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  1. Steam Account Name: ₦Ї₦ℑ₳ SKINHUB.COM Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:456364997 Age: 15 Sex: Male Desciption of Myself: My bad i accidently submitted another application but i wasnt signed in so now i signed in and doing another application... A normal teenager that plays games, listens too a lot of music and watches anime most of his time that has been explained as a "fun and playful person with a lot of free time on there hands." If I am confused or can't do something I will speak to people that have been an admin/staff longer than me to try and solve any problem I have correctly. Qualities I bring to Killzone Gaming As Katana stated "₦Ї₦ℑ₳ is the best combat surferer AUS/OCE"... I believe that I can bring more staff activity to the server and honestly I really believe that there isn't enough activity from the staff on the server so mic spammers, just in general people that are racist and annoying members apart of the community, cheaters and etc get away very often because of the lack of staff activity. Why I Deserve to be Part of Killzine Gaming: I think that I deserve to be admin because I just think that there aren't enough admins that are active and I have also been told by a people that think I might be a good admin and I will try my best at this role, I have never been banned from the server and I believe I am known and am friends with active members of the kill zone gaming community that I respect and get along with. Play-Time on Server Group: 00:28:55h Times Usually Played on Server Group: Sunday-Saturday atleast 5-6 hours a day Vouching Staff on Server Group: Potato Vouching Players: Fuyu(VB) ApocolypticPancake Have Read Server Group Rules: Yes Have Met Server Group and Application Requirements: Yes Have working Microphone: Yes
  2. Sorrow [Not The Admin]

    [AIM] Amo69611's Moderator Application

    OK firstly, little to no effort was put into this application. Secondly your whole case of why you should be moderator is because you're nice? Like, how is that justification for why you should be given responsibility and trusted with a position that people much older than you aren't allowed to have? Please rethink your entire response, actually think about sophisticated and real reasons why you deserve mod. I'm also curious to know whether yassuo really did vouch for you or not. @Yassuo Reapply in a few months time I feel is the right path but I don't make the final decision~
  3. Steam Account Name: |UKMD| Spinner Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:55234234 Age: 15 Sex: Male Desciption of Myself: Hello, I'm Spinner. I have been playing on KZG servers for a very while now and lately (meaning for the last 8 months) I have been dedicating myself to playing on all of the Aim Servers. While I play and have fun on the server with many players, I do try my best to keep everything in order. I am a person who is more than comfortable to stand up for someone or to tell someone if they are not doing something right. Overall, I am a young player who is active mostly everyday. I am/try to be funny and friends with everyone. Ofcourse, I also am admin on KZG Fun Mod (rest in peace) so i would say that I have got enough experience relating to most types of circustances them being: someone being toxic, cheaters, mic spammers, ban avoiders, and with many others. Qualities I bring to Killzone Gaming As usual and written on my Fun Mod application, I want to be able to help people in any circumstances. ⬤ I have a bunch of experience on csgo therefore I am not bad at spotting the difference between cheaters or skilled players. ⬤ I have been admin before on KZG, so I have enough experience towards knowing what's alright to do and what isn't. ⬤ I am aware of all rules and I follow them thoroughly. As a wise man once told me *cough BuLLee cough* it is not easy to figure out a difference between hackers and players, plus there are many differences in rules between Aim and Fun Mod but through out this time watching and playing on the servers I have learned a lot. That being either Retro teaching me that you aren't allowed to troll on Aim servers (such as delaying, team falshing and many others), or to seeing how panthA takes care of certain situations (those being older players taking on toxic roles towards youngers or vise versa). I have gone bck onto my old Application and taken the best from it putting it here, I also went reading through the comments of others applications to make sure that I am capable of taking on such role in the community. In general, I want to make sure that people are able to come to me and ask for help, and just make sure that the community is running at it's best. Why I Deserve to be Part of Killzine Gaming: I think that playing a game like Cs:Go involves a lot of team work and friendships so that's what i want to help on. I like to see how the servers have come so far, and everyday i play on them being either Aim, or another category, I feel happy to see people enjoying it as much as I do, and overall I want to see people having a good time. It is obvious that no everyone is able to follow rules or cooperate to the servers limits and that's where I would like to help. I will be the one person who is happy and who acts just like a normal player. I will be fair and I will always take the Side of Doubt, I will try my best to make sure that everyone enjoys playing on the server and that they will want to join back another time. Before making this application, I have always tryed my best to still help the community wether it being alerting staff about certain incidents happening on the servers, or even being there for people who need help with something. I hope that people can lean on me and feel comfurtable coming to me and asking for help. Thank you for reading this Play-Time on Server Group: Connection Time: 52 hours on all Aim servers. Times Usually Played on Server Group: Everyday, less hours on the week due to school but 24/7 on the weekend and some hours after 3 pm on weekdays/ Vouching Staff on Server Group: Dobbo Vouching Players: Kane, Kaotic, Obi, Drk Have Read Server Group Rules: Yes Have Met Server Group and Application Requirements: Yes Have working Microphone: Yes
  4. Steam Account Name: absolute unit / Ty Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:501686837 Age: 18 Sex: Male Desciption of Myself: I'm Tyler, I've played CS:GO for the past 7 years since day one. Most of my hours come from playing KZG SK dating back 2+ years ago. I'm quite familiar with the community and vice versa, great to come back to it all and meet some new people along with all of the OGS as well! I work a pretty full on IT job but apart from that I spend most of my time on KZG AWP. Qualities I bring to Killzone Gaming I can be quite a friendly person, not really known for being a quiet guy. Always looking to strike up a conversation with everyone that comes on to the server and see how they're going. Not really one for drama so you'd never really see me being rude towards other players unless it was for banter as their's really no need for it, especially over the internet. I'm also always looking to make friends with everyone that comes on regardless of who they may be. Why I Deserve to be Part of Killzine Gaming: I strongly believe that I deserve an admin role within the community because playing KZG AWP is pretty much a must in my day to day. You'll rarely see me off the server, this is generally good because I notice that time and time again there's been no staff/few staff on to deal with Toxic players that harass others on the server which isn't fun for anyone. I am also quite aware that there's a lack of staff on the AWP Server, bringing me to the team in my opinion would benefit the community as I am always free to come on and deal with whatever may happen. Not shy to speak up against anyone who's doing wrong/breaking server rules/being rude in general. I'd say i'm a pretty fair person in giving someone a chance and wouldn't go around lashing out random admin abuse for the fun of it. I'm very well known towards pretty much everyone that comes on and if not I'm always there to get to know the new players and keep them hooked on the server. I always show respect towards everyone that may join/be playing, never looking to pick fights only solve them. Always wanted to lend a hand to the staff team to help deal with situations that occur and having this role accepted would mean I can bring that to the server. Play-Time on Server Group: 1d 13:24h Times Usually Played on Server Group: Pretty much everyday, 3-4 hours minimum daily. Only time I couldn't see myself on during the day would be when i'm working 3pm-11pm once a week but Id most likely be on the server before and after that. Vouching Staff on Server Group: Nala, Sorrow, Kevin07, (Other Staff from other servers) - Yassuo/Fedora, Spinner Vouching Players: VacHunter, Laxus, Lucky, Papa, FakeCake, Meli, mgbolts, Aiko, Vigilant, Frizzy, bojan. Have Read Server Group Rules: Yes Have Met Server Group and Application Requirements: Yes Have working Microphone: Yes
  5. Spinner

