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  1. drk

    DuffMan's Unban Appeal

    You don't get it. You were banned because you are trying to be a troll and break rules, you already knew you weren't allowed to say it but you kept pushing red. That's why you were banned, it wasn't cause you said it. In short terms you are unbanned but now going forth you need to know if this happens again it will result in a longer sentence. So 1. don't say that word, 2. Don't continue to so something you clearly know isn't allowed And that word isn't allowed because its racist, isn't that clear? doesn't matter If others say it or another person says it to you. In the end it still is racist
  2. I agree with what zerotwo has said. Your steam ID is incorrect, Little to no effort put into the application, Fake vouches and fake server times. Saying you play 2-300 hours and then only having 3 in total is a big problem if you are wanting to become admin. Also only connected to the server 3 times in total which means the community does know you at all. If you are wanting to become admin for this server then put more time and effort into it. -Rep
  3. Steam Account Name: ♥ Bloomzey ♥ Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:177322872 Age: 16 Sex: Male Desciption of Myself: Im a very active person i participate in sports eg; soccer and basketball. (basketball on the side) have enjoyed playing cs:go for over 2.5k hours worth of game time. Love to make people smile and and have a good laugh every once and a while. can be a bit weird sometimes but its a fun weird. ;). I have put many hours into KZG as a hole putting many into 1v1, jailbreak,awp and back in the day surf. i was also a mod and an administrator on KZG (unturned) this was about a year ago then i stopped playing and came back to CS:GO Qualities I bring to Killzone Gaming I would love to bring just a more active and funny side to the server. A lot of the time on "AWP" staff are on for a bit and its just casual conversation but i would love to bring excitement and stupidly funny conversations to each map. I always try my best to do things right and stick to the books on ruling but i wont be perfect but with time i can understand situations better and obtain better skills to moderate/administrate. Why I Deserve to be Part of Killzine Gaming: I personally i think having the opportunity to help moderate a server and ensure everyone enjoys the game and enjoys the atmosphere of the lobby's vocal communications would be a great thing to do and i would want to try my best to do that. Also i would love to become a lot more involved within the staff and development side of the "AWP" server and in future other servers. In addition i think i "deserve it" because I've been told i have great characteristics of leadership and would love to furthermore upper my skills as a leader. I feel like i also may be deserved of it because i already mesh well with quiet a few plays on the server and i haven't come across anyone who has completely hated me and despised me. Play-Time on Server Group: 1d 22:30h (from website) Times Usually Played on Server Group: week days atleast 30+mins each day weekends 2-3hours holidays 3+ hours. Week days from 6:30am-7:15ish every day then friday 4pm-6pmish, Saturdays and time for about 2 hours+, Sunday same as Saturday Vouching Staff on Server Group: -Not applicable Vouching Players: FaNgzZ, Springpizza, Have Read Server Group Rules: Yes Have Met Server Group and Application Requirements: Yes Have working Microphone: Yes
  4. My Name is Tito

    Modded Minecraft

    #KZGMC V9?
  5. Steam Account Name: 第4火影 #toehunter Steam ID: [U:1:146075927] Age: 15 Sex: Male Desciption of Myself: i am relaxed, i like to play cs:go, i play kzg community servers more then actual csgo servers xD. I personally think i am a person that is easy to get along with, i like to problem solve things of any sorts. The way i like to portray myself in terms of how i think is logically. P:S i am in the process of getting a microphone. i will probably have one within a week or so. Qualities I bring to Killzone Gaming Well i have made friends with several kzg players, whenever we are online we have a fun time together and to be honest i don't really want to get off when that happens. I stream on twitch sometimes, when i stream i am usually playing kzg. If you wan't proof of that my twitch is www.twitch.tv/monstaosu Why I Deserve to be Part of Killzine Gaming: Well, personally i think i deserve to be a kzg staff member on the minigame server because i am very active, if you log on i will probably be online to say hi as well as i said in one of the other responses i have made a lot of friends on the server in question, they have said that they think i deserve to be a mod, they have also stated how since staff members rarely come on MG there are usually alot of people that log on and just mess around, eg map exploitation, delaying. I have found this to be true, and this just hurts the MG server. I was actually just on not long ago and people were exploiting the maps the map was mg_egypt and there were some players standing at the end of the bhop section jumping on the platform when people were trying to do it, killing the player trying to actually play the map. There was a camper on de_rats, but no staff members were online so everyone had to suffer, people tried to contact a staff member but no one came. for reasons like this i think i would deserve to be part of the staff team regarding MG, Corrina actually told me that and i quote "ye i'd +1 seen you on the few you seem mature and knowledgeable" < I have a picture of that quote (if needed) which was taken directly from the kzg discord server. If i was a staff member, with my play schedule i would be able to solve a lot of problems, regarding delayers/exploiters/ "rule breakers" etc, I also mentioned that i stream on twitch which could help grow kzg in terms of advertising/playerbase depending on the viewers i can accumulate. I am also easy to get in contact with, i have discord. I'm just about online steam for the majority of the day, I actually have alot of the active players friended. So if there is a problem and they are on they can easily just send me a quick message and i would be able to come online. I will be the first to admit that this is actually a second application, due to an honest half-assed response on the first, i am not sure what i was thinking when writing that one to be honest, i truly hope the words of this application can be taken as written and not be discredited by my first lazy application. Play-Time on Server Group: 5 days, increasing at a fast rate. Times Usually Played on Server Group: I play for several hours at a time, as it is the holidays times may vary. But for now i am usually on like 6 1/2 -12 hours a day, probably more. This will include weekdays and weekends. If it is not the holidays i will usually be on since school ends for about 5 hours or more still, for weekends it would be around 8 hours a day give or take a couple hours. For the days i play, it would be most likely every day. Vouching Staff on Server Group: Potentially Zing, i haven't seen him in awhile so i do not have a for sure answer, i am not with 100% certainty in this response. Vouching Players: Nice gary (Zac)// Corinna// Felix// ttd jacob // Zode // Golly Wog // Glitz // scootiusmaximus123 // darealbukchoyboi // takenburls // These are all confirmed, there are probably others, but players i was going to ask were offlline. Have Read Server Group Rules: Yes Have Met Server Group and Application Requirements: Yes Have working Microphone: Edited: Theoretically yes, though i cannot figure out how to get these apple earphones to work as mic and headphones at the same time ;/
  6. Bloomzey

