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Found 16 results

  1. Hello, my name is X3lar8 and I am a humble citizen of Uptown. Uptownismycity. I have worked in tough environments such as planting weed and even doing someones dirty work by harvesting pap for them. I have had a great deal of experience in almost every aspect of the server and job, but just recently I have become a medic and I have enjoyed running around and helping people out in the community of uptown. I have seen the cops around town and I have always looked up to them and I have always had a passion to be like them, to be one of them to be like them. I am making this application because I believe I can make a vital change in the community of uptown. I am now ready to move on from healing people and to keep the streets of uptown clean and to enforce the law in any way I can. I am remaking my application because I think the other one was a bit half-hearted, I did not fully read the requirements, and it wasn't made to the best of my ability. I am also making this application because there aren't very many cops that play actively and that enforce the law at all times (don't take this the wrong way). I know almost all of the current police officers and I have talked to most of them occasionally. - I currently have 1 day, 7 hours and 23 minutes. - A loud and audible mic which, which is essential for this job.
  2. Ruby Da Cherry moved to Newtown in a desperate attempt to put his past life behind him, a life that consisted of drug addiction and illegal activity. He arrived to Newtown wishing to live a law-abiding life so, first off, he started as a garbage collector, collecting garbage for a quick buck, but knowing his past he couldn't stop himself from going back to his old ways. He as a former drug boss knew exactly what to do when it came to drugs, this made him quickly get some infamy in Newtown. After being busted multiple times Ruby decided he was going to clean up, change his ways just like he said he would. He went straight back to his former job as a garbage collector, though he follows the law most of the time, he isn't afraid to help his mates out when they are in a pickle, and most definitely isn't afraid to bend the law to help them out. Connection Time: I'm Ruby Da Cherry, i've been playing RP for about 2 weeks now I think it's about time for me to apply as cop. I break the law quite a bit but I really hope that this doesn't affect my chances as cop. I know the rules quite well and I read the rules previously before writing my application to update my knowledge of the rules. Please consider my application and know that in the right conditions I shall act accordingly as a rule and law abiding player of RP. Thanks for reading.
  3. Hi my name is ZestyWanga, but people just call me Zesty. On Uptown I am a drug dealer lvl 7 but used to be garbage collector , as for jobs i haven't had any, but i would like this to be my first. The reason i am applying is because firstly i like the cops role in the server, and secondly I would like to target the periods of time in which there are no cops online, the reason is the last few days i have played i have seen little to no cops online for long periods of time, this causes boredom between more developed players and increases RDM(also a lot of the people like having cops on so they can rob the bank hahaha). I usually donate money to people if they ask (not bucket loads obviously) and if a new player comes on and asks how to do something i will usually attend to them (not always). My collective time on the server- -Thank you and please consider my application , thank you for your time. p.s - if i have missed any information i have to include please reply and tell me. -Zesty out
  4. Just a warning that this story is quite long and I am sorry about that, I was just having so much fun writing it… So, grab some popcorn and enjoy! (or skip it if you don’t want to) <Based on a true story> So here I was, in a small town called Easy Surf. I grew up in Easy Surf, it was a very fun and exciting place to live. I had a lot of good friends in Easy Surf, however we had all just finished college and were moving onto other things. A very popular place for people like us to go after just finishing college was a town about 30 minutes away called Up Town. Most of my friends were very quick to move to Up Town but I thought I would just stay at Easy Surf for a bit longer, I wasn’t too keen on going to Up Town though. It just seemed like it was a place for the party goers and you know, the “in crowd”. I am just a quiet more, stay at home and play Counter Strike kind of guy. However, one day I got a message from one of my good friends Motion that moved to Up Town pretty much straight away. He told me about how cool it was and how I would love it, but I wasn’t so sure so I stayed in Easy Surf for a bit longer before I made my decision where I was going to move. The next day I was still getting messages from Motion telling me to move in with him and telling me about how cool it is so I decided I would YOLO it and just go for it. I then packed my bags and headed to Up Town the next day. When I arrived, I was a bit sceptical. It seemed way less ‘Party Central’ than I thought. I moved into Motion’s friend’s apartment. His name was Meech, he owned a super nice apartment which