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Found 23 results

  1. This was a mistake and I would like an admin to remove it from my profile
  2. Dear Everyone, Last night I was kicked from the server for some unknown reason and I started to post in chat why did I get kicked from the Jailbreak server and no admin would answer me. Instead of actually answering the question that I asked the admins they banned me instead for no reason. I was not mic spamming or doing anything of the sort. Can someone please tell me why I got banned because I have honestly no clue why I have been banned from the Jailbreak server. Thanks, Rigal
  3. Ando1

    Rebel/Warden of the Month

    Rebel of the Month/Warden of the Month would be a great idea... and if you get warden/rebel of the month you get a special item/prize
  4. TξĊĦЙØ

    /Shop Money Suggestion

    Suggestion 1: My suggestion is that the credit in which we have in "/shop" should not reset every map and should only reset once disconnecting from the server and reconnecting. Suggestion 2: Say you buy a knife from /shop as a T, my other suggestion is that you keep your knife in which you bought, until you die or disconnect from the server, same goes for the CT perks.
  5. nysm

    Shop & Class Information

    ✰ KZG Jailbreak Shop & Class Information ✰ *Please note that the damage is a base value and can vary due to lots of different factors such as distance, penetration and armour* Counter Terrorist Weapons / Tools ($5) More armour | Gives 100 extra armour ($15) Taser | Gives a taser ($30) Drone | COMING SOON ($50) Heavy Suit | Slows you down but majorly decreases damage taken ($55) Tactical Shield | Gives a shield that blocks bullets, bullets can still penetrate. ($60) Faster Run | Increases running speed ($70) More Healthy | Gives 50 hp Terrorist Weapons / Tools (All classes) Default Fists | 30 Damage ($5) Toilet Bell | 40 Damage ($10) Wood with nail | 50 Damage ($20) Water pipe | 60 Damage ($30) Wrench | 70 Damage ($40) Butcher Cleaver | 80 Damage ($50) Crowbar | 90 Damage ($60) Machete | 100 Damage ($70) Chainsaw | 110 Damage ($60) Guard Disguise | Applies the default CT skin and gives the T a primary with 1 bullet. ($10) Throwing Knives (3) | 25 Damage ($30) Freeday | Grants the prisoner a Freeday. ($65) Invisibility | Player is invisible for 15 seconds. *Left click(slash) and right click(stab) currently do the same amount of damage. Terrorist Class Special Abilities ($5) HE Grenade | Gives a HE Grenade ($70) Smuggle bomb | Gives a C4 the player can plant Cyberterrorist Class Special Abilities ($5) Tactical Grenade | When thrown, the grenade will put glows on enemy players in a radius they carry over through walls but only for a short time. ($70) System Hack | Opens cells and activates the jail alarm. Drug Dealer Class Special Abilities ($5) Smoke Grenade | Gives a smoke grenade ($70) Smuggle Drugs | Gives 4x Medshots Gun Smuggler Class Special Abilities ($5) Flashbang | Gives a flashbang ($70) Smuggle Weapon | Gives Fully loaded primary and secondary Prostitute Class Special Abilities ($5) Decoy | Gives a decoy grenade ($70) Smuggle Taser | Gives a taser Mafia Class Special Abilities ($5) Molotov | Gives a Molotov ($20) Random Item | Has a chance of receiving a random item This forum post will be updated regularly.
  6. nysm

