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Found 20 results

  1. Shengo

    RolePlay Tutorial/Guide.

    Alright, since I've stopped playing KZG RP, I'm not going to be updating this guide. If any of the admins or other people would like to carry on updating or anything, you can take the information here as a base and make a new topic, Skyprah can unpin this and pin your Topic as he had done mine. When I have time I shall make a Youtube version with sections so people can skip right to where they want, however, due to personal health reasons and the fact that I don't know each job intimately and my Mic is a bit weird, it will be postponed for a while, if anyone wants to make a Youtube video of it instead go ahead, you can use any information on this Thread to your liking. Here is a Large Map to the Roleplay Map (The link is in the text, just click it. (The red circles indicate NPC's)) ---Table of Contents--- Due to accidental constructive criticism, I had decided to try to find an easier way of navigating this long ass guide. What you'll want to do is copy any number in this list, with the square brackets of course, press CTRL + F and paste it inside of that bar, it will move you automatically to where that number is mention, just press the down arrow next to the input field and it will take you to the section you want to look at. [1.] GETTING STARTED (Your options and where you have spawned.) [2.] Screenshots of Buildings around the map (Gives you an idea of where things are, what they look like, what their purpose is and what almost everyone calls them) [3.] Drug Planter [3.5.] Heroin [4.] Garbage Collector [5.] Miner [6.] Gardener [7.] Harvester [8.] Medic [9.] Buying and Selling an Apartment [10.] Wardrobes / stashing and changing clothes [10.5.] Placing and Moving Furniture [11.] Lockpicks and Zipties [12.] Crime [13.] Guns and Stashing (Ctrl Ctrl to stash your weapon) [14.] Mugging [15.] Places where you Can and Can't Mug ---Table of Contents--- [1.] GETTING STARTED So, you're a newbie and you just spawned in. You'll be spawning in this area with $300 and only that. (TESTING) Now you have a couple of options to start off with. 1. You become a Drug Planter, now this may sound cool, however, It'll be a risk if you are all alone on the server with no one to trust due to the fact that every Weed Seed costs $100, so you'll only be able to buy 3 seeds. 2. You become a Garbage Collector, this is one of the safest options as all you have to do is walk around town, picking up rubbish and turning it in for cash, nothing else. 3. You become a Miner, this is quite dangerous as you are in an underground area where you can easily get robbed as this area is right below the slums. 4. You become a Gardener, this is a safe bet for anyone looking to make quick money and stay safe at the same time. 5. You become a Harvester, this job is quite dangerous and it also gives you less money than all the others. The explanation has been provided in its section down below. 6. You become a Medic, People in this job are in high demand, because, as you can imagine people who can heal others to full health or stop you bleeding are loved. Before you walk out and get a job, here are a few commands you might want to know. Pressing F on your keyboard will open up your menu, this will give you access to your Inventory, your stashed Weapons, your Licenses and the Backpacks you currently own. Pressing E on your keyboard will activate and allow you to interact with almost everything, Doors, NPC's, Harvestable objects like Weed, Garbage, Pap, etc. and also other Players, you can use the menu that pops up when interacting with another Player to Poke them, Give them keys to your Apartment, Ziptie them, Free them from Zipties, Give them items and also Give them money. Typing !tp in chat will allow you to enter Third Person, typing it again will put you back in First Person mode.typing it again will put you back in First Person mode. Here's a quick summary of some important aspects of RP. NLR = New Life Rule, it means when you die you forget the events that lead to your death, you forget who killed you and you forget where you died, once dead you do not share information that was related to your death. Fear RP = It essentially means if someone has a gun to your head, you don't instantly become some courageous badass, you don't immediately Lie and walk away, you stay still and you follow their instructions. [2.] SCREENSHOTS OF BUILDINGS AROUND THE MAP Now, this section is a collection of Screenshots of Apartment Buildings and some other Buildings. If you would like to go straight to the Job Explanations then please skip this. This building houses the Backpack vendor and the Two Furniture Vendors. It is also behind the Spawn Point. This is the building next to spawn, It has 3 penthouse apartments above a Disco. This is the next building over. It's an apartment building that is currently full. This is the next building over. This building houses 2 NPC's, the Gun License NPC and the NPC that you buy Apartment Keys from. Feature explained down below. This building is the Garbage Collector building which houses the NPC that gives you the Garbage Collector job. Up next is the VIP apartment building, this is the lair of Skyprah. To your Direct Right when you are looking at the VIP building, you shall see these 5 houses. Now these Houses are Mansions and they cost 1.5million. Behind them is a large Orchard with the Harvester NPC. Across from those Mansions is the Small Bank. This is where you can go to transfer funds to and from your wallet and to your friends or anyone you owe. (Note: You can also rob this place, however, I wasn't the one who told you that.) Next to the Mansions and the Small Bank is the Gun Store. You cannot buy a Gun unless you own a Gun License. To the right of the Gun Store are the Slums and the Slums Apartments. The Red Square showcases the entrance to the Apartments. And these are the Mines. If you wish to be a Miner you will be going down and mining below the Slums. These apartments/perk vendor is situated just outside of the Big Bank and right next to the Alleyway that contains the Drug Vendor. Big Bank. You can rob this place when 3 Police officers are online. This Apartment Block is situated between the Hospital and the Perk Vendor building. Hospital. You may go here to become a Medic, or to pay for Heals. However you can only get bandages from the NPC so there must be an actual Medic Player that is high enough level to fully heal you. This is the Corner Apartments. It is very noticeable, only 4 floors, and the top 3 floors have a Penthouse each. This apartment block (Blue) is in between the Small Bank and the Corner Apartments. It houses 4 apartments each floor. This warehouse is situated behind the spawn point and houses an inbuilt Fight Club... well shit, I forgot the first rule of Fight Club. Next to the Warehouse is the Police Station. This houses all the Popo and the Prison Cells. In between the Police station and the Big Bank is this lovely Apartment Block. - SCREENSHOT COMPILATION HAS STOPPED - Fair Warning, some of the Jobs are not entirely 100% accurate as I wasn't able to put enough time to get past level 5 on most of them. If you have any more information or think some information needs fixing, please comment and I shall fix it. Thank you. [3.] Drug Planter. Alright, so you want to be a Drug Planter? This isn't the safest as it's the most Illegal of all the jobs, however, it does make the most money (IMHO), Here are the stats that I have found out. 1 Fresh Weed sold to the Vendor will net you $150, if you wait the full 6 minutes with (at the start) 4 weed plants, you will gain 20 Fresh Weed, which will net you $3000 in 6 minutes. 1st stage (2 fresh weed 100xp) - 2minutes. 2nd stage (3 fresh weed 150xp) - 4 minutes. Final Stage (5 fresh weed 200xp) - 6 minutes. Alright, now that you're familiar with the timing and the looks of the Weed Plant that you'll be working with, let's talk you through on how to get them. First, you'll want to locate this shady fucker. He will be in the Alleyway to the left of the Big Bank behind the Slums. Once you have bought the seeds from him, you'll want to find a secluded, secret place where no one will find your weed, preferably in a trusted persons house or even in some forgotten apartment. Once you have found a place, go into your inventory, press 1 for your Marijuana Seeds, and press Plant. It should come out like this. Wait 2 minutes and it will become this. Wait another 2 minutes and it will become this. Wait another 2 minutes and it will sprout a smaller 3rd stalk, this is when your weed plant is fully grown. Once you have harvested your 3 weed plants, You'll want to find that shady fuck again and sell your weed. I only harvested 2 weed plants, so I will be getting 1500, whereas if you harvest the 3 weed plants you were able to pay for you'll be getting $2,250. You can keep doing this until level 5 at which point you'll be able to move onto Harvesting and the Creation and Selling of Heroin which will net you $1k per Heroin you sell, on average you'll be selling 12 heroin so that's 12k a pop while spending 4.8k each run on Morphine. So a $600 profit for each Heroin sold. Remember, every 5 levels you'll be able to plant an extra weed Pot. So at level 5, you'll be able to plant 5 weed pots instead of the Maximum 4. At level 10 you'll be able to plot 6 down. [3.5.] HEROIN Alright, you wish to know about Heroin? well, the first thing you should know is that while you can Harvest Papaver before level 5, you can not mix it and make Heroin UNTIL level 5. So once at level 5, you may follow this. First things first, you want to find a Drug Lab. You can find this in some random apartment, get a friend to allow you to use theirs or you can buy an apartment from at least $25,000 to $1.5mil. Now that you know where a Drug Lab is you can proceed to the Pap Fields, which is located between the VIP Apartments and the Million Dollar Houses, you will know where it is because the Entrance is a tunnel. Go straight down this road past the truck and you shall be at the Papaver Fields. On the left, we have a buyable building. If you walk forward and across the river to the left will be where you will be harvesting Papaver, and to the right will be the Black Market Dealer First you must gather Pap, there are 6 plants of Pap that you can harvest, each plant can be harvested twice, so explore the fields a bit and learn the boundaries of each Plant. Once you are finished with your Harvesting you should have 12 Papaver in your inventory. Now at this point you can do 2 things, if you believe you are safe, take out $5000 or $4800 from your bank, go to the Black Market Dealer and buy all the Morphine you can (only buy 12 Morphine for 12 Pap, if you have more then just buy 1 Morphine per 1 Papaver.) As you can see 1 Morphine costs $400 which is why you'll need $4800 for 12. Now once you have 12 Morphine and 12 Papaver, go back to your Drug Lab and