must have cost him a fortune. After a few days, I got myself a job as an Apple Harvester, which was… Alright I guess. It was very slow working and not very good pay but it was something. One thing I did notice is that Meech was BALLIN, he was very rich. I asked him how he made so much money and how he affords to pay for his apartment. He told me he was a Drug Planter… I was shocked. He showed me his room, which was almost full of Marijuana. I did NOT want to become a Drug Planter, I wanted to make my money clean, and LEGAL. However, after a few weeks of picking apples all day I noticed he wasn’t getting pulled up by any police or getting busted in anyway so I made the decision to become a Drug Planter. I was making thousands of dollars a day which was way more than I was making as an Apple Picker and it wasn’t long before I said goodbye to Meech and bought an apartment with Motion. It was small but it did the job, we could eat, sleep, and make money which was all we needed. A few years later and a lot of my friends ended up moving away with their wives to start families in a more suitable place, however me and Motion were making it BIG. We both had nice apartments of our own and a good reputation in the drug scene. We both were getting exhausted of our efforts though and we thought we had might as well quit while we were ahead and start making a real living with real jobs. He became a Medic while I became a Gardener. We are still good friends but have slowly split apart due to our difference in jobs. Recently I heard he applied to be a Police Officer and got accepted even with his dark past which I thought was super cool and was super happy for him for it. And it made me think… Maybe I could become a Police Officer. And here I am today applying for a position as a Police Officer. I think I would be a good fit as police officer as I have quite a lot of experience playing on the Roleplay server and with my Drug Planter past I know all of the tips and tricks Drug Planters use to grow and hide their goods. I am also very active on the server, I don't spend much time doing anything else lmao. And being a Police Officer looks like a lot of fun and keeps you busy during the day. If there is anything I missed in this application let me know and I will be quick to update you with the information that is missing. Here's to making Up Town a cleaner, safer place Thanks you for reading, I hope sometime soon I will be one of those handsome boys (and grills) in blue
  5. 1. Write a short application. The application should consist of an Roleplay section (your character information, life story, previous jobs, etc) followed by a more personal part below. Feel free to include any additional information. I started off as a Drug Planter on the server now I'm a garbage collecter 2. You must have spent at least X minutes on the Roleplay server (you must include a screenshot) http://imgur.com/J65B0Fs its small sorry 3. You must work as a team. There is no I in TEAM. You position is to protect the RP server against criminal activities (bank robberies, drug manufacturing and distribution, etc.) as a team effort. If you have issues with other police officers, please report to the Senior Cuntstable. I agree 4. The higher ranking police officers must always have the last say, except for an official Roleplay Staff member(ADMIN) if they say otherwise. If a higher ranking officer requests everyone to group up and meet or gang activity in this area has priority, it must be done fast and efficiently! I'll try getting to the location as soon as possible 5. By submitting your application, you’re confirming that you completely understand the rules, will always be compliant. Punishments will be applied to officers who breaks police rules and even server bans across KZG depending on the situation. We understand accidents happen but disrespecting the rules on purpose will be punished regardless. I'll try my best to not let a accident happen that involves breaking the rules 6. You do not use your police rights for your own benefits, nor for anyone else's advantage! The rights are to protect the server or the other players from the illegal activities. This includes no police corruption of any sorts. Okay, I will only do something about it if there is proof If you agree to following these rules and requirements then you can begin writing your application for the Police force. You are about to take a positive step in the direction of saving a corrupt and drug fueled city from destruction. JOIN NOW
  6. In west Melbourne born and raised On the playground was where I spent most of my days Chillin' out maxin' relaxin' all cool And all shootin some b-ball outside of the school When a couple of guys who were up to no good Started making trouble in my neighborhood I got in one little fight and my mum got scared She said 'You're movin' with your auntie and uncle in Up Town. When I first got to Up Town I was the new guy on the block trying to make a living as a gardener, things went ok-ish on the first day. My second day in I ran into some thugs that wanted to show me something in the back room of the hospital (COOL!) so being the ignorant guy that I was I went, that's when it all turned bad and I got mugged. Later that day I went to the local bank and got arrested (who knew you weren't allowed behind the counter?) and