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  1. Steam Account Name: Mashiro Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:441441069 Age: 17 Sex: Male Desciption of Myself: Hi my name is Mashiro and ive been playing KZG Awp for quite a while now. If i could describe myself, i would say that i am forth going and friendly to other players and enjoy all that this community brings with open arms. I try my best to intergrate with other players, and play constantly. My hobbies are Anime, Gaming and Hentai and i hope you understand that english isn't my first language when reviewing this application. <3 Qualities I bring to Killzone Gaming One of the qualities i bring to KZG is my friendly nature, I believe that i get along with many of the players on the server and hope to make even more friends and meet new people if i'm given this role. I find that there are a lot of people playing throughout the day, but not many admins to provide help to players, but with my active stance in the community, i believe that i could provide a response to the needs of the players and server alike. Why I Deserve to be Part of Killzine Gaming: As stated before, there is a lack of staff in the Asian server, due to Ashaz's inability to play, Winnies inactivity and Springpizza's schooling and bitchy mum. I have a strong belief that i am able to be dependable and reliable as an admin. I understand the rules clearly and find myself rarely being punished due to this. I find that at every challenge, I have the ability to overcome and strive to improve the community for the better for KZG and the players experience as a whole. With this said, i believe that i provides a good understanding of why i should be accepted as admin and provide players with a better gaming experience. Kind Regards, Mashiro :3 Play-Time on Server Group: 13 days 12:21:54 hours Times Usually Played on Server Group: i play about 4+hours a day almost everyday Vouching Staff on Server Group: Springpizza Vouching Players: nil Have Read Server Group Rules: Yes Have Met Server Group and Application Requirements: Yes Have working Microphone: Yes
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    hope to see you soon in kzg awp
  3. Steam Account Name: Łukso♟♞ Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:163003638 Age: 14 Sex: Male Desciption of Myself: A nice person, who is willing to help others in any circumstance and loves playing games. Qualities I bring to Killzone Gaming Friendly experiences, Kindness, Helpfulness and Excitement. Why I Deserve to be Part of Killzine Gaming: I believe i deserve staff because i have been in this community for over 2 years (On and off), i know most of the kzg combat surf community, i have experiences on gmod and csgo on staffing, i can help new players with anything needed that is common for example: "How do i get a knife and change my weapon skin", i would say "Type !knife to change your knife and type !ws to change your weapon skin." Play-Time on Server Group: Around 10+ days Times Usually Played on Server Group: 1-4 hours a day mostly, 1-2 hours if bad day, sometimes over 4 hours if a good day Vouching Staff on Server Group: Potato, Slick Vouching Players: Katana, Goblin, Dream, Dingo Have Read Server Group Rules: Yes Have Met Server Group and Application Requirements: Yes Have working Microphone: Yes
  4. Hello to all. I would just like to point out the correct use of the !admin command. Many players are trying to use the command but are not effective so admins can't help. !calladmin <message> /calladmin <message> where <message> is the message you trying to say. This message needs to include as many details as possible. Just saying "mic spam" doesn't help the admin know what the problem is. eg 1. !calladmin johnny is spamming his mic and has been doing this for 20 minutes now. eg 2. /calladmin jack is a new guy and he's playing music, we've all asked him to stop but he's carrying on I hope this post helps to make the !calladmin more effective. Thanks and happy surfing ..
  5. happ

    happ's Unban Appeal

    This farce has been a huge insult to my integrity as a player. I have played the kzg servers consistently for the past few years and in less than 2 months; banned twice after playing for a while in the au awp server. I saw the video, and to say frankly, I don't know why those shots register- I'm not even sure the same thing is displayed on my screen. In my limited knowledge, I can only say that I did indeed feel the "lag" while playing in the au awp server (having an average of 150-200 ping each game) but it was not too bad as to be unable to play or too good for the enemy model and crosshair to align as smoothly as I would like. In which case I can only attribute them to differences in location, latency, ping - whatever you want to call it. I do not know the tech lingo concerning servers and connections so I really don't know how to respond to claims justifying my "backtracking". In all honesty I have never even heard of that term in cs before these reports. The only thing I do know is that I played to the best of my ability because I really wanted to climb high in the rankings fast. Now, if I had been banned because such shots were made due to high ping or any sort of lag compensation then alright. But as far as I have been told, "backtracking" is done with the aid of external software. Having been banned in accusation of using a hacking software simply disgusts me to the core. I have played this game without cheats for as long as I can remember, so why would I start now? Anyhow, unfortunately I really have no video evidence in my defense since I do not record while playing. So even though I may have friends from other servers willing to defend me, such statements hold little bearing to the final judgement. My final petition would therefore be a permanent ban on the said au awp server, since that is where all of these began- but to allow me to play in the other kzg servers. I am at the mercy of the admins verdict, and will of course respect whatever they have to say.
  6. Spinner

    [COMBAT SURF] ⓂMrⓏZurlS2005 ⓏueS's Ban Report

    ACCEPTED, the following player has been permanently banned due to the reason above. Thank you
  7. Raymond

    [Combat Surf] 🎁😂 Łukso♟♞'s Moderator Application

    neutral/ -rep Been toxic in past, also when people get doxxed its not funny.
  8. Yassuo