crush your Papaver To do this you must go into your inventory (F on your keyboard), press the number associated with "Papaver" and press 1. to crush your Pap. Do this 12 times until you have 12 Crushed Papaver. Go to your Drug Lab once you have 12 Crushed Pap, and press E. It will say "Mix Heroin" with a 7 or 8 second countdown, you will have to press E 12 times to mix the 12 Morph and Pap into Heroin. Once you have finished with Mixing the Heroin you will be able to see "Heroin (12)". I have 13 due to a Perk that I have. Now that you have your Heroin, go back to the Black Market dealer and you should have the Option to "Sell Heroin" Press the Number Associated with "Sell Heroin" and press 3. to sell all. You should end up with $12,000. I sold 13 Papaver so I gained $13,000. Now here's a Trick. The Pap fields cooldown is around 13minutes, all you have to do is wait around 13 minutes maybe do 2 weed runs (6 minutes each) and the cooldown should be done. Once you have the last Pap harvested start a Timer for 13 minutes, Go home, plant weed , crush Pap and make Heroin, wait 6 minutes, Harvest, plant weed again and wait 6 minutes, go to Drug Planter in the alleyway, sell Fresh weed, Deposit the money you get, go to Pap fields, sell your Heroin, Harvest 12 Papaver again and Repeat. One run of this should allow you to gain 18k minimum. around 14 minutes of work and you gain 18k. [4.] GARBAGE COLLECTOR So you wish to be the Garbage man? Well, you're in luck, mainly because this Occupation is straightforward, safe and LEGAL. What you want to do, is find this place right here. It is in between the VIP Apartments and the Gun License/Apartment Key vendors. Once inside you'll be faced with this ugly dood.dood. You'll want to press 3. to become a Garbage Collector. Now comes the only tedious part of this job, finding and collecting the Garbage. There are currently only 3 Garbage Models on the server. Now, it will be easy to spot these three once you get used to looking around the streets. Now, the reason this job is the easiest and safest is that you spend no money doing it, and all there is to it is walking around picking up these three items, returning to the Vendor and recycling them. 1 Garbage gives you $75 once you recycle it. Not really much to say about this Job other than the ease and safety of it. [5.] MINER You wish to be Miner eh? alright then, let's get started. First, you must find this weirdo in the Slums next to the Gun Store. Press E on him and quit your current job to become a Miner. Once you've become a Miner, the next step is to start mining. Below the bridge this weird is standing on is the mines, the entrance will be here. Once you are down in the mines via the Ladder, there are two alcoves on opposite sides. Each side has 3 groups of Rocks you can mine, you can mine each one, 5 times and since there are 6, it will be 6x5 iron ore, so 30 Iron Ore in total. The red Squares in this next one showcases the 3 Rocks you can mine, They may look like a big grouping of rocks that you can mine Individually, but you can't, they are singular rocks with the texture of a grouping of Rocks. Now once you have found these rocks, get real close and press E. It should pop up with this Once you've walked around mining all 6 Rocks, go back up the ladder to the Miner Vendor and Refine them. Because you have $300 from your starting money, you can refine all of them as they cost $10 to refine each. Once refined you can sell all the Iron Bars you just made, and it should come up to a total of $2400. The cooldown for a Rock that is fully mined is 6 minutes, so you can time 6 minutes from the last Rock and then go back down once the time is up, or you can Time 6 minutes from your first Rock. Either way, every 8 minutes you'll be gaining $2400. [6.] GARDENER This is also an easy way to get money. $40, $5 added on for every level. First, find this Creep in the Park outside the Big Bank. Become a Gardener, and then just go to these spots in the Park. (I am unsure if there is a 6th plot of land here, however, I may be wrong.) And that's all there is to Gardening, it's quick and extremely simple, even more, simple than Garbage Collecting. $40 goes straight to the bank every time you finish Gardening, so $40 x 5 = 200 x 5 = $1,000. It has an approximate 6 minutes of cooldown so $1,000 every 6 minutes all for just press E. There shouldn't be ANY danger whatsoever, mainly because the Park is situated right in front of the Police station and is in full view of everything. [7.] HARVESTER 1second to harvest. 5 minutes to cooldown. 10 experience. 24 trees, 3 apples per tree. $12 per apple. 72 apples per run. 72 x 12 = 864 Alright, you want to harvest, this one is also quite the easy job as all you have to do is press E 3 times in 3 seconds each tree to get 3 apples. First, find this Jolly fella. He should be behind the Million Dollar houses, to the right of the Entrance of the Papaver Fields. Once you become a Harvester, turn to your left and you'll see 24 thin and small trees. Each tree in this field (24) allows you to harvest 3 apples each, Harvesting takes 1 second, so you can harvest a tree of its 3 apples in 3-4 seconds, the cooldown for each tree is around 4m30s - 5minutes. Each Apple, when sold, gives you $12 and every harvest gives you 10exp, So 3 apples x 24 trees = 72 apples. 72 apples x $12 = $864. 72 apples x 10exp (from levels 1-5) = 720exp every run. (TBH there's not really much to do as a Harvester except just running around like picking Apples.) [8.] MEDIC Alright, so you want to become a Medic and heal people? Well then, first off you got to find this guy. He will be located inside the Red Bricked building next to the Perk Shop. Once located, press E on him and become a medic, now being a Medic isn't as Quick and smooth as the other Jobs, as a Medic, you have to essentially wait for people to shoot each other and then you can heal them for experience and money (if you want to charge them). To get your Medic tools all you'll need to do is activate the NPC again and you'll be given this menu. Now the reason why there are "A" "B" and "AB" blood bags is because everyone has a specific blood type in this RP server, You must be tested before getting blood put back in you, so make sure to get tested beforehand and remember your blood type, or else you'll die. Yep, if you get the wrong blood type placed into you, you will die. Now to Bandage people up, which is what you need to do to get experience, you'll need to buy a Bandage, which is $40 as you can see. Once you have bought a Bandage you can go around bandaging anyone who is bleeding or below 60 health, if they are bleeding you will gain 120 EXP, if they aren't you'll gain 60 EXP. Now to bandage someone, you must buy a Bandage, walk up to a person, press E so it gives you the menu, then press 8. which is NEXT, it will take you to some other options like these. Both of you will need to stand still to receive ANY sort of healing. [9.] BUYING AND SELLING AN APARTMENT Alright, you're in the market for an Apartment? but you don't know how to get one? easy. First, find an apartment that is unoccupied, to do this, go around the Apartment buildings and open the doors, if they open and you get this menu, then you can buy it. Now, this tells you the Apartment name, and how much money you need to buy this apartment, so go to a Bank and Withdraw the amount required. Now that you have the money, go back to the Apartment and buy it. Once bought you can Unlock and Lock the door. The door to an apartment will be highlighted in a Purple outline if you can buy it, now that you own your own apartment you can Rename it, Change the Doorlock, Sell it, and even extend the rent. To rename your apartment, press 1 and open your chat and type anything. As soon as you select "Rename Apartment" chat is used to determine your input, so whatever you type no matter what will be put as the name of your Apartment. Alright, now you want to extend your rent? This menu will show you when you Rented, How much time you have left and the End of Rent for your apartment. You can extend this by 7 days, so it will go from the 3rd of June to the 10th of June. The Extending of Rent amount is %10 of what you paid when you bought the Apartment, So I bought it for 50k, which would mean I'd need to pay $5000 to extend the rent, however an extra 10%, so my amount is lowered by 20% which would amount to $2,500. Alright, now you want to know how to sell an Apartment? First, unlock the door to your Apartment (just in case it might actually lock you in an unsold apartment.) It is really simple, interact with your Apartment Door, Choose number 6. Confirm to sell your apartment and you will be given most of the money you spent to buy the apartment back. And that's it, you'll be able to buy that same apartment, if it hasn't already been bought, later on. [10.] Wardrobe / Stashing and Changing your clothes Alright, you want to change your outfit? Alright then, first you'll need money to buy the outfit. At the least you'll need $500. Who can sell Outfits you ask? The Job NPC's of course, I'll be showing you how to buy an Outfit from the Drug Planter NPC. HOWEVER, before you buy a skin, you must first find or have a WARDROBE placed inside your Apartment or anywhere else on the map, doesn't matter where you find it, as long as it's a Wardrobe everyone can use it. There are multiple types of wardrobes, however if it looks like a wardrobe to you and it shows this menu when activated it's a wardrobe. Alright moving on, find the Drug Dealer NPC in the dark alleyway to the left of Big Bank. Alright, so the [2] next to "First Drug Dealer Skin" means you must be at least Level 2 in Drug Planter. So press 4. and buy the skin, it should pop up with this in your chat box. Now, that you have bought the skin, you must find a Wardrobe, if you can't find a Wardrobe but you have an Apartment and you WANT a wardrobe, go to Spawn area, you'll want to enter the right door in this building. You'll want the lady on the right, her menu will look like this. The first option for a wardrobe will cost you $5,000. Now once you've bought the Wardrobe, you'll want to set it down. If you are not looking to place furniture, skip this little bit. [10.5.] FURNITURE IN APARTMENT To place furniture, you'll want to stand near the middle of your apartment and aim straight at the middle, go into your inventory and activate the piece of furniture. Now that your Furniture is placed, you want to know how to move it around? well just type !builder while looking directly at the piece of Furniture you want moving. [-T-] Hold R for Placement, W,A,S,D for Angles JUMP for up, Crouch for down and E to Exit. This text will display right after, as it says, you Hold R to move it around your apartment, you will be warned "[-T-] Not in your Apartment" constantly, however you can still place it wherever you want. HOWEVER according to the rules, you may not place it in such a way that it will enter another Apartment, or be sticking