just when i thought things couldn't get any worse i was once again proven wrong. I lost my job as a gardener and then yanked into a life of drugs, drugs, drugs and hard core drugs until I passed out on the ground and had a dream that I was at the papava field, got mugged and killed then I woke up and saw my reflection in a water fountain and said to myself I can do better. Now I've done my rehab and i'm clean bouncing between jobs as a miner and garbage collector just trying to make ends meet however my drive for greatness still hasn't been fulfilled, I don't feel like i am doing enough and I refuse to rest until am given the opportunity to help other new comers like me falling victim to the hard life! Ok now real talk and before I get stuck into the other stuff I just feel like I should mention that I know I probably haven't got the highest play time, there is plenty of other applications that are better than mine, we have a lot of cops at the moment and so on but ive gotten to know the rules and really enjoy the server and the community (at least the small part that i've seen thus far) and I would hate myself if someone else got the position I could have gotten all because I didn't apply, also if you don't know me i suggest you come on RP and say hello, i'm pretty chill usually and have a great sense of humor so ill be the guy crakin' a joke. 1. I have spent over 2 days on the server. 2. I acknowledge that there is no I in TEAM and that I must do my best to protect and serve. 3. I acknowledge that my superiors have final say unless stated otherwise by an admin and that I must follow orders as quickly and efficiently as possible. 4.I acknowledge that I understand the rules and will always be compliant and that punishment will follow if I do any rule breaking which can include but is not limited to the loss of my job. 5. I acknowledge that I wont use cop to anyone advantage especially for myself or friends and that my rights are purely to protect and serve those who may be in harms way and to punish those who intend to do harm. 6. I acknowledge that if i understand the above I can begin to write my applic......... never mind 7. I acknowledge that i must be awesome at all times when reppin' my fellow boys in blue. I sincerely hope some of you get a giggle out of this application and want to say sorry if some of it is hard on the eyes, im a nice guy and all and a decent electrician in RL but i cant write essays to save my life. Looking forward to your comments. Sincerely, Officer PEZ (has a nice ring to it.. doesn't it!)
  7. I would like to join the CS:GO Roleplay Police Academy. this is the first Roleplay CS:GO srever and so far i like it i started low with drug planting and then i was a miner and then while mining i someone KOS me. And now i'm a Garbageman and ive seen a lot of RDM, KOS, Fail RP And i would like to change this Please consider this offer. And i speend 3-4 hours on the server at a time. Thanks my steam is http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198255846457/
  8. Hello! I'm the TheDarkInferno, and i'm writing this application, because i would like to join the Police force. My CSGO RP life started a couple of weeks ago when i spawned in, and was helped by a random person who later became my friend, he tought me to grow cannabis, how to make heroin and he gave me a place to crash. Now drug making doesn't sound like police material but i doubt that anyone has played this server without doing something drug related. Though I believe this thorough experience of the thug life may prove useful to my cop life, knowing how exactly heroin is made, where gang members meet, and learning about some of the little hidden places in Uptown that a cop would not know about. Continuing on with my virtual RP life, I was offered by my friend, to join a gang and live in their base. When I got my room in this base it was shut down the day after, though looking through one of these gang bases shows me what the insides of a professional one look like, where the chests are hidden etc. Now talking more presently, coin tossing was introduced to the town, at this time i became a victim to the gambling, playing for hours but eventually reaching some decent profit. That is literally my entire life in the game, presented in a paragraph. I cant say my real life is as interesting... Which is why if i do become a cop i can dedicate a lot of my time playing on the server. I have thoroughly read, and understand the police rules and the roleplay rules for the server and i am willing to follow them to the fullest of my extent. I am willing to listen to what any admin or higher ranking officer has to say, and am willing to co-operate with them. I will use my tools that i am equipped with if i become a police officer purely for use to enforce the law, and no other personal gain. I am willing to co-operate with anyone i have to work with, and when enforcing the law i will always attempt to end matters without violence. What I can offer to this server is a cop, who will dedicate all their time to enforcing the law, a cop who will resolve gun violence, and will decrease RDM on the server. I will let everyone know that i wont ever be off my guard, no criminal is safe when TheDarkInferno is online. (Below) A screenshot of my playtime as requested
  9. Suck my jepsi DRY ..... please

