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  1. Nosey

    Server needs to be fixed

    the ranking system is fine if u are a good player u can get top 10 in a week if u are struggling to gain rank it is because the people ahead of you are normally better. it is also very difficult to keep a high rank which also allows for new people to gain ranks quicker by killing the higher ranked players. only bad thing is i cant hit peoples head through the pedo bear mask.
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  3. Serriah


    Hey I'm serriah Been playing kzg for a while now, Love it! Im 18, been managing servers on other platforms and moderating servers aswell for over 2 years now, Love doing the work it's honestly my passion. I'll be looking forward to meet all of you, feel free to pm me if you have any questions. Also from NSW Thanks Serriah
  4. Bone-Flick-My-Tit

    [SKILL] Jerry's Moderator Application

    Not gonna lie. I was confused the entire time with the application. Dubs was just someone I knew so I chose his name. Steam ID was my bad lol. And the play time and usually played shit got me hell confused. Even fusion said it was confusing. Lastly. I’m not the jerry that got hacked and lost his perms and chucked it in the forms and that. I’m not that jerry XD
  5. I'm not gonna -rep or +rep i'm not allowed.
  6. JackieBoi

    [SKILL] hard girl's Administrator Application

    @S1nap5e Thanks dad
  7. Shep <3

    [AWP] [ON] Aiko's Moderator Application

    Hey aiko, sorry i completely forgot this app existed A couple things wrong, i like staff to have a microphone, its just easier and gets the warning out rather than typing. your a bit quiet but that can always change, i don't see you online as much as i would like, and i don't think your very known in the community. but i'm sure if your slightly more active and start using your mic ill make sure to push this app to the next level. thats if your even still interested in become staff, sorry its been nearly a month. Thanks. p.s thanks or telling us.
  8. skyprah

    Server needs to be fixed

    You contradict yourself here. You complain that high ranks lose too many points from lower ranks yet complain about the top 10 being too hard to achieve. It's designed that way specifically for what you want. Haven't seen you post any demos of any cheaters. Ranks have never been reset on AWP, you're mistaking it for scoutzknivez rank resets. I am calculating data from my new system I've implemented but I can already see it's working efficiently. I've also added a Non-Prime tag to highlight non prime players. I think you'll find that there is even many.
  9. Spinner


    Welcome brother. Have FUN with these weirdos jk but stay away from zuelhs Have a good one.
  10. zuelhs


    He's from the best state in Australia, i'll be happy to welcome him aboard. Enjoy your stay here at the forums.
  11. Robert


    Hello Serriah 117 !!! fr tho welcome, hope you enojoy your stay
  12. Yassuo

    [AIM] SenpaiMadara's Administrator Application

    -rep Thats a yikes from me
  13. Twipel

    [AIM] SenpaiMadara's Administrator Application

    I would firstly want to highly iterate not having requirements met would be a major red flag as to why you shouldn’t. You don’t have any player or staff vouches which I would also like to recommend getting yourself known in the community and other aim servers. Currently a -Rep from me
  14. -REP Understand as an admin, your role in the community is to be supportive and kind towards fellow community members aswell as being able to sort issues out. Saying "im kind but when some one pisses me off ill be toxic until i clam down," Shows you lack the ability to ignore toxic players and have to become toxic/agressive to other community members. This is the reason for my decision to -rep you. Good Luck
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    Put a few funny clips from Casual Comp and 1v1 together if any one wants to look.
  16. skyprah

    Server needs to be fixed

    Prime was disabled on AWP as it brings in a lot of new players which unfortunately would also increase the amount of hackers. But from !reports from players, hasn't increased much. Also prime was disabled as I have a new system which was supposed to be ready, hopefully, this weekend which will give us the best of both worlds. As for admins, I have been trying to find more. Asking admins to find well-suited players as well as asking people to apply. Unfortunately, you can't have admins on the server 24/7. Also as for ranks, I discussed with an admin last night regarding resetting ranks. From memory ranks on AWP have never been reset, as I'm not a huge fan of it. People grind for those ranks and introducing a monthly wipe would pretty much create fake ranks based on whos really active and somewhat skilled. I suggested leaving gameme enabled but disabling the commands, essentially just being able to be used as gameme web panel to show "real" long term ranks/stats etc. While adding a separate ranking system in game with a monthly or every 3 months wipe.
  17. zuelhs

    V!C£'s Unban Appeal

    i hate it when i don't have asses to my account as well, as for why you "bought" cs again i don't know how. Did the hacker get you vac banned on cs?
  18. Steam Account Name: SenpaiMadara Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:92350685 Age: 18 Sex: Male Desciption of Myself: Very neutral, calm and understanding. Qualities I bring to Killzone Gaming Activity on servers and administration of the servers I play on. Why I Deserve to be Part of Killzine Gaming: I'm active on the servers, I am good enough to be able to differentiate people who are even closet cheating and I am not biased. If you need proof of my experience and skill , I can provide that. Also I rarely see any admins on early mornings especially. Play-Time on Server Group: 33 hours on Retakes/Executes and 30 hours on Retakes Times Usually Played on Server Group: 6:00AM to 10:00AM and 5:00PM to 8:00PM are the times I usually play. Vouching Staff on Server Group: Vouching Players: None. Have Read Server Group Rules: Yes Have Met Server Group and Application Requirements: No Have working Microphone: Yes
  19. Original

    [AWP] woat is aim's Moderator Application

    +rep cool kid nah genuinely would be a good person to trial with mod i would trust him
  20. Shep <3

    Server needs to be fixed

    Hey woat I think @skyprahsummed this up pretty well as always but i wanted to add my own points. - me and several other staff members have just started school, and its hard to balance spectating people for several hours and going through hours of demos while studying psychology and mathematical methods - There alot of factors that go into being staff that im 100% sure you dont see. it takes alot of time and dedication to ban a hacker, if you dm me i can show you really how long it takes (cause most people just see the ban message) - By making this post you have taken time out of my day off where i could have been looking for hackers but instead am stuck replying to this. - Continuing to make posts like this will not improve your chances of being staff, it just shows how much time you waste doing stupid shit instead of helping staff members do their jobs. Woat, i thank you for your concerns but i want to say that you should take all of my suggestions with a grain of salt and wait a couple months again before applying, i hope you can see why i dont want you as staff as you dont understand even the basics of what it takes to be admin. Thanks
  21. zuelhs

    ♛§ℌ︎ℜ︎ØØĐ♚'s Unban Appeal

    Bismuth don't bring this back up. Spinner said leave it, so drop it.
  22. Steam Account Name: Sassy The Softcock Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:240263067 Age: 17 Sex: Male Desciption of Myself: im a good funny guy and like to crack jokes here and there, also very chilled out person I get along with everyone!. Qualities I bring to Killzone Gaming more active staff, less retards mic spamming. Why I Deserve to be Part of Killzine Gaming: I feel like I need it because the staff are lacking at the moment with coming on through out the mornings and day so I feel like I'd be good for that since I can play all day. and im a sick cunt. Play-Time on Server Group: [Hidden Content] Times Usually Played on Server Group: All day everyday. Vouching Staff on Server Group: dex the sexy beast Vouching Players: all of em Have Read Server Group Rules: Yes Have Met Server Group and Application Requirements: Yes Have working Microphone: Yes
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