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  1. Wolfleader

    [Fun Mod] phillip's Moderator Application

    nuetral right now. I am nuetral as barely talks on his mic. I would encourage you to talk on your mic as without that it would be almost impossible to be an admin. Also stop findind map exploits. (iIts good to do (so we know exploits) but when there are 15+ people on they just copy and it gets out of hand haha. I would change it to a +1 if i saw you actively talking Also Trial Admins dont really count.
  2. +1 genuinely a nice guy all round and knows whats up
  3. +1 great guy to surf with, responsible and can think rationally. would be a good addition to the team
  4. +1 i'm not a trial mod Huge +1 tho. great guy and would love to see you on the team
  5. Heaps nice guy, genuinely helped me out on surf when I first started getting back into the swing of things. Would vouch.
  6. +1 Cool guy, fun to hang around with and always very active, go get 'em!
  7. Billy Bilson ♥

    [SKILL (includes Easy,Beginner and Hard surf)] Lucy's Moderator Application

    +1 nice guy, great surfer!
  8. +1 uhhhh, very nice dog-kinda looks like a hyena. but also uhhh very nice guy helped me a lot with surfing ,, should be moderator!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. +1 Very nice guy, would love to see him become part of the staff team.
  10. [REEE] RadicalRandal11

    [SKILL (includes Easy,Beginner and Hard surf)] Lucy's Moderator Application

    +1 doesn't dox anymore
  11. +1 Lucy is a good guy, he is very kind and he will bring good qualities to the KZG surf team GOOD LUCK!
  12. +1 Really nice guy and is well known in surf, would be a great addition to the team <333
  13. +1 Really good and fun to play with
  14. ♛Royal♛

    VIP command

    Hey skyprah can u please tell me the commands for vip i know theres one !vip but everytime i put it in awp chat then i see couple of options for like 3 seconds then poof gone
  15. skyprah

    (CSGO) Unable to join 128 tick DM server.

    Should be resolved as valve fixed the cvar in yesterdays update and I have no removed the extra blocking plugin which prevented free accounts and free accounts who have bought prime from entering.
  16. Shep <3

    AWP Competition

    idk, mtb is meant to be organising and i havent seen him in ages. if the community wants a tournament that badly we could do it during january and ill help set it up
  17. Shep <3

    [AWP] Sad's Moderator Application

    lots of problems: No effort in this app... You put no details into the questions No vouches, (get staff vouches!) I have probably seen you online once, maybe twice in the last 7-14 days, even then you were on for a maximum of 20-30mins. Plus that 3 hours a day is a complete lie. I simply suggest that you wait another 2-3 months, be as active as you can, get vouches (especially staff) and help as much as you can in that time period especially over this holidays. You can help by recording hackers, messaging staff about issues (mic spammer, people saying racial slurs, etc.) and just doing what you can to help as we have little staff (pretty sure im going to be the only active admin over the christmas week) You seem to be a good person though, Still -rep and ofc if you change this issues im happy to vouch and +rep Good luck and hope to see you online more.
  18. When I heard that Phillip was going for staff on KZG I made an acount on the forums page just to be able to support him. The description he gave of himself from a secondary point of view is completely true, I genuinely believe that he will be able to do his job correctly and very well. I've known Philly for almost my entire time playing cs and I strongly think that he'd make a great edition to the KZG staff team, he's always on KZG from Fun Ultimate to Bhop to TTT. I very much think he'd fit right in and as a plus his voice will legit make your ears orgasm.
  19. 1 point
    What are points for? When will VIP come through? When will my fun points appear? Please help
  20. +rep seems like he could do a fair bit for the staff team owO
  21. Jerry

    AutoBHOP vs Doublejump

    If you can bhop u can run around knifing, this Is what I do It pisses people off so keep double jump
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