. This ensures everyone has time to get back from what they're doing." Added 'Guard rule' - "CT10: You may only conduct 2 gun checks per round that may only last 20 seconds." Added 'Guard rule' - "CT11: Tazer's may only be used during a gun check." Edited 'CT4: Guards are NOT Allowed to enter gun room.' TO 'CT4: Guards are allowed to enter gun room ONLY to clear it of rebellers.' Edited 'CT16: The warden can ONLY order hotcells.' TO 'CT16: ALL Guards are able to order hotcells.(Warden may overrule)' Edited 'S1: Default times for actively hunting is at 10:00 and no teaming at 9:00.' TO 'S1: Default times for actively hunting is at 11:00 and no teaming at 10:00.' Edited 'T10: When there is 3 T's left on a freeday, the T's on a freeday has to follow wardens orders.' TO 'T10: During a freeday, when the clock hits 10:00 the freeday ultimately ends and the warden may continue wardening.' Removed rule 'LR3: All LR’s (Custom or not) cannot intentionally be over two minutes. (Will result is a SLAY)' - No point having it round automatically will end.' Removed rule 'LR9: The handle of the Deagle Toss is always the way to measure the distance.' - As of current [28/12] there is no deagle toss this will be added eventually when deagle toss makes its return.' Updated Section 'Important Commands' to add new custom commands.' Added Section 'CT Commands' Added Section 'Special Days'
  11. 3 points
    Playing CS:GO Killzone's AWP server. A lot of fun! Well made, 10/10.
  12. skyprah

    athy's Unban Appeal

    Unfortunately you do not spend hundreds of dollars a month and all your free time developing for someone to play on who cant show any respect and be hostile towards me in MM. I'll ban whoever I want to ban.
  13. Shep <3

    [AIM] Yassuo's Administrator Application

    First of all wanted to say that Yassuo is a very quiet player, but he does know the rules and knows how to stay calm. I recommend giving yassuo a chance at trial, even if thats mod or admin as i think he could fit that position perfectly. Even though im not a aim staff member i can say that i know him mostly from awp and i havent seen a bad side to him as of yet. i personally think the only problem is that he is a bit too quiet but that can always be changed +Rep and good luck! p.s this app is built very well
  14. Zing

    Minigames 2.0?

    I guess I will sum everything up here and add the other stuff that is necessary if we are actually going to do something about minigames: • Anti-cheat notifications are stupidly misleading: [Hidden Content] • Maps that don't work properly due to the recent change of water textures/shadows + water movement: mg_beastmario_course_v1, mg_morceau01, mg_saw_3_v1. • Maps that are affected due to the tick rate change: mg_metal_course_level_2 (not to be confused with mg_metal_course_2). • Maps that kill the server: mg_kohztec_course1, mg_dreamy_mariogames_b91, mg_bombardment_a11, mg_mario_journey_betav3_, mg_battle_in_space_csgo, mg_tomgreens_allinone_betav2 + the map that takes like 2 hours to complete with only 30 minutes available. • Might be a CS:GO related thing, I don't really play anything other than MG so it might affect other servers as well but every few maps (3-6 maps) majority of the server will crash while the map is changing. Has been happening for a long time but if it's a known problem and out of our control just ignore. • Bring back credit gifting + minesweeper and all that trash if it works properly. • Add course timers for fucks sake. • Add better tags or a title system. • Change the way VIP works with the store so you don't get everything for free. That was a small reason for some people who play: build up enough credits to be able to buy stuff from the store. Maybe make it so you can only get character models for free and nothing else? • Fix the loot bag system so that it actually works or get rid of it. • Remove some messages that aren't needed, i.e. "The Minigames tournament has begun! Finish in the ..." • Add a message to tell people to join a team when they connect to the server because it doesn't automatically assign them onto one. I know this point sounds stupid but a fair few people don't realise they need to join a team to be able to play and end up just leaving. • Change the default starting map back to sonic or something because having it set to pirate wars makes it especially hard for people to stick around until the population rises again since it is a Team v Team map. • Fix !party • Sort course maps into a tiered system like what Snapz was working on a while back. I'll be adding more to this list when I think of more ideas. Feel free to continue giving ideas, don't be afraid to throw out stupid ideas as well because everything stems from something.
  15. Zing

    ayble's Unban Appeal

    Not my choice and I probably don't have too much of a say on this one since you were banned for advertising after all, however, I don't really see a reason to why you should stay banned. Other than advertising you were never an issue on MG at all. You are actively attempting to help the community from what I have seen in the past couple of days as well, which is great. From my perspective it looks like you have good intentions so +1 and hope to see you unbanned.
  16. Nyoom

    Minigames 2.0?

    Anything other than 64 tick will cause issues with map entities and possibly break them completely. Also, higher tick rates just put an unnecessary strain on the server and players' performance in general.
  17. Sorrow

    [SKILL] Obi's Administrator Application

    Just like to comment that this is a GAMING server not a company. Our goal is to create an enjoyable environment in our servers. Your application gives off a strict-rule enforcing no-fun vibe. More detail about WHO you are and what makes you stand out based on what you do IN our servers will be helpful. Just some feedback.
  18. qd.