    Suck my jepsi DRY ..... please Police form

    When i first joined the server i was a binmen and i slowly worked my way up the ranks to the heroin dealer i am now but i am over that life and want to fight crime . I'm a middle class role player just trying to make a living. I live in an apartment with my good friend Bing, i reckon there needs to be more law enforced in the RP town as there is far to much criminal activity. And my team and i should be the ones to do so.
  10. Hi! i am TRADING | Bing Bong Boing Mcgee, i have been on RP a couple days since it was out and i have been robbed and killed ever since i was on, although i haven't robbed anyone nor RDM'd anyone. its been a tough life on roleplay as I have changed jobs multiple times and gained/lost money. I started off as a drug dealer, growing weed wherever i could whenever i could. I eventually started growing heroin in a friends apartment, to save up for my apartment, and then my second apartment where i made heroin with friends. I eventually left this life behind and became a garbage collector, also giving away the little bit of money i've made. and i want to keep doing giveaways to give back to the community, and i want to do this whilst i'm helping the community by putting the bad people in jail that rob and kill. i have done both good and bad things in my life, but i think being a cop will make more good things then bad. Yours Truly - Bing
  11. Hi, my name is Killemz and my life has been very interesting so far. Hoping from job to job, firstly I started out as a drug planter even though I really wanted to be a gardener but my friends insisted I became a drug planter. I was doing well making ends meet. I finally bought my first $50,000 apartment where I could grow my weed in peace without having to plant it in a random place. I eventually hit level 5 and was able to do heroin. This was a very confusing process for me and I was worried that I would get caught by the police too often but I was wrong, it was making me way more money than I could dream of. A couple days later, I was getting really bored of doing this job and I wanted to venture out to something else, something more exciting. Well that's where I was wrong, I became a stinky garbage collector and I was depressed even though I was making decent money and getting things out of the trash that I could throw at the cops. Garbage collecting wasn't any fun. I eventually hit level 14 after spending over $100,000 on perks. I decided that gardening was my true job and that's where I needed to be to make myself happy. Boy I am enjoying it. On the serious side of things, the reason why I want to become a police officer is because I want to keep the town safe and protect the innocent and arrest the criminals. I hereby state I will serve and protect for the police force and do anything necessary. -Killemz
  12. Lobster


    Just thought of this, imagine if we had a court system where you face a judge before you go to jail where you can tell police officers and a judge your side of the story and try to get crime lowered or removed. Any witnesses or victims also come to the courthouse. Just think that'd be dope!
  13. Hey guys I'm "krewzyϕ" and i have loved playing Role play on G-mod quite a while back. Now since Kill-Zone-Gaming made a Role play i have been playing it non stop for the past week! i love all the things about it... Apart from dying with valuables on you, and getting robbed. Well thats how the cookie crumbles, karma will come back and hopefully that karma is me! i have played Role play for about 20 Hours and i hope that i can be a police officer to help stop robbing's, and all the drugs its crazy how much people choose to be a drug planter than any other job. the jobs i have done are Gardener, Garbage-Man, Miner, And A Drug Planter. I have help many people on this server and taught them some stuff how to play. I am positive that i will be a good police officer and help out the Role play city. i hope i get chosen! Thanks For Your Time http://killzonegaming.gameme.com/playerinfo/354541 <--- "GAME-ME" (Profile Acquirement's)