    [COMBAT SURF] ReedaNZ's Ban Report

    Congratulations on being a perfect example of what not to say. I seriously ask that you remove both the ban report and appeal, cool off, and be the bigger man of the situation and submit two new and non abusive reports/appeals.
  9. drk


    Welcome new player
  10. Sorrow


    Honestly, at this point, a vanilla minecraft server wouldnt be too bad
  11. Goose


    New Minecraft Server Pog @My Name is Tito
  12. Doesnt seem like a bad bloke. Talked to him a few times and is someone i actually know who they are. So i mean clearly in the good books for that
  13. so did I. I started in about 2005 and had a clan going for over a year. I stopped playing in 2007. I surfed a lot when i wasn't doing clan matches. Welcome to KZG. same here but i haven't been able to play much RL lately as i felt i had spent so much on the game already and now they wanted me to pay even more. Great application and good luck.
  14. I have a similar saying so well done. Mine is technician by day gamer by night. You should always love your girl more than you love your games. I really hope you don't find this out the hard way. 13 hours or 13 days? Great app and good luck
  15. skyprah

    [COMBAT SURF] Pud_Olive's Unban Appeal

    Unbanned, enjoy.
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    Changing colour to red
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  18. -[pkN24!7]-

    [AIM] ham661's Unban Appeal

    Alt & duplicate are the same thing. The way it works is if you are banned on your main or smurf or whatever account then your IP is noted and then it stops you from joining on other accounts.
  19. Spinner

    [AIM] Shutd0wn's Unban Appeal

    ACCEPTED, you have been unbanned due to a mistake, thank you
  20. 1 point
  21. 1 point
    The person above me is the big gey MUAHAHAHAHAH
  22. Spinner

    Best Airline CEO's Unban Appeal

    ACCEPTED, you have been unbanned, thank you for the patience
  23. +rep He's capable of being an admin Polite and friendly. Pretty active as well. Good luck on your app
  24. +rep ,friendly and kind ,hope you gonna be admin
  25. springpizza

    [AWP SG] Mashiro's Administrator Application

    In my three years of being an admin across SNG and KZG, i've only given my vouch to two people, Mashiro and the now co-owner of SNG. With this said I have high expectations and I believe that Mashiro is a well need addition to the Singapore staff and is more than capable to become an admin. @Spinner +rep
  26. RetroViper


    i do believe its a fact.
  27. Spinner

    happ's Unban Appeal

    That's why certain cheating software's have "fake-lag" as an option, because it is the only advantage that lag can give. Not saying that happ has this in any way though. Also not talking about the fact that happ went 66-13 with 152 ping and then next match 19-23 with 185 ping so clearly the more ping wasn't helping him like shown in these videos.
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    Am i gey for playing minecraft for 3 weeks in a row now
  29. Huskye ♥

    [SKILL] drk's Moderator Application

    Big +rep Derek is always active and a positive member of the community!
  30. +1 - Ive seen spinner grow and mature over the time ive played with him. Im sure he would be a great asset to the AIM staff team. Good luck buddy, - Papa Kaotic Chaos CEO
  31. Spinner

    Teroli's Unban Appeal

    ACCEPTED, You have been unbanned, thank you
  32. Your In-Game Name: Poichan Your Steam_ID: STEAM_1:0:441970232 Their In-Game: Amaterasu Their Steam_ID: STEAM_1:1:446324167 Reason(s): Walling at awp_vietnam Proof / Evidence / Witnesses: Pugoi - in the video Anony - i was behind the wall and idk how he shoot through it and kill me i mean it so hard to actually where enemy was behind that wall lul [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] He was already called out before i was recording, so he probably toggled it off. He occasionally shot through the walls as shown in the recording, its usually hard to hit through the spawn boxes, and he tried to shoot through it when the terrorist just crosses his crosshair. He also had a small flick/aim movement even though there was no one.
  33. Spinner

    [AIM] DaZ's Unban Appeal

    That's why you are banned. Reason SMAC AutoTrigger Detection: BunnyHop Banned by Admin CONSOLE Banned from ♚ KZG | Combat Surf 100% AWP|100tick|!ws|!glov...
  34. ruthles_kila!


    no thanks
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    spinner is the best amazingest manager on server!
  36. ⒼGamingⓟ︎Panda

    [COMBAT SURF] ReedaNZ's Ban Report

    Your In-Game Name: ⓂMrⓏZurlS2005 ⓏueS Your Steam_ID: STEAM_1:1:179306077 Their In-Game: ReedaNZ Their Steam_ID: STEAM_1:1:215446581 Reason(s): cuz he doesint know anything about baning 3 weeks is not good its not great its bad i want 3 days cuz 3 weeks is fucking long reeda is a retard i want him demoted pls Proof / Evidence / Witnesses: ⓂMrⓏZurlS2005 ⓏueS No Demos Steam ID STEAM_1:1:179306077 Steam3 ID [U:1:358612155] Steam Community 76561198318877883 Invoked on 09-17-19 07:02 Banlength 3 wk Expires on 10-08-19 07:02 Reason Repeat racism and toxicity Banned by Admin LIFETIME VIP ReedaNZ Banned from ♚ KZG | Combat Surf 100% AWP|100tick|!ws|!glov...
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