    Minigames 2.0?

    I agree with everything Zing says but I would like to add that the tick of the server should be set back to what it used to be. I find that it is actually harder to continue my speed when bhopping and usually randomly stop after hitting perfs.
  19. Zing

    Minigames 2.0?

    I really like this idea! This is generally what the server wants to play and is what gets voted in so I understand why you think there might be too many course maps but the population of the MG server is quite low most of the time. It would be a bad idea to take away the variety of course maps since minigames & team v team maps require a larger group of people to be able to be enjoyed by all. Weirdly enough though we have Pirate Wars as our default start up map, so I guess that contradicts everything I just said. Please no. I know you are talking experimentation and that it doesn't have to be permanent but personally nononono. Believe it or not, most of the MG server don't get involved in voting and all of the forums shit. It would be a very limited amount of people putting their opinion on whatever is being polled so as good as this sounds on paper, it wouldn't work out. This is actually something I haven't heard before and I'd love to see in the server. Small challenges to motivate people and give them a reason to keep playing the server. We need something to keep people coming back, the good bhoppers are sick of all the course maps because they get repetitive so they only want to play minigames + Team v Team. Everyone else votes in course because there aren't enough people to enjoy anything else. When we start getting a playerbase back and when the ranking system starts to balance out again the og's might come back and there will be a more balanced map pool being rotated. There needs to be a bit of work done and it takes time, for now keep sending in the suggestions because they don't go unnoticed. ps. We need credit gifting back for all the kiddies that only play for credits.
  20. ๋DingoBird19

    AWP Tournament

    Team Name: The Autisto Hitlers Player 1 (Captain) Name: DingoBird19 Steam id: STEAM_0:0:160084309 Player 2 Name: レモン Steam id: STEAM_0:0:6453620 Player 3 Name: Terminator Steam id: STEAM_0:0:131796142 Sub 1 Name: Nosey Steam id: STEAM_0:1:109191902 Sub 2 Name: aNger Steam id: STEAM_0:1:451497937
  21. Blobby

    Freekills R Gay's Unban Appeal

    No. You were banned for spamming chat which involved the n-word. You were gagged (but that's broken atm) then you were kicked from the server, obviously for spamming chat. You then joined back and proceeded to spam the same message, resulting in your ban. Whilst this was stupid, Lil pumpernickle has played regularly the past few days, and I wouldn't want to lose a player to stupid reason like this. A silence would be suitable. You were banned by Skyprah. In future use: STEAM_1:0:461859832
  22. Blobby

    Map Suggestions!

    [Hidden Content] - Ba_Jail_Canyondam_GO; Played this map works well and good map games. Similar to undertale would recommend only played with a larger server size as it is a large map with a strong vent cell. blackops_v2 - similar to above, large map, with strong vent cell/plenty of guns across the map. very fun to play though [Hidden Content] - ba_jail_final - an improvement of OG Sand/is the final version of beta. Good mapgames and balanced map. [Hidden Content] - jb_mist is a classic. Very balanced map imo once ct's know what to watch out for. Map games are relatively easy making it welcoming to new players to get better. [Hidden Content] - ba_jail_midi_gregor_v7; good map/fun games if we make it to them. Don't think I've played v7 but previous versions were t-sided, gamebanana comments suggest this is fixed in v7. Electric_global - don't add the new version, add the old one its the best. Really challenges wardens to be creative and some fun simon says days!!!. [Hidden Content] - Ba_Airzona_2; remove gun cell as there is a strong vent cell. Map games are good, remove the connect 4 as it break server, unless this is fixed in V2 (Version I linked). Good Maps, but are free advertising for other servers: [Hidden Content] - jb_cavern_v1; balanced map with gunroom vent cell but easy to control. Map games are fun and good variety [Hidden Content] - jb_exile2019_v1e; balanced map with good map games and some good secrets. [Hidden Content] - jb_coldcampus_b1r fun map games, very balanced if ct's can deal with hot cell appropriately (gun cell). [Hidden Content] - jb_sides_v1a; hot cell and vent cell might be a bit tricky as its hard to see gun with the skin pool on KZG. Maybe remove gun cell and keep vent cell and would work well with KZG. Map games are fun and relatively easy jb_banteroonies - map created by the same person as mangaroons. This map has a plethora of map games and a gunroom vent cell. Pretty big map, but has a teleport to get around. Quite balanced if CT's can deal with cell block. [Hidden Content] - jb_Water_prison_go; map ported by the same creator of side and coldcampus. There is a gun cell but can be dealt with easily as there are a variety of vantage points for CT. Map games are straightforward. I'll edit in more if I can think of any. If you need help making changes to maps (Add/removing things) I'm happy to help if I can find the texture packs so I can repack it correctly.
  23. GimmeYoFries

    athy's Unban Appeal

    I've never seen a thread derail as much as this one. Genuinely don't understand what you even get out by posting stuff like this on an unban appeal. Going to deny and close this for now - If @skyprah wishes to give you another chance, he will personally unban you himself. Apologies for the delay.
  24. My Name is Tito

    FOOL's Unban Appeal

    @Sorrow unban him then re-ban him for like 2 3 days for bumping the post
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