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Found 2 results

  1. lil pumpernickle

    Freekills R Gay's Unban Appeal

    Steam Account Name: Freekills R Gay Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:461859832 Server Group: JAILBREAK Server: Jailbreak Date / Time of Ban: 5th of Janurary around 1am.. Admin that Punished You: Im not sure, could have been snapz possibly Reason for Ban: I used the N-Word Why I should be unbanned / unmuted: I saw other people doing it so I did it, excessively, I got kicked from the server but i still rejoined, at the time i was in a discord with someone else on the server, they said i got muted, so I spammed it in chat to see if they could see it, they said yes, I was really confused at this moment because i thought i was muted, then i got banned, but by no means necessary it doesn't remove the fact that it was an idiotic thing to do on my part. This means nothing and doesn't give me any sort of reason to say it. I know its stupid and I shouldn't have done it, I would like to be let back in with a permanent gag possibly. I'm so deeply sorry for anyone that I could have offended, i haven't been banned for a long time but I'm already missing KZG. Thank you so much if you actually read this and give me a chance to join back KZG
  2. Jakole *OLD*

    Unfair and Unjust admins

    Recently on KZG MG many admins have been using quite obvious favouritism on many people. An example is chewbacca screaming very loudly into his mic and then no mute and then I try and do what Chewies and bam 1hr mute and others get the same thing. These admins are Hrollo, Eyez and other admins Please fix this terrible issue and be more just and fair towards others in the community Thanks!