    [AIM] Enexxy's Abuse Report

    After looking at this Sp1ke and re writting this exact message twice due to my laptop fucking me over, I will say that Enexxy as seen in logs, did not mean to be toxic towards you at the start, but then when he did go toxic towards you on the second time, Yassuo weather or not he is friends with Enexxy he should definetely with all rights gag and punish Enexxy. Although unluckily for you, Yassuo like he said, was alive therefore didn't see the message. When I see Enexxy on, I will definetely make sure to leave him a warning just like I will leave you. Since last time I saw you on, you were putting links in chat to disgusting things and you also put down the definitions of other things in chat. You were not the only one doing so then, and I do remember giving you and some others a warning. Now from what I see in the logs you have not been good yourself and you have been very VERY toxic towards other players. Just like I give Enexxy a warning, I'm leaving you one too. Change the attitude bud, I'll talk to Enexxy.
  6. Sp1ke

    [AIM] JunoFlo's Ban Report

    seems to be broken for everyone but me, im not uploading shit to youtube, guess we will let cheaters roam free on server, nothing gets done as usual. even when there is admins in and someone is blatantly cheating but hey thats kzg known for allowing cheaters
  7. Spinner

    Munckey's Unban Appeal

    So, UPDATE, your alt account called Ninni ALSO got banned for duplicate account, therefore the OTHER account you got which is the free to play account got banned by Skyprah due to AIMBOT, which was not aimbot like it says it was because you were on a free to play account. I'll leave this to the higher staff.
  8. zerotwo

    [AIM] m1st's Moderator Application

    Stop arguing about this on someones application. Please just drop it, and if you want to continue it, do it in DM's or something. As of now i believe i'll be true about this. Personally i believe you to be a bit young, but you could also be young and mature. Your hours would most definitely need improving and you could possibly branch out to other servers on the AIM server group. With you also collecting mutes/gags tarnishes your reputation quite a bit. Otherwise GoodLuck -rep
  9. skyprah


