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  1. Dubzz Fx

    [SKILL] Dubzz Fx's Moderator Application

    Yes the kzg surf server is looked down on in the surf community because on how broken it is currently, with cheated times to maps that just don't work so for the people who like surf for the competitiveness things like that would drive them away. It's sad to see how much players the server gets and nothing has been done to fix in the last year for the people who enjoy surfing on it, but I would like the help since I've helped tito in the past with some of the zones I know I can be a troll ingame and discord but I can honestly help make the surf server better
  2. maz03

    [AWP] maz's Moderator Application

    Yeah, I really shouldn't have said that even though I was extremely heated at the time with some personal stuff. At the time, I did not think that I would ever go for mod in the future but here I am. I realize that camping spawns is a viable way to succeed but I'm talking about directly delaying the rounds(e.g. camping under platform on awp_fort_). Everyone loves a free flowing game and people like this tend to ruin that with no way to stop them. I would never abuse perms as there is really no point. People will just hate me for it and I am really not that type of person. And yes, I understand that I would delay alot of rounds in the past, but thats when I really cared about my points. Right now, I couldnt care less so I will not delay rounds. Thank you @Inoob and @Greifyy for your feedback and I strive will become a better overall person. -maz
  3. Greifyy

    [AWP] maz's Moderator Application

    -rep While you are active on the server I don't believe you are active enough with your mic or have the chat presence plus as shown below even if as a joke I don't believe this is something that is appropriate for potential staff to be saying in any context. As it makes me worry that you will abuse your perms. While personally I like you as a player, I believe you are very skilled you have been told multiple times by myself to stop delaying rounds and I don't believe it is then right for you to say: I hope that you can accept all of this and take it on board if you do not receive the position of MOD and make strives to become a more prominent person on the server with more vocal or text interaction. Chat Logs if wish to be checked: https://killzonegaming.gameme.com/player_histories/chat/944489
  4. Hey I'm Kora ❤

    [SKILL] FrankTon's Unmute Appeal

    Hey mate! You steam id is actually incorrect! It is STEAM_1:1:53341173 If you could edit your appeal that would be very helpful for management! regards, Kora
  5. Steam Account Name: Dubzz Fx Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:59026441 Discord Handle: DubzzFx#1708 Age: 15 Sex: Male Desciption of Myself: I'm just a little kid that wants to help out the server Qualities I bring to Killzone Gaming Staff Team: I've owned a server and been a admin on most of the surf server in au so I know how to fix the server pretty much Why I Deserve to be Part of Killzone Gaming Staff Team: I'm one of most looked up to person on the surf server and I know what I am talking when it comes to surf servers so I can actually bring alot to the table and if you listen to what I have to say you can have a surf server that works and isn't looked down on in the community Play-Time on Server Group: 41 days 00:56:43 hours Times Usually Played on Server Group: when i feel like to chill out but at least once a day Vouching Staff on Server Group: renstar Vouching Players: wotto Have Read Server Group Rules: Yes Have Met Server Group and Application Requirements: Yes Have working Microphone: Yes Are you currently a Staff Member within another Community: No ,
  6. mgboltss

    [SKILL] Dubzz Fx's Moderator Application

    Hey Man Agreed what Sorrow said -neutral Goodluck Regards Boltsy
  7. ElementX

    [SKILL] JonnyBoy's Unmute Appeal

    Imagine making a distrack on someone, and out of all people you chose Kaleb lol.
  8. Killzone Gaming Bot

    [AWP] D0X's Unban Appeal

    Hi D0X, A member of the Management Team will look in to your Unmute / Unban Appeal. In the mean time please wait for a responce from someone on the team. The Unmute / Unban Appeal process usually takes 1-2 weeks. DO NOT try to bump this post and / or harrass a member of the staff team to have a look at your application. - Killzone Gaming Management
  9. NightmareOCE

    [AIM] fpv_f6's Mute Report

    Ok I will take a look at his Chat Logs and decide on further punishment, Thank you for reporting. I'll leave this Abuse Report open in case you have anything else to submit. ~Regards
  10. zorry