outside of a wall in plain view. Reference to "Roleplay Rules" Rule 22. The use of furniture in your apartment: - Must be set up realistically - One way furniture to block windows is not allowed and will be deleted. - Do not player block areas to stop people from entering doors/rooms. - Furniture outside of your apartment zone/in walls will be deleted without warning Now that you have a Wardrobe, all you need to do is activate it, it will pop up with this window. Before you can change your clothes, you must first stash it in the wardrobe, to do this press "Stash Cloth" Choose a skin to stash. And stash the skin. Now this will permanently take away that skin from your inventory if you want to give the skin to your friend later on, you must buy it again. Alright, now that you have the skin stashed, activate the Wardrobe again and select "Change Cloth" It will pop up with the Skins you have stashed Select your skin and it will change your Outfit, to check this, enter the Third Person command (!tp) in chat, and you shall see the change. [11.] LOCKPICKS / ZIPTIES Alright, so you've got enough money to mess around with Lockpicks and Zipties, fancy yourself a thief? maybe a Kidnapper? Well, These tools will get the job done, sort of. Let's start off with the fact that LockPicks cost $2500 and Zipties cost $1500 Lockpicks Now, to get a Lockpick, you'll need to go to that shady guy in the alleyway, you know, the Drug Planter. (as you can see, the 3rd option is for Lockpicks) As you can see, it costs $2500, once you have the Lockpick, you must either Find a Door that you wish to open (that is locked of course) or Rob either bank. I'll just show you a door because I am not robbing a Bank First, go up to the door and press E. It shouldn't open and you'll be prompted with this menu. Press 1. and it will start the lockpicking process Now, I'm unsure of the chances of breaking a Lockpick, but there is definitely a chance it will break. A lockpick isn't guaranteed to unlock the door you are trying to unlock, so a good bet is to get more than 1 lockpick for 1 door. Most of the time the Lockpicking fails, so you'll maybe have anywhere from 1 to 5 chances, maybe more on 1 lockpick before it breaks. Zip ties So first things first, grab $1500 out of your bank and go to the Black Market Dealer. (A general tip, once you have someone Ziptied, you cannot see their inventory. It's just for tying someone up so they don't run away and carrying them around.) Once you have a Zip tie, find an Unwilling Princess to Kidnap, they have to be standing still for a few seconds AND you must be physically touching them for the Zip tie to work. (Thanks to Jordan for being my Guinea Pig.) Press 3. Criminal Actions and then Zip tie Player, once done they should turn a lovely Red and are frozen for you to touch. Now that you have your victim Kidnapped, you'll want to move them around right? Well, what you do is you go behind them and hold right click. As long as you hold down right click you will be able to move them. Now to untie a person that has been Ziptied, all you need to do is press E on them and "Try to free" [12.] CRIME? Alright, now that you know of the jobs, Zip tying, Lockpicking and general area, it's time for your lesson on Crime. Crime is the system that determines how naughty you've been and how long you stay in Jail for. The sale of Heroin gives you crime, Killing people gives you crime, Killing cops gives you shit load of crime, however, if you get caught doing Illegal things, cops can and will add Crime on to your current amount. So say if I had 300 crime for selling Heroin, if I kill someone in front of a cop, I'll be arrested and they will add on say 2k crime to my 300, so I'll have 2,300 seconds to spend inside Jail. Now the only way to get rid of crime would be to just wait it out and to not do anything Illegal. If you escape Prison voluntarily, Cops can double your crime. I have not done it yet, but I would assume robbing the Banks would give you Crime as well. [13.] GUNS So you've got enough money to get some Protection against muggings and raids? Just before you buy that Weapons License, Guns cost a lot. 5k for pistols, $500 for 1 bullet (ammo) and shotguns are 15k-20k. Make sure you want to have this protection and make sure not to lose it because you got cocky. So let's start off with getting a Weapons License, relatively easy, just find this building, it's literally conjoined to the Garbage Collector building. You will want to enter it via the Garage Door or the Normal door on the left, once inside you'll come across two NPC's, do not worry about the NPC on the right, as she is not who we are here for. Go up to the Gun License Vendor and press E, you will be given a menu of all the Licenses you can own. Worried about losing your license? Don't worry at all, a License is permanent unless you yourself remove it, so it is actually a good investment. Before we move on, A pistol license is what it says, it will allow you to buy Pistols.SMG license will allow you to buy SMG's (Mac-10, UMP, P90, etc.)Shotgun License will allow you buy Shotguns (Nova, XM11, Sawed Off shotty, and MAG-7)Rifle License will allow you to buy the Rifles (M4a1-s, M4a4, AK, AUG.)Special Weapon License will allow you buy AWP's and Scouts Alright, now that you have your License, it's time to buy a Gun. You'll want to get out of this building, take a left, stop at the stop sign, then take a right past the Small Bank, and past the sliding fence, to your left will be the Gun Store. It's kind of obvious cause its Camo... but yanno just in case. Go inside and you'll be faced with Twins, extremely hot Scottish Twins. You'll want to ignore the right one for now as he is the Ammo dealer, and you want Ammo AFTER you get your sweet baby gun. When you press E on him you'll be given this menu. I'm able to open both the Pistols and the Shotguns tab as I have both Licenses, However here is the Pistols tab. so you pick your gun, pay for it and it will show up in your "Weapons" inventory. Select it via Numbers and pull it out of your stash. Now that you have your gun equipped, it's time for some Ammo. You must have your gun equipped and in your hand to receive ammo for that gun, so for example, I buy a pistol and a shotgun, if I buy Ammo for my Pistol, I will not have any ammo for my Shotgun. YOUR WEAPONS DO NOT SHARE AMMO. So what you want to do is face this hot twin with your weapon out (wink), and press E, Buy as many bullets as you want, however I recommend just buying enough for 2 clips, as you'll probably die before you use the 50 bullets you bought. Alright, now that you're fine and dandy with the amount of bullets you have, now is time for the important part of Owning a Gun. First off, in a Mugging you can NOT pull a gun out from your stash, it must be in your inventory by the time the mugging has started if not bad luck, HOWEVER if you do have your gun on your back, you can take the chance to blast them, HARD. However if there is more than 1 person mugging you, good luck as you'll probably get destroyed. A situation where you can't pull your gun out and blast them (Courtesy of Ec1ipse, thank you friendo.) A situation where you CAN pull your gun and blast them. Both of these are different. You see my gun in my inventory? that means I can pull it out in this situation. If you do pull a gun out of your stash, people will know and record it, here is an example of how they would know. Your gun stashed Your gun unstashed As you can see, your gun will look like any other CS: gamemode, so if you have a gun in your inventory people CAN SEE IT. This is not GMOD DarkRP, this CSGO RP, IRL, if you are being mugged, do you think your Mugger would allow you to reach into your backpack and pull out a gun? No, you'd be dead instantly or at least injured. Now that you know what stashing your gun looks like, now's the time to learn HOW to stash your gun. It's quite simple, you press CTRL twice in quick succession. so CTRL CTRL with the gun you want to be stashed in your hands and it will disappear. You will know if you stashed it because this pops up in chat. A good tip, as you'll likely find out, don't pull your gun out in front of a Police Officer or even have your gun out of unstashed in the first place. What I always do, is when I'm in public I stash my gun, easy as pie, then when I am about to enter a shady place, a place where I know I can get jumped any second, I unstash my gun and keep it on my back. Another good tip is if you have a visible weapon on you, hardly anyone is likely to rob you, there will be the big group of people who gang up on you, however, that is uncommon. Alright, now that you know how to stash your gun and what NOT to do in a mugging, let's talk about giving your gun over if someone is mugging you for it. [14.] MUGGING Alright, you're being held up by some Black Guy with a Gat, and He's asking "Fo' Yo' Weed" and "Yo' Mo'Fuggin Moneh". Now as soon as you have a gun to your head, you can't run away, if they stop you and they have a gun to you, the excuse "My friend is waiting for me" doesn't work, you CAN NOT RUN FROM A MUGGING unless it is over, do not attempt to run as they'll just kill you. Now you have Two options. Your first option is to give them everything, now this requires you to give them your items, what you do is you press E on them and the number 5. and 6. are there for you to give people your Items and Money. Do this and they are required to let you live UNLESS of course, you decide to pull your own Weapon out and try to battle them, then they can blast you without problems. Your second and final option, is you give them SOME of your things and you lie about your money and inventory, now this requires knowledge, if they saw you collecting Papaver (all of it) and you only give them 4, they'll blast you (or let you go, depending on the person.), however, if you know they don't know anything about your inventory, you can give them 1 apple and $200 out of your $20,000 you have on you, and they can't do anything about it. [15.] LOCATIONS IN WHICH YOU CAN BE MUGGED/YOU CAN MUG OTHER PEOPLE Now, you've been mugged or are planning to mug someone, and you wish to know where you can and can't mug, this section will tell you exactly where you can mug, and where you definitely CAN'T mug. the Big Bank is an area you definitely CAN'T mug around. The rest of the Non-Mugging area is as follows: (infront of an NPC is not allowed) If you are in view of ANY of these roads (screenshots) then you are not in the right place for a mugging. DO NOT Mug right next to a Bank, think about it IRL, a Bank has cameras, why would you mug anywhere near a Bank??? Now for the places, you are ALLOWED to Mug in. (From the river to the Pap fields) As long as you are in these places and there are NO witnesses other than your group, you can mug other people. (Many things to come. If you have a suggestion please comment and I shall endeavour to either Fix up or add in something that I have missed.)
  2. TRADING | Bing Bong Boing