    Non-map Games Explanations

    ✰ KZG Jailbreak Non-map Games Explanations ✰ Knowledge | Intelligence Alphabet Game Requirements: Wall or line The warden will order t's to unstack shoulder to shoulder on a wall or line and tell the t's a category which they will have to name an item in order from a - z and from left to right. The category can be anything that is somewhat well known to give the T's a chance of winning, if it gets to a T and they cannot provide an answer within a 5-second countdown from when the warden asks they will be called KOS and shot. If there is no answer for a particular letter the ct will say the letter after and the T will try again. Categories Game Requirements: Wall or line The warden specifies a category for the Terrorists. Each terrorist must tell the warden an object or ‘thing’ inside of that category. Examples include: Category = Food - Chicken, beef, steak, greek gyro, kebab etc. Category = High School Subjects - English, science, history, PE etc. Each T must give a unique object or ‘thing’ if they don’t they are killed. The prisoners have 5 seconds to supply the warden with their answer and if they don’t, they will be killed. NOTE: The category must have the same amount or more objects or ‘things’ as there are alive prisoners. Murder day Requirements: Experienced warden, small area, wall T’s goes into a set area (think confines such as soccer field/cage etc). Basically, this game works like wink murderer and is split into 3 different days. REMEMBER THAT THE MURDERER HAS TO STAY ANONYMOUS!!!!! At the start, before the warden starts giving out the rules, the warden will say “ the first person to admin chat/steam message me will be the murderer” and then tell that T PRIVATELY that he's the murderer for this game. The first day - (Day Time): The T’s will be allowed to move around in the confines of the set area. They can jump/run/crouch/shift work and basically do anything in that area. THE CATCH IS THAT THE MURDERER CAN ONLY RUN AROUND. This is to help the upcoming detectives to try to figure out who is the murderer by watching which T does not jump. Remember that the other T’scantry trick the detectives and troll by only running around themselves. The second day - (Night Time): Once the warden states “Night Time”, all the T’s (including the murderer) will quickly go on the wall in the set area, unstack shoulder to shoulder and button freeze facing that wall. THEN, the murderer will admin chat/steam message the warden and give him a T whom he wishes to kill. The warden will then kill that T. Third day - (Detective day): [Note that the T’s are still on the wall] After a T has been killed by the warden under the murderer’s demand, the warden will say it's now a ‘detective day’, following this, the first T to jump will become the detective. The detective will give a name of a T whom he thinks is the murder. If the detective is correct, then the murderer will be shot and the day will become a free day. However, if the detective is incorrect, then the detective will be shot instead and a new day will begin (repeat days 1-3 again until the murderer is found). True or false Requirements: Two different areas to represent T & F Find two different areas i.e two cells and label one as true and the other as false then ask the prisoners a true or false question that is general knowledge or can an answer can be obtained by googling. The prisoners now have 10 seconds to choose a side then kill the prisoners on the wrong side. Warden must type in team chat true or false so the guards can help kill escaping prisoners. Random | Luck Blind knife fight Requirements: Staff Member, Enclosed area T's will be blinded in an enclosed area by a staff member then friendly-fire will be turned on. Fish in a barrel Requirements: Solitary area, staff member, awp All t's are placed inside a small area where CT's cannot visibly see them, once the warden starts the game CT's will begin to shoot the wall bangable area randomly with only an awp (/giveweapon awp). Guess the paintball colour Requirements: Small area. The warden will line the prisoners on a wall. He/she will call each prisoner out by name and the prisoner will guess which colour the warden’s bullet shot will be. The colours include Orange, green, pink, blue and yellow. The prisoner will have 2 attempts at trying to guess the colour and if they are incorrect both times they are KOS. The prisoners that guess the bullet shot colour correctly on the first or second attempt are saved and are not KOS. Skill | Experience Drugged knife fight Requirements: Staff