    KZG Executes

    KZG Executes right now isn't how it was a year ago, I've played on this server for over a year and ever since the new cache came out there are spawn stuck spots on the server, this forces us to not vote cache and we were fine with that but then recently there are also more stuck spots on overpass and that just forces us to not play another map and now we are stuck with just 4 maps mirage, dust2, inferno and train. Dust2 also has 1 problem and thats the B door smoke since the doors are flipped the smoke now doesnt land on b doors and that is quite annoying. Our suggestion (the community) is asking to fix the spawn points and if you can, nade spots, add more maps (not necessary but would love that), give ct smoke grenades (thats part of executes right?), make a second Execute SG server (the one server is always filled up with 15 people, again not all that much necessary but with love that) I would just play with what i have because i love this server and everyone else who plays also do, we would play with these problems everyday, but i saw that KZG had a forums so i decided to make a suggestion and in hopes of enhancing the player experiences on the KZG Executes. We love this server, we all go there everyday to have fun and kill each other and i hope you accept my suggestion, me and along with all the good friends ive made on this server and other players would be very grateful. Im sorry if this was lazy, its because its 4am here am im trying to get this out as soon as possible in hopes of getting a reply as soon as possible. Thank you -Best regards, zoRRy
  11. Hey Chosen, Thanks for the report I will send it through the right channels to see that these guys will be punished. If anyone else has evidence suggesting these guys need to be punished feel free to leave it here. ~ Regards
  12. Steam Account Name: maz Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:202521355 Discord Handle: maz03#1978 Age: 17 Sex: Male Desciption of Myself: I am a chill person to talk to and can be very welcoming. I play the AWP server quite often on weekends and try to get better everyday. Qualities I bring to Killzone Gaming Staff Team: I can have a good yarn to anyone who doesnt annoy me. I am very active on the AWP server and i like to connect with others to find out if they are good people. Why I Deserve to be Part of Killzone Gaming Staff Team: I believe I deserve to be apart of Killzone Gaming's AWP server Staff team for many reasons. I am very active during the weekends and you won't fail to find me on the AWP server(or CS:GO at least) most of the afternoons. I have played the server enough to know how rounds on the AWP server are meant to 'flow'. Delaying rounds as in camping spawns can take the fun out of the game for many people and as not many admins and moderators are on at certain times, I have noticed that delaying does occur way too often and they are allowed to do so because nothing is stopping them from doing so. As a potential mod, I would restrict the delaying making everyones experience better. Being able to communicate clearly to people is essential to be a moderator. I am not afraid to use my microphone whether I'm relaxed and having a yarn or tilted and telling people how stupid they can play. All I care about is getting a message across whether it is composed or forceful depending on the situation. This could be because of mic spam or offensive/racial slurs. This would help decrease the toxicity in the server and as a moderator I would make sure of it. Overall, I would love to be involved more with the community and spread good vibes whilst keeping the server in order in the process :). Play-Time on Server Group: 19 days 08:17:19 hours Times Usually Played on Server Group: Tuesday 3-10pm Thursday 3-10pm Friday 6-12am Saturday 3-12am Sunday 7-9:30pm Vouching Staff on Server Group: Hey I'm Kora Vouching Players: Yeetus, Shadow, Kryptic, Water, Ofu, McFlurry Have Read Server Group Rules: Yes Have Met Server Group and Application Requirements: Yes Have working Microphone: Yes Are you currently a Staff Member within another Community: No ,
  13. Cam

    [AIM] Swaggy-S's Moderator Application

    I'm not on aim much, but great amount of detail on the application. I wish you the best on your application bud. Regards, Cam
  14. Killzone Gaming Bot

    [AIM] Swaggy-S's Moderator Application

    Hi Swaggy-S, We wish you all the best in your Staff Application! DO NOT BUMP OR TRY TO GET ANYONE TO READ OR VOUCH ON YOUR APPLICATION. The Staff Application Process usally takes between 2-3 weeks upon making an application. - Killzone Gaming Management
  15. Hey I'm Kora ❤