    police acc

    hello, i am not new to the server as i ahve many accounts and have many hours soent on the server. i have played many different perspectives of the server such as a garbage collector, miner, and a drug dealer. i have reached a reasonable level in all jobs and am ready to take on the better job of pretecting the city because i found it too easy to be a bad charachter without getting caught. i believe i would be a great policeman for the server as i bring alot of qualities into the kzg servers. i play alot, i can do my job well. i am fair. i am always willing to try new things. id be a great policeman for you and your server and id be sure not to let you down, your dj
  15. Hey I am Xela I Lived in the country side before coming here I was a cop Never let any one rob banks we had cameras all over the place. When I moved here I thought hmm lots of crime being commited so I signed up and this is my form
  16. skyprah

    Police Rules

    POLICE RULES BETA 1. The police are friends and helpers, behave accordingly! 2. All policemen are expected to act as role models! This means that they must strictly follow all rules! 3. Purposely injuring innocent players leads to the removal from the police force! 4. A policeman has the right to interfere without notice in the event of violent crimes. 5. Players must be given an appropriate response time. 6. Depending on the number of policemen present, one should always be on the road. 7. Any kind of corruption leads immediately to the removal! 8. The rule "First speaking, then initiating further actions" is always to be undertaken! 9. The Taser may only be used on a suspicious player. The player must be addressed before touching. Constant and reckless use will lead to punishments. 10. Exception, is a situation of at least one policeman against 3 attackers / teammates. In this case, of course, one can be quickly taser one after the other in order to protect themselves and to avoid the injury / killing of other players. If a player draws a gun in the presence of an officer then they have the right to taser you. Please not guns should not be carried in public and will warrant suspicion/law breaking. 11. The killing of fellow players on the street is only allowed in extreme emergencies! These emergencies / exceptions are: when you are shot by a fellow player. if you are attacked by a group of players and do not have time, take each of them to tasers to remove their ability to run/do damage and to control the situation. if a player steals a police vehicle or is caught stealing and can not be stopped. 12. The sending of your own police equipment to players is prohibited and can lead to the removal! 13. In the context of little crime, it is at the discretion of the policeman whether the suspect is to be imprisoned or not. It is always fair and in the sense of the player to be decide. 14. Everyone arrested has the right to know why he was arrested. 15. Everyone who is arrested has the right to explain his situation. It is then in the hands of the policemen how they deal with the suspect. 16. The injuring of prisoners is not allowed. 17. In order to carry out raids, at least three policemen must be involved in the raid. 18. An apartment can not be stormed without warning. There must also be an urgent need for action. 19. You must a nonviolent solution. In the event of resistance by force, this may be returned.In hostage-taking, the life of the hostage has top priority! 20. Unrealistic or unlawful claims may not be considered. The principle of proportionality applies. 21. Police must try to stay in at least numbers of 2. This is not always the case though. Police should discuss amongst themselves the situation and how to deal with it. 22. In the case of robbery, the detection of the perpetrators has the highest priority. Raids are appropriate, but there must be a concrete suspicion. 23. The stolen property must be returned to the victim. 24. If a player is suspected of drug addiction, he must be dealt with as soon as possible. Raids are appropriate. 25. It is forbidden for policemen to camp at the poppy field. 26. Selling drugs to a dealer is not punishable. Can be suspicious. 27. At least 3 policemen must intervene in a bank bomb/robbery. 28. Each policeman is responsible for shooting a player. 29. Corruption is not tolerated and leads to removal from the police force. 30. Every policeman must play fairly and decides whether he has to pay a penalty to a player or to pay a fine. 31. The prisoner is to be released when paying a fine. 32. In the case of bombardment or attack, a policeman may use a weapon. 33. In the case of a bank robber, all the policemen present have to go to the bank. It should be noted here that existing roleplay situations are terminate

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Killzone Gaming is a non-profit gaming community that has been providing servers to the oceanic region for over 3 years. We host a wide variety of servers for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Mordhau. We are constantly expanding and improving our servers to provide our community with a reliable and fun gaming experience.

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