    [Roleplay] Bing Bong Boing Mcgee's Admin Application

    Server you're Applying for?: Roleplay Steam Account Name: Bing Bong Boing Mcgee Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:115965753 Age: 15 Description of Yourself: -My name is Jacob -I live in QLD -I do PCYC Cadets -Im 15 and in year 9 -I love playing Piano -and i love playing CS:GO Play Time on the server you're applying for?: 6d 18:50h (Currently) What time do you normally play on the Server you're appplying for?: -Most likely wont play on Wednesday (because cadets ends at night on wednesday) -Mon - Fri 4:00 P.M - 10:00 P.M (Approx) -Sat - Sun 10:00 A.M - 10:00 P.M (Approx) Vouching Staff Members of the server you are applying for?: -Squizzy I dont have a 2nd vouch, but Thrasher said its okay cause not that many admins in rp. Thanks Thrasher! Players vouching your application?: -Motion -Swiftzz -Deja -Kevin -Sky Jr -Codex -Slick -Steph -jj Why do you think you deseve to be a part of the Killzone Gaming Staffing Team?: I think i deserve to be a part of the Killzone Gaming Staffing Team because i put a lot of time in the server and ive helped a lot of people out, telling them how to play, teaching them how to be a drug dealer by inviting them into my apartment and showing them the basics and the rules and how to be a drug dealer. Ive been thinking about applying for this role since the start of July and i think im finally ready to apply. Im very active on the Forums and farely active on the teamspeak. Most Admins are not very active on the RP server only coming on for a few hours a day and sometimes no admins come on the entire day unless someone tells them that someone is breaking the rules and they need to be banned im hoping i can change that have there always be an admin o when there are people on. What qualities can you bring to Killzone Gaming?: -Trust -Experience -Activeness -Loyalty -Enthusiasm Have you checked the application requirements?: Yes Have you read the server rules of the server you're applying for?: Yes Do you have a loud and audible microphone?: Yes
  3. Ruby Da Cherry moved to Newtown in a desperate attempt to put his past life behind him, a life that consisted of drug addiction and illegal activity. He arrived to Newtown wishing to live a law-abiding life so, first off, he started as a garbage collector, collecting garbage for a quick buck, but knowing his past he couldn't stop himself from going back to his old ways. He as a former drug boss knew exactly what to do when it came to drugs, this made him quickly get some infamy in Newtown. After being busted multiple times Ruby decided he was going to clean up, change his ways just like he said he would. He went straight back to his former job as a garbage collector, though he follows the law most of the time, he isn't afraid to help his mates out when they are in a pickle, and most definitely isn't afraid to bend the law to help them out. Connection Time: I'm Ruby Da Cherry, i've been playing RP for about 2 weeks now I think it's about time for me to apply as cop. I break the law quite a bit but I really hope that this doesn't affect my chances as cop. I know the rules quite well and I read the rules previously before writing my application to update my knowledge of the rules. Please consider my application and know that in the right conditions I shall act accordingly as a rule and law abiding player of RP. Thanks for reading.
  4. TRADING | Bing Bong Boing