    Cant see admins on minimap

    Can you please elaborate?
  16. Inoob

    [AWP] maz's Moderator Application

    -rep, Hey Maz! although I thoroughly enjoy playing with you on a daily to bi-daily basis, I do agree with some of points you make in your application, I also do have concerns regarding the fact that you do not qualify in other aspects of being a moderator/staff member to the KZG AWP server, such as when looking through your chat logs to verify your claims that you participate in chat, I found a concerning message which is goes as follows. I understand this may be a joke of sorts, sarcasm perhaps but this is concerning and in my realm of consideration due to the fact that this message was posted fairly recently (08/06). i thought ofu was annoying holy f*ck im gonna get mod just to mute you before you even speak (Chat Log) I also disagree with the proposition that you will defer camping using your perms as camping is not directly breaking any rules, I do however, agree with your stance that delaying is unacceptable and taking action against delaying and other server issues is a great mindset to carry and I commend you in that aspect. Overall. I do think you have potential, but until I see you put your money where your mouth is and prove to me that you have the capacity and maturity to deal with server issues and concerns. I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavours. but its a no from me chief
  17. Hey I'm Kora ❤

    [JAILBREAK] Logikz's Unban Appeal

    Hey mate! Thanks for making an appeal. As of the moment their is no jailbreak staff to attend to said appeal so it will be up to management to sort this one out Please give them some time to see and read over your appeal and then consider what to do next. @ruthles_kila! will be with you when he has time. Thank you for your apology and your patience. Regards, Kora
  18. Hey I'm Kora ❤

    [SKILL] Tro165's Unban Appeal

    Hey mate! The way bans work are through IP. This means that whoever tries to connect to a KZG server on your internet will be banned. Seeing as your "brother" was banned it has also banned you. The only way that your unban will work is to provide proof that it is your brothers account. Please get in contact with management via discord and make a support ticket. Cheers, Kora
  19. ЌάŁєβ

    Its Forum time

    Alt +F4
  20. ruthles_kila!

    Its Forum time

  21. Cam

    Its Forum time

    Welcome to the forums my dude! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to PM. Hope you enjoy your time here. Regards, Cam
  22. drk

    Its Forum time

  23. Greifyy

    [AIM] Chosen's Moderator Application

    Chosen was always a responsible Admin on BanHammer and was great to be staff with, was always fair and patient with the players. The times I have run into him on the Aim Servers he has been respectful and seems to care about the community. In my opinion he would Be a great addition to the KZG Staff. Goodluck bud. +REP
  24. Hey I'm Kora ❤

    [AIM] Chosen's Moderator Application

    Hey Bud! Your steam ID is incorrect!! The correct ID is actually STEAM_1:1:57283080 I wish you the best of luck! Kora
  25. 1 point
    It is God himself
  26. Konka

    [OTHER] Jhobi's Unban Appeal

    As Kaleb has stated you have 19 mutes, ranging in different punishment times. Which all have a reason of either Mic/chat spam and spamming on purpose to get muted/gagged, Toxicity, abusing staff/players, doxing yourself or attempting on doxing an admin thinking nothing will happen. The reasoning behind the permanent ban is a result of threatening to dox and to kill someone. You may have said this as a joke at the time or think you were "forced". Threats like these are taken seriously and it is time for players to start facing the consequences of this type of behavior. As a result, you should be staying banned from the servers as many others have done the same thing as you and have been denied access to KZG servers. http://bans.killzonegaming.com/index.php?p=banlist&advSearch=STEAM_1:1:521459058&advType=steamid http://bans.killzonegaming.com/index.php?p=commslist&advSearch=STEAM_1:1:521459058&advType=steamid @ReedaNZ Kind Regards, Konka
  27. Orkslayer

    Head Admin (or anything I can get) Application - ElementX

    i heard he is a snack from multiple sources
  28. ruthles_kila!

    [SKILL] FrankTon's Unmute Appeal

    Hi Frankton, thanks for making an appeal for your perm mute, @Skill Surf Head Admin will attend when available and will sort through this. thanks,
  29. ruthles_kila!


    Hi Guys and or Girls, @AWP Head Admin will be looking after this one, thanks,
  30. Hey I'm Kora ❤

    Resignation for mgbolts

    Today we mourn the loss of our brother... I want to thank you dearly for being the reason I came and played this amazing community. Thank you so much for an amazing guy and a great team member. There is always a place for you here. It will be sad to see you go. keep in touch, Kora
  31. Hey I'm Kora ❤

    [OTHER] Aviaito's Unmute Appeal

    Hey bud! I believe that it is only a mute. Constant Mic spam isn't allowed in the KZG community. Therefore a mute for "smoking bongs" is acceptable. Insulting/ harassing players is not okay and is frowned upon. I clearly do not know what happened for the defamation part but it is also frowned upon. This obviously is not the first time you have been muted for toxicity as you have 7 comm bans as you can see in this link. It is up to management as to what happens with your unban but I hope to see less comm bans from you and hope that you stop being toxic to other players. regards, Kora
  32. Hey I'm Kora ❤