member, enclosed area T’s will enter an enclosed area and drugged by a staff member, friendly fire will then be turned off. Duck hunt Requirements: Large area, cannon or diving board The warden orders the prisoners to either jump off a diving board or go through a man cannon. Whilst the prisoners are in mid-air the CT’s will attempt to kill the prisoners with their weaponry. Ct's may use any weapon but are restricted to using 1 bullet per round. Freeze jump Requirements: Line or wall, staff member T's are lined up and a staff member will place a freeze bomb on them, when the countdown reaches 0 the t's will be frozen where ever they are. While frozen the CT's will determine the lowest t/'s to the ground and kill them. C4 toss (/giveweapon c4) Requirements: Gun toss ramp, staff member Once the prisoner/s have been given a c4 Explosive the warden will call each T 1 by 1 to run, jump and throw their bomb. The warden must specify where the prisoners should be targeting their throw. The player who threw their bomb the furthest receives a prize. Pokemon Requirements: Boxing/knife arena, The warden will select a T (or do a math/trivia question) to become the Pokemon master for the T’s while the warden will be the Pokemon master for the CT’s. The warden will pick a CT and the Pokemon master for the T will choose a T to have a knife fight and so on and so forth. If the warden is the last CT alive, he will have to knife fight. Simon says Requirements: Simon, Large Area. To start Simon says, the warden will begin by saying "Simon says Simon Says has started" this will begin the game and from now on Simon controls the T's. 1. Warden will assign Simon by choosing any CT and saying "Simon Says <NAME> is Simon" This will transfer it and the previous Simon now does not have control. 2. Simon Will have to explain the game to the players by first explaining the rules. This starts with the default position, the default position is the location and action the t's will have to return to when told. It can be stated by saying "Simon says your default position is <Default postion>". The default position can be anything that is able to be done by the t's for example "Simon says your default position is Button frozen, unstacked shoulder to shoulder on the gun check line facing warden at all times". 3. Simon will decide if the T's will return to the default position after their orders, this can be set by saying "Simon says all T's will return to the default position after every order". 4. Simon will explain that the T's will only do orders that are stated after "Simon says", if they do any other orders they will be killed. 5. Simon will give the T's one demo which they can not be killed for then can play the game. 5. Simon says can be stopped by saying "Simon says Simon says had ended". Bullrush Requirements: Soccer field, Staff Member All t's will be placed in one soccer goal with a ct chosen at random in the other with max health set by the staff member. When the ct in the soccer goal calls "Bullrush" the t's have to try and make it past the ct whilst staying in the soccer field with the goal of getting in the original CT's goal, while the t's are rushing the CT's priority is to knife and kill as many t's as they can. Once the t's have reached the opposite goal they are safe and can no longer be knifed, the warden can keep playing this game until they want to stop and the CT's health will be returned to normal. First reaction last reaction Requirements: Wall or line T's will unstack shoulder to shoulder and the warden will call out either a first reaction or last reaction. If the order is first reaction the first person to do the command gets killed, if the order was last reaction the last person to do the order gets killed. The warden can only give one order can be given each time Luck | Random Colour Beacon Game Requirements: Large area. The warden must bind a key to +beacons (bind +beacons) and place down a series of different colored beacons in a straight line. Much like the game red light green light, when the warden says “GO” you will walk from one end of the beacon series to the other. When the warden says “STOP” you must immediately button freeze and if you’re not in a beacon when he says “STOP” you will be called KOS and shot. Extreme spot the Faggot Requirements: Beacon, 3 T's 3 T’s will form a triangle on the warden's beacon facing away from each other and at a certain time, the T’s will have a choice to crouch or not. If all 3T's crouch, then all 3 T’s are killed. If 2 T’s crouch, then the T who didn't crouch is safe while the other 2 are