    [AWP] ♥ Bloomzey ♥'s Moderator Application

    Sounds like a good plan. yea I see you on every once and a while you probably have heard me talk just you haven’t put voice to name but yea HMU when you wanna y’all or chill on the sever or play on any other sever always down to make new friends In addition I play every day for about 2 hours + hope I can get those hours up more. grinded enough to get a dank ass katana xD -bloomzey
  7. I will be honest I have seen you around. I can’t really confirm that you use a microphone (probably cause I’m not paying attention). I would say that you seem like a nice guy, but I can’t really confirm that as I haven’t really had a conversation with you before. You also do have 36 hours which id like to recommend you further increase. Maybe when I’m back from my home away from home we could have a chat and I can change to a +rep. ~neutral Goodluck, Twipel (I feel special making this fancy)
  8. First of all your steam id is this: STEAM_1:1:168724570 . Please correct this. Secondly I do not ever remember giving you a +rep at all. I've also literally never seen you on before, nor do you have enough hours at all. Thirdly, this application has no effort at all put into it. Please don't fake vouches and such, as well as the fact of you suggesting you had a substantial amount of playtime. - Goodluck
  9. kudose

    Dandy's Unban Appeal

    +rep isnt sexy smexy
  10. Paradox <3

    AWP 24/7 FREEVIP

    The only way for you to acquire Free VIP is either by winning giveaways or by the owner handing out on the server. Now that you know this plz do not go and ask the owner for VIP as that would be irritating and annoying for him. Thanks
  11. Sorrow [Not The Admin]

    [AWP] Plex's Administrator Application

    I think it's pretty rich that you state you are always on your best behaviour, where I personally have seen you in the last month be toxic to people on the server, where in a particular session you spent near the entire time harassing anyone who killed you, so maybe not always Also, I don't think I've ever seen you try to stop any wrong doing quite honestly, where even if you have authority, you might as well not use it if you want to replicate your past "behaviour". Now of course, maybe I'm just not on when you do all these wonderful things, but when I am on, which for atleast the past two weeks maybe even the past month, I was on 2-3hours everyday, where I did see you on multiple times from memory, you never did anything you state here you did. As I personally think a lot of what you are saying in your app is untrue, I am giving a minus rep. In the future, if you do show all these admirable qualities you state you have in your application and I do see them, I'll gladly change my mind Good luck and best wishes
  12. Shep <3

    [AWP] Plex's Administrator Application

    doubt ive ever seen you online before
  13. Duffman

    DuffMan's Unban Appeal

    I shouldn't of been banned in the first place for saying a word
  14. Duffman

    DuffMan's Unban Appeal

    I still don't see the reason I cannot use this word? I never used the word in a rude way towards anyone?
  15. Equinox

    Equinox's Unban Appeal

    Umm does anyone actually look here?
  16. fakeuber

    fakeuber's Unban Appeal

    Reeda it was not the n word mate, all it read was "nigg"
  17. advertising your twitch on a staff app OMEGALUL
  18. 0 points
  19. Steam Account Name: Sealeow Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:111375894 Alternate Accounts: NONE Server Group: AWP Server: FFA DM Date / Time of Ban: 14/4/2019 15:00 Admin that Punished You: Console Reason for Ban: Multihacking Why I should be unbanned / unmuted: I didn't knew i was using bhop script now i deleted it No prob I promise I'm not gonna scripting anymore That was accident
  20. GimmeYoFries


    Been heavily inactive and will be even more inactive moving forward this year so thought it was about time. Probably best for someone else to take my spot with the commitment of doing something worthwhile. Laters champs .
  21. -1 points
    snapz bot clips me a bester fortnite me bester counter shrek player
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