    I will add this on the weekend as an optional feature. Thanks
  10. ApocalypticPancake

    imafluffycloud's Unmute Appeal

    -rep little effort put into the report and tbh my guy admitting that you were toxic says it all you don’t deserve a unmute
  11. Steam Account Name: ApocalypticPancake08 Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:435024074 Age: 14 Sex: Male Desciption of Myself: I'm just an Aussie kid who lives in sydney i love listening to music, reading about history and playing CS:GO even though i am extremely shit at it. I try to make friends with people and be friendly although sometimes i dont really get the message through. Qualities I bring to Killzone Gaming I try to be friendly even though that mightn't end up being the case i am relatively known in the community and uhh tbh some of those people may not know me for good reasons. I am gooding at stopping and assessing arguments and also making quick decisions and also breaking up arguments. Why I Deserve to be Part of Killzine Gaming: I have been a member of the community for a minute now and i want to contribute to the server, i am also am a lifetime donator/VIP. I also have staffing experience on a unturned server which i feel will be good in the long run to have. I definitely deserve to be staff and i feel like if i dont end up getting staff/mod/admin i still would help people in-game, i also deserve to be staff and want to be staff because i know for a fact that KZG and combat surf especially has a massive lack of staff, not only is there a lack of punishments but so many people get muted/kicked or even banned for the wrong reasons or have unjust punishments done to them via console. I want to help every player on the server and make it a better and slightly less toxic place. Play-Time on Server Group: 2d approx Times Usually Played on Server Group: I started playing last year but stopped playing i have tried to be more active on the server in the past 1-2 weeks as i am starting to pick up CS:GO more granted i only have 150 hours on the game. Vouching Staff on Server Group: Vouching Players: Fuyu "notVB", ₦Ї₦ℑ₳ Have Read Server Group Rules: Yes Have Met Server Group and Application Requirements: Yes Have working Microphone: Yes

    [COMBAT SURF] ₦Ї₦ℑ₳ SKINHUB.COM's Administrator Application

    +REP great guy and very mature and helpful I really think he deserves this more than anyone he lives up to be an admin and has the requirements. He has helped me a lot and has taught me a ot I hope he gets this job as he deserves it.
  13. revzi

    ✪ヅ︎SummerSandwichヅ's Unban Appeal

    it takes around a week for them to review this so just be patient
  14. +rep chill dude who I have known for years, made an account to +rep him because he deserves the gig. Ty is a chill dude that gets along with everyone and actually has the skill behind him, which is what has generated a lot of that respect from the community.
  15. +rep, seems to be a nice guy
  16. FakeCake

    [AWP] absolute unit / Ty's Administrator Application

    +rep known this guy for a while, really well trusted always uses his mic, really funny guy and is never toxic.
  17. +rep So chatty and lovely to all players! Would make a good admin considering he is very fair and enforces rules.
  18. absoluteunit

    [AWP] absolute unit / Ty's Administrator Application

    Thanks Nalaaaaa means a lot
  19. +rep. Great dude, always obeys the rules, uses his mic all the time, always making friends, always trying to stop the toxicity when an admin isn't on. He will an an awesome admin Best of luck my dude! - Nala
  20. Nala

    ✪ヅ︎SummerSandwichヅ's Unban Appeal

    +rep, You're always on and i love seeing you on, you brighten everyones day when you're on. Hope you will get unbanned. - Nala
  21. Slugaus

    Nintendope's Unban Appeal

    LOL "Please be patient" 2 weeks after this post was made, what an embarrassment .
  22. Your age: 15 Role/s applying for: Social Media Do you have any experience in the selected role/s: Yes Please share examples of your work or "Your Portfolio":: I would like to run a KZG Instagram and Youtube channel. I can't show you my instagram as it is private :D but i can show you my youtube channel. Some, quite a few of them are unlisted as i have got videos of people who did not want to be public. (my more recent ones....) [Hidden Content] Why do you think you will be a good Media Team Member?:: I think i would be good for this role as i am a young bloke that enjoys making videos and uses social media every day. Running the KZG Insta and Youtube would be another hobby for me to do :D I would love to get interviews with Staff members, Go on servers and get other peoples gameplay :D ( maybe montage from aim and combat surf servers??) How much time can you dedicated towards the team on a weekly basis?:: every weekend for youtube and daily for insta :D (Future Reference) Would you ever want to gain profit for you work within KZG?:: No
  23. Spinner

    towomad's Unban Appeal

    Hey bud, sadly, we do not accept any kinds of cheats. And as soon as you togle in our servers, it is a perma ban for a reason. I will tell you that you have little to no chances of being unbanned but that's up to the higher staff. Thanks for being honest, Goodluck and don't cheat!
  24. Travioli Ravioli