    Sgt.Soulairis's Ban Request

    Your Ingame Name: Bing Bong Boing Mcgee. Thier Ingame Name: Sgt.Soulairis Their Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:83220134 Which Server: Roleplay Reason why they should be banned / muted: Let me list this all the things hes done -Pester -Break NLR -Call Fake RDM -Literally says he just comes on to troll -Wastes cop time by Raiding Reborn's apartment for 'Weed' when he hasnt been in there -Follows Reborn members around -Starts up arguements -thrown Molotov's at people for no reason -Toxic every second of the day -doesn't follow cops instructions Over the past couple of days us Reborn members have been targeted by a member of the community named Sgt.Soulairis. He has followed us, abused us, annoyed us, broken rulles just to be as toxic as he can be. He would follow us until we do something bad like, go to pap or safe then tell the cops, might not be breaking rules but we cant do anything in the server without having this stalker behind us, waiting for us to to something bad or kill a cop just so he can be a dick about it. He has made cop raid our apartment for having 'weed' when he never saw inside our apartment nor did we have weed in that apartment and on the players in the apartment, ultimately wasting our time and the Police's time. This all started when 4 of our gang members saw him in the 300k apartment building and we decided to rob him. BlameObama clearly said "Dont Move Or We Will Shoot You" Sgt then moved down the stairs and we killed him. he proceeded to talk shit and break NLR for the next 2-3 hours. I am Hoping for any kind of perm ban, whether its from the server, text chat, voice chat or both. Thank you for Reading -Reborn Proof / Evidence: I have got no proof at this point in time, but i am sure that in the following few days this will continue and ill get some proof If you have any screenshots or video of him doing any of these things, feel free to please send them so me. Add me at http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198192197235/
  5. TRADING | Bing Bong Boing

    Ideas for RP

    1. Buyable papaver plants. I have a whole forum post on this idea right here 2. More things to do when you die. A few people have already made posts about this, my thought is that they extend the parkour length and add a red button to teleport you to spawn. i cant imagine it being that hard since i have messed around with SDK. heres a post on this topic. 3. So this one would only relate to cops and it isnt that big, it just bugs me everytime i buy something from the PD. When you buy something, say a XM for example it says Bough from police officer not Bought and it just peevs me 4. I think the killing someone when a gang member is tased rule is really annoying. multiple time have i tased someone to give a warning to or even tell them to stash their gun and been killed straight away. I think the rule is if you send a person to jail the gang member can kill you within a 5 minute period. 5. Cops should be given the ability to take heroin table in a raid. pretty simple, only Skyprah can take heroin table off the ground otherwise you have to have the owner of the house be online to pick it up and have you take it. 6. More ways to get money in your job (Except Drug Planter). All the jobs in the game dont really get the greatest money. except for the most illegal one, drug planter. Some people dont want to keep getting caught with weed or heroin table and lose so much money. but they cant take any other jobs because they dont pay a lot. i think jobs that need an upgrade are Medic and Garbage Collector. for medic i think it should be kinda like the cop where you get a couplde hundred every few mins and to stop people from going afk to get money, if you dont move for 5 - 10 mins you instantly get kicked from the job. Garbage Collectors should get more money depending on the lvl, 1 - 5 = $50/garbage 6 - 10 = $75/garbage 11 - 15 = $100/garbage 16 - 20 = $125/garbage 7. Add an ATM to the gamble room 8. Possibly make gamble room a gun free place, so you can not pull out your gun inside there unless you are a cop and you can pull out your tazer, it just makes is better so no RDMers kill you. 9. Add an NPC that automatically bets against you if no one else wants to take your bet. 10. a guy named KZRRR made a post about some RP ideas too. I'd recommend you look at it, cause the ideas aren't bad at all. 11. If a civilian gets there hands on a cop gun, they can sell it in the black market for a bit cheaper than the officer bought price 12. Eventhough hiring a Hitman is illegal, i think there should be a specific job just for people to kill anyone they hate or got them put in jail. How this works is, their is an NPC that you can give money to and select a name and a hired Hitman can come and choose the person they want to target. If tthe Hitman dies the task will have failed and the person that hired the Hitman will get their money back. If the Hitman doesnt die and completes their task (Without breaking RDM) they can go back to the NPC and claim the prize. I hope you guys like these ideas, comment what you think and comment some more ideas - Yours Truely, Bing
  6. TRADING | Bing Bong Boing

    More Ideas For RP

    1. Buyable papaver plants. I have a whole forum post on this idea right here 2. More things to do when you die. A few people have already made posts about this, my thought is that they extend the parkour length and add a red button to teleport you to spawn. i cant imagine it being that hard since i have messed around with SDK. heres a post on this topic. 3. So this one would only relate to cops and it isnt that big, it just bugs me everytime i buy something from the PD. When you buy something, say a XM for example it says Bough from police officer not Bought and it just peevs me 4. I think the killing someone when a gang member is tased rule is really annoying. multiple time have i tased someone to give a warning to or even tell them to stash their gun and been killed straight away. I think the rule is if you send a person to jail the gang member can kill you within a 5 minute period. 5. Cops should be given the ability to take heroin table in a raid. pretty simple, only Skyprah can take heroin table off the ground otherwise you have to have the owner of the house be online to pick it up and have you take it. 6. More ways to get money in your job (Except Drug Planter). All the jobs in the game dont really get the greatest money. except for the most illegal one, drug planter. Some people dont want to keep getting caught with weed or heroin table and lose so much money. but they cant take any other jobs because they dont pay a lot. i think jobs that need an upgrade are Medic and Garbage Collector. for medic i think it should be kinda like the cop where you get a couplde hundred every few mins and to stop people from going afk to get money, if you dont move for 5 - 10 mins you instantly get kicked from the job. Garbage Collectors should get more money depending on the lvl, 1 - 5 = $50/garbage 6 - 10 = $75/garbage 11 - 15 = $100/garbage 16 - 20 = $125/garbage 7. Add an ATM to the gamble room 8. Possibly make gamble room a gun free place, so you can not pull out your gun inside there unless you are a cop and you can pull out your tazer, it just makes is better so no RDMers kill you. 9. Add an NPC that automatically bets against you if no one else wants to take your bet. 10. a guy named KZRRR made a post about some RP ideas too. I'd recommend you look at it, cause the ideas aren't bad at all. I hope you guys like these ideas, comment what you think and comment some more ideas - Yours Truely, Bing
  7. TRADING | Bing Bong Boing

    Noise Complaints

    If you have been on the server in the past 24 - 48 hours and if youve been around the 250k building, then you probably have heard the 14 pianos playing at once in @Stephhh apartment. Now i know that im speaking for a lot of people when i say, NO ONE WANTS TO HEAR THOSE PIANOS! I have had multiple people tell me that they hate the sound and want it to stop. It annoys everyone that lives in that building and if you're trying to talk to anyone in your apartment, then they cant hear you cause of the pianos. @skyprah please help
  8. TRADING | Bing Bong Boing