killed. If only 1 T crouches, then the other 2 T’s are safe and if no T crouches, then all 3T’s are killed. Find the Bomb/s Requirements: large area, Staff member An admin will place a bomb/s inside of a specific area and tell the t's to find them, once a T has found the bomb they are safe and are classed as a winner. The staff member can place a maximum of 4 bombs around the area in all reachable places for the T's. If a T has been killed with a bomb and is still inside the area their bomb is now up for grabs by other t's. Freeze climb Requirements: Climb course, staff member Basically an unfair/extreme/random version of a climb. T’s attempt to do climb normally however at random time intervals the admin will freeze and unfreeze all the T’s. Note that the floor will be kos at all times. The first person to finish climb will get an automatic entry to LR. (so the T’s near the top won't stay there and wait out the game.) How many chickens do I have Requirements: Small number of T’s (3-5) The warden will set out an area with bullet shots and then type in team chat with a number between 1-5. The T’s will then have a choice to go into that area or not. If the number of T’s in that area is the same number the warden typed in team chat, then those 3 will live and the rest will die. Vice versa applies if the number of T’s in the area is not equal to the number the warden typed in team chat. Trust game (similar to spot the faggot) Requirements: Med-large amount of T’s T’s will line up on a wall/gun check line and then the warden will shoot 2 bullet shots away from each other. The warden will call 2 random T’s to stand on a bullet shot each and face away from each other. The warden will then set a time for when the T’s on the bullet shots are allowed to choose whether to crouch or not. If a T crouches, then the other T is killed, If both T crouches, both T’s are killed, if none of the T’s crouches, they are both safe. Talent | Fun Graveyard day Requirements: Line or wall T's will be called out 1 by 1 to tell the CT team why they died, if the CT's don't like it they die if they do they live. If the vote is even the wardens vote counts as 2. Nigel no friends Requirements: Pool/boxing ring area, admin. The prisoners run around the confines of an area i.e soccer field or basketball court, randomly select 1 prisoner to be Nigel and beacon him/her. Then have /freeze bomb @t then when everyone is frozen kill the closest prisoner to Nigel. Prom day Requirements: Disco Prisoners have a dance off in disco 1v1andcts vote for who was better. Prisoners could also get into couples and vs other couples and the winning couple will go to LR. Shape formation Requirements: Large area Warden will set an area for the T’s to be in the confines in (soccer/cage etc) while the warden will be looking at the T’s from above. The warden will select a shape such as a square, circle, triangle etc and then the T’s will have to form and arrange themselves into that shape within a given time frame (20 secs eg). If the T’s are not able to form themselves into a shape multiple times with warnings, they will all be massacred. (or you could just play another game lol) Slap or bank Requirements: Staff Member The warden lines the terrorists on a line or wall that is heightened. The warden gives each T (Left to right or vice versa) an option to either slap an alive T of there choice or save their slap for a future turn. They may save as many slaps as they would like until they are either killed (by falling off the line or wall) or until they want to use their slaps, they may use as many slaps as they would like and can use the slaps on numerous T’s. If they fall off the line or wall they are killed. Story Day Requirements: line or wall. Line up all T’s, start from one side creating a story by each T saying one sentence to add to the story, this loops until T’s die from the following ways: Taking more than 5 seconds to start their sentence of the story, their sentence not making sense or stumbling/stuttering in their sentence. If one T dies the next T in the line goes from his/her position. What's for dinner Requirements: Knowledge of delicious food Prisoners tell CT's what they had for dinner. Once they have completed explaining what’s for dinner the CT’s vote in team chat by typing “1” for good and “2” for bad. If a majority of the votes are “1” then the terrorist lives, if the majority of votes are “2” the terrorist dies. If the votes are even, the warden’s vote counts as 2 votes. This version is a remake of @Sirtron It will be updated and changed regularly.
  7. Zek