    [JUMP] LANDCRUISER 79 SERIES DUAL CAB's Administrator Application

    If I knew tasty taco was in the server at the time, I would've stopped because it seems the issue she has with me is more personal, rather than professional. If I could get into direct contact with Tasty Taco maybe via discord I I would like to further elaborate and apologize. My actions can be seen as reflecting behavior that isn't exactly admin worthy but from my POV I was just entertaining the server and did not see any harm.
  25. haha all g man ahh it depends, could take up to a month, or could be quite quick anyways good luck
  26. Travioli Ravioli


    thanks mate! sent you a friend request
  27. Yassuo

    [AIM] m1st's Moderator Application

    "this sounds like a brag". Usually when someone (such as myself) has "interpreted" something wrong or in a negative matter, the person who made the statement would further explain? It may not have been the most obvious hint but it's common sense to correct the fix or reiterate with more detail to the person. IMO it was pretty clear that he should reiterate and explain with a little more depth either way. If i wasn't giving the applicant a fair go i would have immediately went to "THIS APP HAS NO EFFORT blah de dah" and -rep'd straight away. Instead i asked him which server he plays on so i could talk to him next time i see him on and make sure he understood he needed to put more effort into the application. Not going to continue on this as its clearly going to turn into a debate section instead of being used for comments/constructive criticism for m1st's app. @AngusCo, talk to me on 1v1's or casual comp and ill consider changing my rep to neutral.
  28. ruthles_kila!

    [AIM] |UKMD| Spinner's Administrator Application

    mutual, good luck mate.
  29. skyprah

    dizzy's Unban Appeal

    Originally banned for Multi-Hack 105 days ago. VAC banned on the same account 101 days ago [Hidden Content] Appeal ban for your alternate account [Hidden Content] Denied.
  30. drk

    three word story

    the kids virginity's
  31. +1 he does suck at aim but give him a chance
  32. Yassuo

    [AIM] m1st's Moderator Application

    Qualities I bring to Killzone Gaming "I feel like I could bring a lot of qualities to kzg Because I play cricket at a senior level" - This has nothing to do with the question, i feel like this is more of a brag than anything. The steam ID is wrong (or not popping up on steam id finder) Please fix this if this the case. What aim servers do you mainly play?
  33. Sorrow [Not The Admin]

    [JUMP] LANDCRUISER 79 SERIES DUAL CAB's Administrator Application

    Respect for that application man, honestly your claims seem reputable and you seem to have thoroughly outlined how you intend to approach an admin position if you were given the role. Honestly only issue I see is your ign, shid cars tbh >.> Otherwise, +rep, nice application ^^
  34. +rep is often on bhop, supports new players
  35. Sorrow [Not The Admin]

    [AIM] |UKMD| Spinner's Administrator Application

    "comfurtable" - furry confirmed :0 +rep , he really did his homework on this one and his application shows that clearly, good luck spinner
  36. Wolfleader

    [AIM] |UKMD| Spinner's Administrator Application

    +rep ur very epic spinner
  37. +rep All reasons stated above, gl ma dood
  38. +1 - Ive seen spinner grow and mature over the time ive played with him. Im sure he would be a great asset to the AIM staff team. Good luck buddy, - Papa Kaotic Chaos CEO
  39. fucknut

    fucknut (durch technik)'s Unban Appeal

    Yep always same router and cheers
  40. Nintendope

    fucknut (durch technik)'s Unban Appeal

    Hey man, just to double check when you're switching between the two you're still connecting to the same router? If that is a yes, your public IP would stay the same.
  41. +rep, sometimes the server needs moderation from people who just join and then complain about getting banned. wolfleader is on pretty much the whole time i'm on, and that's 3:30pm till like 10pm
  42. ReedaNZ

    Sexy Smexy's Unban Appeal

    -rep The rules clearly state doxing will result in a perm ban, and you got a perm ban. You don't seem to have changed much as when I have seen you on on alts you have been pretty toxic. Permanent means permanent IMO.
  43. Neutral He hasn't been playing Minigames for a long time to be very respected and he's already applying for mod.
  44. Sorrow [Not The Admin]

    [AWP SG] Subaru Kawana / Subaru / Poi's Moderator Application

    I think there's a major issue here with your temparment. On multiple occasions you yourself have stated that you're quite toxic and get annoyed very easily. What is there to stop us thinking you won't get annoyed or toxic and start abusing your powers? Simply stating oh I'm gonna control it, is basically good will and I don't believe we can risk an entire servers livelihood on that. Also your attitude of you know everything there is to know about being an admin is kinda arrogant don't ya think, we all have something we can learn so I don't think that's a good quality for a staff member.
  45. Speedy

    [MINIGAMES] Felix's Administrator Application

    -1 You lack the effort put into admin app makes me think do you lack admin qualities? If you want to prove yourself to the Minigames staff and community do so in a good manner to stand out.
  46. Bloomzey

    [AWP] ♥ Bloomzey ♥'s Moderator Application

    thanks nala means a lot Bloomzey
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