    Addition To Drug Dealers

    How easy is it to get caught in the papaver feilds? it seems like every time there are more than 3 cops online, you just cant go to the papaver fields without having cops go there and arrests you for a fine of $200+ dollars. Heres an idea to take your heroin making business to another level. for 50k you can get 1 papaver plant, with 5 plants maximum to plant anywhere in your apartment. the cooldown will be slightly longer at 20 - 25 mins. Just so the cops can still make a living... the idea sounds a bit wonkers, but has a good concept behind it. After you get caught, dobbed on or raided, youll get 2k crime for each plant + extra crime for the papaver you have. You'll be able to buy them at the Black Market Vendor, under Zipties. Leave any suggestions, ideas and thoughts in the comments. This is mainly a thought for later after more things get added. Yours Truly - Bing
  9. TRADING | Bing Bong Boing

    200K Stolen By RDMER

    So me and a guy named Nitro were talking about doing a 100k coinflip, we finally got the confidence to do it. We go into the gambling room and i put 100k on heads. Nitro comes in and accepts it. i end up winning. and as i walk away to the bank cause i dont wanna die i get shot it the back by a shotgun and it is a guy named Stung Ma Rectum. he kills me and tries to kill Nitro but gets him to 10hp and runs out of ammo. Stung then procides to log off. now as im typing this Nitro tells me that he got banned. i dont want him banned i just want us to both have our money back. eventhough i won it, i dont care if i get all 200k. please support and comment.
  10. TRADING | Bing Bong Boing

    Whats hapeneing with rent?

    So since the RP servers are down and are going to remain down for 2 - 7 days, i'm concerned about if we are all going to lose our apartments, or if because the server is down it delays the rent time until it is back up. If any Admins or anyone who knows or can help, can you please comment. Thank You Yours Truly - Bing
  11. Ec1ipse

    How much money do you have?

    Just wondering how everyone is going money wise. In the comments put your money and your main job.
  12. Suck my jepsi DRY ..... please

    Suck my jepsi DRY ..... please Police form

    When i first joined the server i was a binmen and i slowly worked my way up the ranks to the heroin dealer i am now but i am over that life and want to fight crime . I'm a middle class role player just trying to make a living. I live in an apartment with my good friend Bing, i reckon there needs to be more law enforced in the RP town as there is far to much criminal activity. And my team and i should be the ones to do so.
  13. Hi! i am TRADING | Bing Bong Boing Mcgee, i have been on RP a couple days since it was out and i have been robbed and killed ever since i was on, although i haven't robbed anyone nor RDM'd anyone. its been a tough life on roleplay as I have changed jobs multiple times and gained/lost money. I started off as a drug dealer, growing weed wherever i could whenever i could. I eventually started growing heroin in a friends apartment, to save up for my apartment, and then my second apartment where i made heroin with friends. I eventually left this life behind and became a garbage collector, also giving away the little bit of money i've made. and i want to keep doing giveaways to give back to the community, and i want to do this whilst i'm helping the community by putting the bad people in jail that rob and kill. i have done both good and bad things in my life, but i think being a cop will make more good things then bad. Yours Truly - Bing
  14. Lobster

    Couple New Rule Ideas

    Been playing on this server for a week or so now and have noticed a problem with a few things, thought up of some rules that would make the game more enjoyable. -----------=-----------=-----------=-----------=-----------=-----------=-----------=-----------=-----------=-----------=-----------=-----------=-----------=-----------=-----------=-----------= Tasers - In my opinion tasers in this game are way too over powered. In almost any situation a cop can walk in and tase who ever they want without trouble, making it very hard to pull off certain criminal actions. There are no cooldowns on the taser and once you are tased there is pretty much nothing you can do, so a cop can pretty much follow you around until he either tases you, or you are forced to kill him and go to jail. (Very hard to kill a cop without any witnesses) I believe adding some sort of cooldown or reload to tasers would make them a lot more balanced. Crime - There needs to be a more detailed crime rule book for police, that states situations and how much crime you can give a player for said situation. or else a police officer can easily get away with giving you WAY more crime than you deserve. This has happened to me before, I have accidentally pulled out my gun in public for 1 second and an officer has let me off with a warning, but then 2 days later the exact same situation happened and a different police officer gave me 15k crime for it, took my illegal items and my weapon. Bs. By adding a more detailed ruled book of how much crime to give for certain situations would make the crime system a lot better. Demos - Why... why do we not have demos on this server. I understand that it is still in beta but this is something we need ASAP. Without demos almost EVERY player has to own recording softwear, which can be very hard for some people; If not, people get away with huge offences with absolutely no consequences. For example, a user by the name of "Brendon" came on the server and revenged RDM'd me for robbing him, and killed 5 other players and left, but nobody had it recorded, therefor he has still not been banned. The only way to avoid people breaking the rules at the moment is to have to record everything 24/7. If demos where added, mods and administrators would be able to check the demos, see who is breaking the rules and either warn or ban the player. -----------=-----------=-----------=-----------=-----------=-----------=-----------=-----------=-----------=-----------=-----------=-----------=-----------=-----------=-----------=-----------= These are just a few of my opinions on what would make this game better. Thankyou for taking the time to read this and let me know what you think could be changed or added in the comments. -Lobster
  15. skyprah

    Roleplay Changelog

    13.06.17 Police Barricades Buy able for 500 at the Police Weapon Vendor To set up, use the Item in the Inventory Use E (USE) to move the Barricade around Use Right Click (ATTACK2) to Stash again Disappear on ANY restarts/map changes Garbage Collector Perks Double Garbage 1: 20% chance to get another Garbage from collecting Double Garbage 2: 40% chance to get another Garbage from collecting Double Garbage 3: 60% chance to get another Garbage from collecting Double Garbage 4: 80% chance to get another Garbage from collecting Rare Loot 1: 1% chance to loot either lockpick, flashbang, hegrenade or smokegrenade Rare Loot 2: 2% chance to loot either lockpick, flashbang, hegrenade or smokegrenade Rare Loot 3: 3% chance to loot either lockpick, flashbang, hegrenade or smokegrenade Rare Loot 4: 5% chance to loot either lockpick, flashbang, hegrenade or smokegrenade More XP 1: 5% more XP for recycling Garbage More XP 2: 10% more XP for recycling Garbage More XP 3: 15% more XP for recycling Garbage Pickup Speed Boost 1: 10% more Speed for 3s Pickup Speed Boost 2: 15% more Speed for 5s Weapon Drop Chance: 1% chance to loot either glock, deagle, p2000, usp Drug Planter Perks Double Papaver 1: 10% chance to get another Papaver from Harvesting Double Papaver 2: 20% chance to get another Papaver from Harvesting Double Papaver 3: 30% chance to get another Papaver from Harvesting Double Papaver 4: 40% chance to get another Papaver from Harvesting Double Heroin 1: 5% chance to craft two Heroin Double Heroin 2: 10% chance to craft two Heroin Heroin XP 1: Additional 20 XP for crafting Heroin Heroin XP 2: Additional 40 XP for crafting Heroin Heroin Mix Speed: 2.5s faster Heroin Mixing
  16. skyprah

    Roleplay Rules Suggestions

    Roleplay Rules Police Rules Please leave you suggestions here for adjustments to rules or creating new rules. If you are suggestion a rule fix, please use the correct template when replying to this thread. Example below. General RP Rules You can not own more than 2 apartments. Also not through multiple accounts. If several apartments are available, all others will be deleted without mercy and released for other players. The lost items will not be refunded. You can not own more than 3 apartments. If several apartments are available, all others will be deleted without mercy and released for other players. The lost items will not be refunded. I think you should be able to own more than 2 apartments. (THIS IS AN EXAMPLE)
  17. skyprah