    JB_Peanut, where do i start, this map is severely underplayed and needs to be experienced a lot more than it should. like, the amount of times this map is played per day, its such a small 5 digit number its not even comprehensible. The play time this map gets is so little compared to jb_averyalpha its absolutely sickening. This is getting to the point in which JB_peanut should be the only map in the rotation. does anyone else agree?
  8. neenjatoggle

    Ninja's Unban Appeal

    Your ingame Name: Ninja Server you were banned / muted on?: Jailbreak Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:200838117 Date / Time of Ban: 22/12/2017 Admin that banned or muted (if known): Unknown Reason for ban (if known): During my game of Jailbreak I was chosen as a guard and as a joke I decided to mess around by saying "execute order 66" then kill some of the prisoners. I'm only banned from guards but I would like to have a chance to play again as guards. Why I should be unbanned / unmuted: I meant the whole thing as a funny joke and I was new to the jailbreak gamemode so I didn't know stuff like this wasn't allowed. I'm sorry for disrupting any games and feel that a second chance isn't too much to ask for. I won't ever do something like this again and I'm sorry for what I've done.
  9. s1gMa

    s1gMa's Unban Appeal

    Your ingame Name: s1gMa Server you were banned / muted on?: Jailbreak Your Steam ID: STEAM_ Date / Time of Ban: a long time ago Admin that banned or muted (if known): i dont know i cant find it Reason for ban (if known): i mass free killed when i first joined because i didn't know how to play Why I should be unbanned / unmuted: I have been banned from CT for a long time and overtime have matured, i also learnt how to CT.
  10. MrDoggo

    Ban for 3 days appeal

    I got a 3 day ban from Jailbreak from apparently "freekilling" 3 people and I am new to jailbreak and they were knifing distance so if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated. THX!
  11. Goose