    [AIM] wK's Unban Appeal

    Hey bud! your steam id is STEAM_1:0:223142842 !! If you could edit this it would be a great help to management! also, are you able to explain why your alt is also banned for a cheating infraction? (link to ban) cheers, Kora
  33. Hey I'm Kora ❤


    Hey bud! Your steam id is STEAM_1:0:506078011. this is the link to your ban please wait for management to review your ban
  34. ЌάŁєβ

    [SKILL] FrankTon's Unmute Appeal

    After perm bans a perm mute is always given to the player and usually have to wait around 3 months to get unmute
  35. Hey I'm Kora ❤

    [OTHER] SesH's Unban Appeal

    I did some digging for you and found that the reason was the ban was for Duplicate Account. this is the link. Is this the only account you use or is there a family member who also plays along side you that could have been banned? also, if you could, can you tell me whos account this is?
  36. Majinpoo

    [MORDHAU] V | Majinpoo's Moderator Application

    Thanks alot for the support Bolts!
  37. mgboltss

    [SKILL] BRUH's Moderator Application

    Hey Bruh here's your ID STEAM_0:0:54663975 Regards Bolts
  38. Killzone Gaming Bot

    [SKILL] BRUH's Moderator Application

    Hi og_BRUH, We wish you all the best in your Staff Application! DO NOT BUMP OR TRY TO GET ANYONE TO READ OR VOUCH ON YOUR APPLICATION. The Staff Application Process usally takes between 2-3 weeks upon making an application. - Killzone Gaming Management
  39. drk

    [SKILL] Gay Pickle Rick's Unban Appeal

    Hey man, In order for us to help you get untanned the staff team need some more info so we are able to hopefully locate why you where muted and all the other details, Is there anything more you can provide? things such as you name at the time, a date of exactly when, and anything else that will help us track it. cheers
  40. ruthles_kila!

    [SKILL] chargeN's Unban Appeal

    thanks for that, i will sort through this shortly and take a look.
  41. Killzone Gaming Bot

    [MINIGAMES] Pvt.Parts's Moderator Application

    Hi, It is our pleasure to accept this Application. Welcome to the Team, please follow the steps sent to you via PM's if you have any problems or further enquiry's please do not hesistate to get in touch with a member of the Senior Staff Team ( one of the following; Head Administrator, Manager, Community Director, Management). ACCEPTED. - Killzone Gaming Management
  42. Pvt.Parts

    See you on the forums!

    Katy Pewwy for saying that they will "RTV" my mum. My mother is a good lady and a saint. "See you on the forums!"
  43. Hey I'm Kora ❤

    [OTHER] Finn's Unban Appeal

    Hey mate! The best thing to do now would be to make a support ticket in the discord and send management your ip for both your vpn and main router so they can confirm theres no other accounts linked to your ip
  44. Hey I'm Kora ❤

    [AWP] jameS_17's Unban Appeal

    Hey mate! please go more indepth as to when this happened
  45. Fast Ed

    [MORDHAU] Fast Ed's Unban Appeal

    Your in-game name: Fast Ed Your Steam_ID: STEAM_76561198174480442 Any smurfs/alternate accounts that you have: STEAM_STEAM_ Discord Handle: Fast Ed#9780 Server Group: MORDHAU What server were you banned on? MORDHAU Staff Member that Punished You: I dont know i wasnt online when punish Reason for Ban: Not given as not online when punish, however I used to ffa a lot but have served long time banned before, and don't ffa anymore I don't know why I'm banned please help me (sorry for Bad english) Why I should be unbanned / unmuted: Why should I be banned? I don't know why I was banned I don't ffa anymore Im trying to stay clean of FFA and git gud on duel server. Thanks, Fast hed
  46. Fast Ed

    [MORDHAU] Fast Ed's Unban Appeal

    Why you people laugh at me? I'm serious, someone banned me and I don't know why, I don't ffa anymore. Plz unban <3..
  47. 1 point
    Miss you man. It's been 3 years. "see you on the forums!"
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