    Roleplay VIP Giveaway

    Take part in the RP VIP Giveaway by writing a short paragraph or more about your KZG RP character. You could include stuff like your job, past jobs, family, hobbies, goals, interests or whatever you want to write! Feel free to also include some suggestions or friendly feedback below coloured in green. 50,000 RP-Money Job change cooldown = 20 minutes (instead of the original 60) 5% more XP anywhere 50% pay less on apartment rent and can extend for two weeks (instead of one) VIP can open their own gear without paying for it Reserved slot on RP (10 VIP Slots) 10 VIP player models
  18. skyprah

    Roleplay VIP

    Roleplay VIP is separate from our other VIP package for our other servers due to the code not being owned by us. It is purchasable for $10 per month which includes the $50,000. IF you were to buy 2 months, you would receive the perks for 2 months + $100,000. We'll be working on some new features for VIP in the coming weeks. One feature will be only allowing VIP to purchase cars/motorbikes! Donating supports the community which helps contribute to our giveaways, projects and server costs 50,000 RP-Money Job change cooldown = 20 minutes (instead of the original 60) 5% more XP anywhere 50% pay less on apartment rent and can extend for two weeks (instead of one) VIP can open their own gang without paying the initial fee Reserved slot on RP (10 VIP Slots) Access to 10 VIP player models Payments can be sent to [Hidden Content] Please include your ingame name, also please PM @skyprah on the forums or steam.
  19. skyprah

    Police Rules

    POLICE RULES BETA 1. The police are friends and helpers, behave accordingly! 2. All policemen are expected to act as role models! This means that they must strictly follow all rules! 3. Purposely injuring innocent players leads to the removal from the police force! 4. A policeman has the right to interfere without notice in the event of violent crimes. 5. Players must be given an appropriate response time. 6. Depending on the number of policemen present, one should always be on the road. 7. Any kind of corruption leads immediately to the removal! 8. The rule "First speaking, then initiating further actions" is always to be undertaken! 9. The Taser may only be used on a suspicious player. The player must be addressed before touching. Constant and reckless use will lead to punishments. 10. Exception, is a situation of at least one policeman against 3 attackers / teammates. In this case, of course, one can be quickly taser one after the other in order to protect themselves and to avoid the injury / killing of other players. If a player draws a gun in the presence of an officer then they have the right to taser you. Please not guns should not be carried in public and will warrant suspicion/law breaking. 11. The killing of fellow players on the street is only allowed in extreme emergencies! These emergencies / exceptions are: when you are shot by a fellow player. if you are attacked by a group of players and do not have time, take each of them to tasers to remove their ability to run/do damage and to control the situation. if a player steals a police vehicle or is caught stealing and can not be stopped. 12. The sending of your own police equipment to players is prohibited and can lead to the removal! 13. In the context of little crime, it is at the discretion of the policeman whether the suspect is to be imprisoned or not. It is always fair and in the sense of the player to be decide. 14. Everyone arrested has the right to know why he was arrested. 15. Everyone who is arrested has the right to explain his situation. It is then in the hands of the policemen how they deal with the suspect. 16. The injuring of prisoners is not allowed. 17. In order to carry out raids, at least three policemen must be involved in the raid. 18. An apartment can not be stormed without warning. There must also be an urgent need for action. 19. You must a nonviolent solution. In the event of resistance by force, this may be returned.In hostage-taking, the life of the hostage has top priority! 20. Unrealistic or unlawful claims may not be considered. The principle of proportionality applies. 21. Police must try to stay in at least numbers of 2. This is not always the case though. Police should discuss amongst themselves the situation and how to deal with it. 22. In the case of robbery, the detection of the perpetrators has the highest priority. Raids are appropriate, but there must be a concrete suspicion. 23. The stolen property must be returned to the victim. 24. If a player is suspected of drug addiction, he must be dealt with as soon as possible. Raids are appropriate. 25. It is forbidden for policemen to camp at the poppy field. 26. Selling drugs to a dealer is not punishable. Can be suspicious. 27. At least 3 policemen must intervene in a bank bomb/robbery. 28. Each policeman is responsible for shooting a player. 29. Corruption is not tolerated and leads to removal from the police force. 30. Every policeman must play fairly and decides whether he has to pay a penalty to a player or to pay a fine. 31. The prisoner is to be released when paying a fine. 32. In the case of bombardment or attack, a policeman may use a weapon. 33. In the case of a bank robber, all the policemen present have to go to the bank. It should be noted here that existing roleplay situations are terminate
  20. skyprah