    Warden / CT Guide

    === WARDEN / CT GUIDE === Hey all, I decided to make this guide to help the newbies of the server understand how to CT and warden and how to be a better one. I am by no means the best guard but I can give a few pointers on how to be a better one. First of all, PLEASE read and understand the server rules. I cannot stress this enough! If you don’t know or understand them, you may be handed a swap or even a CT ban. So for the sake of everyone, please read the rules. Once again, PLEASE UNDERSTAND THE RULES before heading onto CT. ROUND START When the round starts, a random warden will be selected from the guards. They will be warden until they either retire or die. Your first order as a warden must be to get the prisoners out of their cells. Usually, this is done by the orders “One step out and button freeze”, pretty much meaning that the prisoners take one step out of their cell and standing still. The next order that is given should be a vent order. This is done by saying “Knifing vents is KOS”, meaning that the prisoners are not able to hit the vents. These apply for the entirety of the round or however long the warden is alive for. The next order following that should be if the prisoners are out of cells. YOU MUST GIVE PRISONERS A CHANCE TO RETURN. You can say that “Out of cells KOS” but you must give those that are already out of cells the chance to come back, (such as saying “If you are out of cells, rush back to your cell and button freeze”). HOT CELL Hot cell is one of the most difficult things to deal with at the beginning of a round. As the warden, you are the only person that can order hot cells, and this is how it should be addressed. Identify the hot cell. This is usually done by bullet shots or beacons, but it can be done by name. You cannot kill prisoners that are in a hot cell if you haven’t identified them that they are in a hot cell. Control the prisoners. This is usually done by saying “If there is a bullet shot/beacon in your cell put your ass on bars”. This just makes it easier for you to interrogate them without having to constantly be looking around the cell. If it is a gun cell, get rid of the gun. This is usually done by saying “Throw the gun to the back of your cell and don’t pick it back up again”. As the warden, you can then shoot the gun to make it disappear forever. After that, it is no longer a hot cell, the prisoners in it can no longer be ordered individually. If it is a vent cell, you can’t do anything until the cells are open. Just make sure that they keep their ass on bars until then. TRANSPORTATION This is the hardest part of being a warden. The easiest way I find of transporting prisoners is by using beacons. Beacons are placed with either the bind (bind <key> +beacons) or by right-clicking with any weapons that don’t have a right-click ability (so no AWPs or knives). The most common beacon order is “Rush to my beacons and button freeze”, pretty simple, just gets the prisoners to rush to the beacon and stand still. Some situations make cause you to make them shift-walk or crouch-walk to beacons. Try not to take the prisoners around any vents or easy rebelling options. Another way of transporting is to rush/shift-walk/crouch-walk following the warden. This may be risky however as it increases the chance of you getting rushed. So use it at your own risk! Always remember to tell prisoners to button freeze after every order (unless you want them to remain in the confines of something or remain crouching on the spot) or else they can just run away!. VOCABULARY This is the vocabulary list I go off, this isn’t the official so don’t take it as that, but it is just what I go off. Most of it is taken from the official rules. Button Freeze - you are not allowed to use your movement or jump keys. (Knifing is a button unless stated otherwise). Crouch Walk - Moving while holding your crouch key. Shift Walk - Moving while holding your “Shift Walk” key. (Default is *SHIFT*). Rush - Taking the most direct route, without detours or delays. Unstack Shoulder to Shoulder - Do not stack and make sure you’re shoulder to shoulder. (minority join the majority is implied). Detouring - the act of not taking the quickest route to the predetermined destination Hot Cell - Any cell that contains a primary/secondary weapon, vent or teleporter Baiting - The act of a guard going within knifing distance of a prisoner, whether it be intentional or unintentional Ass on Bars - Prisoners are to put their back to the door of their cell, without detours or delays, and remain there until cells are open or the warden says you may move Actively Attempt / Fail - To perform a given task without detour and delay until completion COMMANDS These are just the commands listed in the official rules, but I thought I should include them anyway just so that this guide includes everything; !ct - Opens up the warden menu which contains many useful features. (e.g. glow, special days, opening cells, beacons and many more). !w <target> - gives warden to another guard. !rtv - Starts a vote to change the map. !nominate - Nominates a map to be added the !rtv map change list. @ in Team Chat - contacts any staff members on the servers. Example @ *message* in team chat !store - Open the store menu to buy in game effects. (i.e Jetpack, Bhop, Skins). !knife - Opens up a menu to change your knife type. (i.e Karambit, Shadow Daggers etc etc). !credits - Shows the amount of credits you have in all chat. !jackpot <amount> - Enters you in the current jackpot with your Store credits. !cointoss <amount> <target> - 1v1 Cointoss for Store credits. (50/50 chance). !spr - Opens a menu in which you can challenge a player with credits for a scissors paper rock challenge. !place - Shows your current game-me details. (i.e your game-me rank, game-me points). !rank - Opens a menu that tells your game-me statistics. !rules - Opens a “motd box” with the current rules. !forums - Opens a “motd box” with the Killzone Gaming Forums. !stopmusic - Mutes the in-map music. FAQ Where aren't I camping armoury? Before setting up in any one spot, think to yourself "Can terrorists get to armoury through me?". If the answer is yes, then you probably shouldn't be there. A few example of being in the way of prisoners getting to armoury is the balcony area on jb_renegade and the control room (where you open cells and the elevator) in jb_peanut. What weapons should I use? Mostly its personal preference, but I almost always use the AK-47, but the M4 is a good alternative. Try and avoid using the AWP with only 2-3 guards, as it makes it hard to kill rebelling prisoners (unless you are a god at the AWP). I freekilled, what do I do? If someone says that you freekilled them, my best advice is to talk to them. Ask them what they did that warranted the kill. Sometimes its also just better to take the slay like a man (or woman, you do you). People are yelling over the top of me, how can I stop this? The usual thing that people do in this situation is to yell into their mics. This is not a good option. There are two options that you can take Muting them via the warden menu Asking admins to mute them The second option is usually the best, as it avoids the chat spam that is caused by the warden menu mute. Final Notes: I hope you found this guide helpful! There are just a few things that I would like to address. Remember to always have fun! That’s what we are all here to do. If you aren’t having fun as a warden, the prisoners probably aren’t having fun either. Don’t always do the same thing each round. Be creative! Jailbreak is the most fun when you are playing games created by another player. DON’T BE OVERLY NAZI! I cannot stress this enough, as an admin, it is a pain in the ass seeing good CTs be swapped off or banned because they are being overly nazi. A good little bit of nazi is alright, but don’t be over the top. Keep your orders short and sharp. Just say what you need to say, don't overcomplicate or take a huge amount of time to say it as that just creates confusion and you might even get confused on what you said. if you don't know what you are doing, feel free to ask an admin or ask other players! We just all want to have the most fun we can possibly have If you are looking for another guide, there is quite an old one I found on the forums by @GimmeYoFries which could be helpful! If you have any questions, feel free to message me on the forums or add me on steam: [Hidden Content] . Thanks for reading and I hope to see you on the servers!
  12. Xelar8

