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5x $30 Coupon Giveaway for Path of Exile items at PlayerAuctions! (March 2018)
Hey there KZG dudes and dudettes! We have a new giveaway up! 5 pieces of $30 coupons are up for grabs for Path of Exile items!

Join here:

- Joining is free, and registrations are optional
- Coupons are non transferable to cash
- Coupons are usable at https://www.playerauctions.com for Path of Exile items only

Good luck and hope one of you wins!
- The PlayerAuctions Team
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New Killzone Gaming Server/s
Killzone Gaming is in the request for new Server Ideas and potentially new Games to branch our arms towards to be able to become eventually a bigger community than we are to date so if have any ideas for any new game-modes we can branch to with in CS:GO feel free to comment below and if anyone would be interested in someone’s suggestion please like them accordingly.


The current Game servers Killzone Gaming provides is the following;

A range of Aim Servers them being;

1v1 Arena,

Casual Competitive,

Duels 1v1 Deathmatch,

Dust 2 FFA,

Also two retakes server which are currently in development.

A bunnyhop server which is also under development.

Combat Surf with 100% Accuracy enabled.

A 24/7 Push Only  Insurgency 2014 Server,




Scouts and Knives,

Also a range of Skill Surf Servers them being;

Beginner Surf [T1],

Easy Surf [T1-2],

Hard / Medium Surf [T3-6],

We are also able to host “VIP [T1-6] Private servers” (for more info, get in touch with Skyprah or myself).


The Senior Staff members of Killzone Gaming has a few ideas for new Game-modes and completely different games that we wish to branch into which will be released at a later date. But we are really interested in what the community would like us to step into.


We would also like to thank the Community members, Developers and Staff members of their respective servers for the hard yards that they do to be able to make Killzone Gaming a diverse and growing gaming community.






The Killzone Gaming Senior Staff Team





And myself your boy My Name is Tito

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Rocket League and Path of Exile Coupon Giveaways at PlayerAuctions (January 2018)
Hello everyone! PlayerAuctions is having two new Giveaways for January! One for Rocket League, and another for Path of Exile. Read below for a quick list of terms and details:

- Joining is FREE and absolutely no purchase is required

- Coupons are usable at https://www.playerauctions.com and are not transferable to cash

- Signing up for a PlayerAuctions account is entirely optional, but will boost your chances of winning

As a bonus, in the Giveaway SECRET Code, use KILLZONEGAMING to bolster your chances of winning even further!


Rocket League - 10 pieces of $20 Coupons! Join using the link below:


Path of Exile - 7 pieces of $30 Coupons! Join using the link below:


Thanks so much Killzone Gaming! Good luck and I hope one of you wins!

-The PlayerAuctions Team
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AK47 Frontside Misty FT

To celebrate Christmas and the holiday season, we will be giving away a skin, game or another prize each day up until Christmas. All you have to do is enter the new raffle daily. 

For the 18th of December we are giving away a Frontside Misty FT 



Expiration Date

1 day and 5 hours





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makuregas' Nose Job

I would like to make an announcement that the recent bullying on the server about my nose is getting to far. So I am getting a nose job on the 24 of January. 

PS: 50k Dollars needed :P
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