    Roleplay Rules

    Server Rules 1. We require you to play Roleplay with the understanding of being a human being. Every player is expected to have a healthy understanding at all times. Whoever is deliberately stupid or not does not have the correct understanding will be punished GOLDEN RULE: USE COMMON SENSE! 2. The trolling of players is prohibited in any way! This includes blocking doors/walkways, opening/closing doors, pestering players and blocking people with furniture etc. 3. Ignorance does not protect one from punishment! The admins and police on this server assume that every person who plays on the server knows the rules completely. 4. The exploitation of gaps in the rules is punished. Report these instead of using them. 5. Bug abusing of any kind is not allowed and must be reported as soon as possible. Exploiting bugs will lead to a full reset of your account and/or full backdate of the server's database. 6. Neither the Voice nor the chat may be abused. Music, screaming and spamming messages is not permitted. 7. An admin is to be treated in the RP like any other player/character! They have no other position or other rights. 8. Only English is spoken in voice and text chat. 9. Insults or racism are not accepted. Deal with each other fairly! 10. Do not kill rule breakers, instead announce/contact an admin. 11. Instructions from an admins must be followed! 12. External advertising (links in the name, the posting of links or the distribution via voice chat) is not allowed. 13. Any kind of fraud or scamming is punished with a permanent ban. 14. Cheats or hacks are not tolerated. 15. Donator items may not be passed on to non-donors or even sold. This includes VIP player models, if you’re caught trading a VIP model, you will lose your VIP and be punished. Anyone caught wearing a VIP player model and not being VIP will also be punished. 16. The Roleplay mode must be played with working audio. If you miss the announcement of the police, admins or other players in the voice chat because your audio does not work, you have to bear consequences. Always check in the console, if voice_enable 1 is activated. 17. You are not allowed to join on a second account after you have been banned (no matter what duration). Your ban will be increased in this case and your second account will be permanent ban. 18. Ban requests must only be posted on our forums in the correct section. The template must always be used. 19. A staff member has final say on all rule interpretations including those not explicitly stated in the rules. 20. Do not complain about staffing decisions in game, if you think their decision is unfair then make a report on the forums. 21. In game currency may not be sold or traded for real life items (Anything outside the server) 22. The use of furniture in your apartment: Must be set up realistically One way furniture to block windows is not allowed and will be deleted. Do not player block areas to stop people from entering doors/rooms. Furniture outside of your apartment zone/in walls will be deleted without warning General RP Rules 1. New-Life-Rule: New Life Rule applies to you when you die and means that you must not come back to the your death point within 10 minutes(or anywhere close to the location). You must also forget all previous experiences/events before your death. (Start with a fresh mindset) You can not return to your house if you died defending it from a raid until the raid is over. This also includes trying to kill players from a distance. After your death, you forget all past roleplay experiences that happened leading up to your death and including your death. You are not allowed to seek out and/or kill anyone involved in your RP death. Do not have your gang affiliation revenge your death Do not have a friend track down your killer and take revenge Do not tell people in teamspeak who killed you unless they were a witness You must do your best to avoid players who killed you for 30 minutes You can not return to the area you died at for 10 minutes Harsh punishments will apply to players who break these rules 2. Random Deathmatch: Random DeathMatch aka RDM means that a random attempt to injure or kill without any reason. All kills and shots fired must have a valid role-play reason, so use your common sense. Do not shoot or deal damage to a random player with no suitable roleplay reason. Maximum of 5 players can engage/attack police officers are any given time Hiring a hitman is classed as RDM and is not allowed Do not start insulting players with the intention of turning the situation into a fight. You may NOT kill someone in the public place. This includes areas such as the bank, back of the bank, hospital, shops, or any other public building with or without witnesses. Public places such as these are under 24/7 surveillance. An NPC is counted as a witness. Harsh punishments will apply to players who break these rules 3. Mugging: You may mug one player per 45 minutes. This includes your gang members who are included/standing near the original mugging. You may not mug the same person within 12 hours. Maximum mug amount is $10,000. If a player states they have no money and you kill them, if they provide evidence of this situation then the mugger will be banned for RDM. Think wisely before killing someone. You may NOT mug someone in the public place. This includes areas such as the bank, back of the bank, hospital, shops, or any other public building with or without witnesses. Public such as these these are under 24/7 surveillance. You may also not mug people on streets. All muggings must be done indoors in a closed off area with NO witnesses. Zip tying players in public is also not allowed. Hitmans are not allowed on the server. An NPC is a witness. You cannot assume that someone has a gun and then kill them because they did not give it to you. If you 100% know they have a weapon stashed and refuse to give it to you then that’s fine. If they didn’t have a gun you would then be banned, so you take the risk when mugging players. If you want to be a criminal who shoots people you will be dealt harshly by the police. If you are being mugged, you not hide the fact that you have any money or items of interest on you. If they ask for your gun and you have a gun stashed, you must give it to them. You cannot pretend to not have anything as it's unrealistic and not part of role play. Anyone found not following this rule will be banned. Any abuse reports against another person and you are abusing this rule, will be ignored. Please also refer to rule 17 - Fail RP. Do not Camp outside of someone's apartment Camp the black market/field Harsh punishments will apply to players who break these rules 4. Weapons may not be worn openly on the street. Have weapons stashed at all times. If you are seen with a weapon, police may arrest you as you are a threat to the public. 5. The entering of the poppy field is prohibited and is punished with crime / ticket. 6. Any type of attack must have a roleplay background. Just calling "raid" is NOT Roleplay. You cannot just randomly kill someone. 7. You can not own more than 2 apartments. Also not through multiple accounts. If caught then all others will be deleted without mercy and released for other players. The lost items will not be refunded. 8. Entering strange houses is at your own risk. If you do not leave the property after a clear request, you must deal with the consequences. Do not randomly shoot a player you find in your apartment, allow them time to leave. You must give them clear instructions to leave the property (multiple times) If the player says that they will leave then give them the required time to leave. You must try to deal with this situation by avoiding casualties. 9. Give each party an appropriate response time. That is, if you (on rule 7) asked someone to leave your house, give the person enough time to react! Instantly shooting counts as unnecessary killing of a player and is punished. 10. The intentional suicide/logging off to get out of a roleplay situation is forbidden. This includes typing kill in console or jumping off a building to avoid prosecution from police or another RP situation You are not allowed to log off during or just after a roleplay situation. You should wait at least 5 minutes for the situation to be completely over. Situations may involve longer wait times if you are being chased and hunted by Police Officers. Please report to an admin if you are no longer able to play so that the appropriate actions can be made so that the role play situation continues when you rejoin at a later date. 11. Please try to stick with a character / role. XP/Levels gained on your previous jobs will always stay the same so that you can return to the job in the future. 12. If you are tied/ziptied You can not use weapons / Tasers or similar items. Tell your friends on teamspeak or out of character chat, that you are ziptied. Out of character chat includes ingame chat which is used as a global chat and should not be used in a ziptied situation. 13. During an attack, it must be ensured that what has been said is heard and understood by the opposing party. 14. A police officer patrolling by himself may be attacked by a maximum of 2 players, must involve RP situation. If you kill an officer in RP, it is considered the worst offence and will result in a large amount of crime. If an officer reports to his fellow officers the name of the attacker via radio before he dies , then your character will be added to the wanted list which result in you being hunted by the police station until justice has been served. If a witness to the Police murder reports the attackers name to the police station then the attacker will be hunted by the Police force. Players should be looking for a peaceful solution for such things as a bank attack, disputes or police raids/attacks. If you gang member is being arrested, it may be in your interest to just let him be arrested for his small amount of crime. If you attempt to kill and officer and fail you will get 5k+ crime. If you attempt to break someone out of prison, it is only to be done with a maximum of 5 people. If you kill and officer and he reports it via radio prior to dying or a witness sees the murder and reports it to another officer then you will be added to the wanted list and hunted by police and given 10k+ crime for killing a police officer with no chance of bail. If you escape jail your crime will double. Think wisely! 15. A hostage may only be taken if at least 3 policemen are online the server. A Random must be appropriate and may consist of a maximum of $15000 for Officers and $10,000 for civilians. Only money may be requested during a hostage situation and must be paid by police officers. Only one hostage may be taken at any given time. 16. Unauthorized entry into the police building is strictly forbidden for civilians! You are allowed in the waiting room (with the glass window) Visiting hours are decided by police and can be whenever they like. You will be searched upon visiting a player. Police may taser any unauthorised player found in the police station and search them. First offence will result in a fine or warning. Repeat offenders will be arrested and put in jail It can be considered an attack if you are found in the police station 17. Any illegal activity is pursued by the police. This includes eg. The cultivation / possession / removal of drugs, the production of other drugs and much more. Planting plants in public/roads/footpaths is against server rules. 18. Do not Fail RP. If someone attempts to mug you, you can not un-stash a gun and kill the mugger. This is "Fail RP". (If you already have your gun in your back pocket, then you may pull it out) Stashing a gun from your backpack is unrealistic as in a actual scenario you would of been shot before you could pull it out. Potentially a delay when taking a weapon from your backpack may be implemented in the near future. 19. During a bank raid There may only be 5 players robbing the bank Before the bank heist the robbers must try to remove all other players from the bank without killing them. You can zip tie or threaten them to leave. During a bank robbery all other players that are not apart of the robbery must leave the bank and are not allowed enter the bank - breaking this rule will result in a ban. All players not involved must stand on the other side of the road opposite the bank if they would like to watch. Random players can not join in on the bank heist nor can they kill or attack the police if they are not apart of the 5 players attempting the heist. 20. Following Police around is counted as pestering. You will be asked to stop and if you continue you will be tasered and searched. 21. Getting caught in the restricted areas of the banks (behind the counters or the back of the main bank) will result in getting tasered, searched and possibly given a ticket or jail time depending on your criminal history and contents of your backpack. Getting caught with lockpicks will also result in crime/tickets or jail time depending on your prior history and situation. 22. Gangs: Walking around in a gang of 4+ can result in being searched by police for weapons/drugs without warning. There is a serious issues in the city in regards to gangs, murders and criminal activities which has resulted in this rule. Being an active gang member in a top gang can result in police raids on your apartment or being targeted by police. Gang members from other gangs can not save you or someone from being arrested. This includes killing the police officer who is arresting a member from another gang or a non gang member. You can only protect your own gang members. If you choose to protect your gang then face the consequences. 23. Crime: Extremely high crime is now a bannable offence. This rule has been put in place to prevent the endless cycle of cop killers from escaping and re offending over and over again. Due to these cop killers with large amounts of crime which is breaking the game play of the server. Players are refusing to pay their fines and are repeat offending as they just get broken out of jail with no repercussions. These players are making the crime system redundant. Players now found with over 75k crime, will be temporarily banned from the server. *This rule may change completely in the new future as the crime system is remodeled. Killzone Gaming Terms of Service

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