    Mac's Ban Request

    Your Ingame Name: XLR8 Thier Ingame Name: Mac Their Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:982955 Which Server: Jailbreak Reason why they should be banned / muted: Mass freekill Proof / Evidence: [Hidden Content]
  13. krewzy

    Noz's Mute Request

    Your ingame Name: kewzy Server you want to Request a mute on?: Jailbreak Their SteamID: [Hidden Content] Reason For Mute?: Saying N*gger Multiple Times.. (Bad Audio):
  14. krewzy

    Krewzy's CT Unban Appeal

    Your ingame Name: kewzy Server you were banned / muted on?: Jailbreak Your Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:158889794 Date / Time of Ban: 08-16-16 19:04 Admin that banned or muted (if known): Skyprah Reason for ban (if known): Skyprah Banned My Account For My Little Brother Doing A Mass Free Kill. Why I should be unbanned / unmuted: I Have Been Banned For Over A Year Now. And I Have Learnt My Lesson And What Not Only Your Acton's Can Do But Others And Not Everything Is Fair, But All Im Asking For Is Just A 2nd Chance... Thank You For Your Time.
  15. Server you're Applying for?: Jailbrak Steam Account Name: ♠ ^^ I-X3LAr-8 ^^ ♛ Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:449127 Age: 14 Description of Yourself: I am a kind loving person who plays video games I got into video games because of my dad he used to play counterstrike source and hence where I am today Play Time on the server you're applying for?: 14 days 00:18:19 hours What time do you normally play on the Server you're appplying for?: Weekdays:5:00 to 7:00 Weekends 3:00 or 2:00 to :10:00 Holidays 3:00 or 2:00 to 11:00 Australian time Vouching Staff Members of the server you are applying for?: Gyro, Rileyfitz Players vouching your application?: Rocky, Harry Pooter and kaleb17439 [trading Why do you think you deseve to be a part of the Killzone Gaming Staffing Team?: I believe i should be part of the KZG jailbreak team because I am a kind loving person and I will always be willing to help someone in need. What qualities can you bring to Killzone Gaming?: I will bring Kindness, knowlege of the rules and non toxicity to other players Have you checked the application requirements?: Yes Have you read the server rules of the server you're applying for?: Yes Do you have a loud and audible microphone?: Yes
  16. skyprah

    Special Day Suggestions

    With jailbreak v2 now being fast tracked to reach KZG in hopefully a month, we can now start brain storming some additional special days. Help come up with some cool wacky ideas or just some basic simple special days. I would love a large list of about 30 days all up to keep it fun.
  17. Xelar8

    New JB Event Day

    Hi I have a new suggestion for JB called Hunger games it is where every one starts with a knife and has to find loot bags with weapons inside it and then it is the last man standing
  18. Ec1ipse

    New Player Models!!!

    CT Skins Ashe (League Of Legends), Braum (League Of Legends), Draven (League Of Legends), Jon Snow (Game Of Thrones), Iron Man, Elsa (Frozen) T Skins Redhood (DC), Kalista (League Of Legends), Jhin (League Of Legends), Monk, Lee Sin (League Of Legends), Zac (League Of Legends), Groot (Guardians Of The Galaxy), Jihadi These new Player Models are only on Jailbreak ! Names that are highlighted in green are VIP Player Models! (Spiderman was also updated and two gang members were added into the mix)
  19. I got a few discussion points about these new gangs in jailbreak. What do you think about the gang perks, should there be more or less or different perks? Would you like to see gang of the month or something along those lines. (Maybe with prizes?!) Which gang will rise to the top?
  20. Was thinking if it would be possible to have an exclusive skin for T if you earn the rebel of the month and CT for warden of the month (possibly a gold version of the original T/CT skin) This would help distinguish the best wardens/rebellers from the rest and give more incentive to try your hardest to be the best warden and rebeller you can for some exclusive shit. also you'd look pretty dope thoughts guys???

    On the topic of Stacy's Unban Appeal

    As most of us know, Stacy's Mom was recently banned for supposedly wall-hacking. The ban is hotly debated and we can't seem to come to a conclusion. I think that before any permanent ban is issued, there needs to be infallible and completely conclusive evidence. This isn't a 24 hour ban we're talking about, this is permanently removing someone from the community. I believe Stacy's Mom should be unbanned solely because we can't seem to come to a conclusion. All we're doing is arguing with no real effect. If Stacy's Mom is unbanned, I think that he will either be scared out of hacking again (if he really was hacking), or he will do it again, and this time, we will have rock-solid evidence. And we will be able to ban him without question. Me and Stacy don't even get along well, but banning someone for a lucky shot is really quite silly, if you ask me. Kibitz
  22. hi guys i just wanted to tuch on the issue we had on the server about "Stacy" names. i felt upset that our commuity acted in such a way towards the admins that where handling the situation. They put countless hours into the server to make the exsperience that you have when you play the best possiple one. THEY ARE JUST DOING THERE JOBS. and if you think you can do there job whuy dont you try replying to hundreds of "help ... Hapend" messages i dont know what moast of you will say on this post but please we are ment to be friends and i thaught this community was better than that. Kind Regards Rouge
  23. Rouge.

    jailbreak down again

    hey guys jb ahs been down for moast of the day and just as it went up i was on but and playd one game but the server is down again so just wondering when it will be back up Thanks Rouge