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Roleplay Rules

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Server Rules


1. We require you to play Roleplay with the understanding of being a human being. Every player is expected to have a healthy understanding at all times. Whoever is deliberately stupid or not does not have the correct understanding will be punished


2. The trolling of players is prohibited in any way! This includes blocking doors/walkways, opening/closing doors, pestering players and blocking people with furniture etc.

3. Ignorance does not protect one from punishment! The admins and police on this server assume that every person who plays on the server knows the rules completely.

4. The exploitation of gaps in the rules is punished. Report these instead of using them.

5. Bug abusing of any kind is not allowed and must be reported as soon as possible. Exploiting bugs will lead to a full reset of your account and/or full backdate of the server's database.

6. Neither the Voice nor the chat may be abused. Music, screaming and spamming messages is not permitted.

7. An admin is to be treated in the RP like any other player/character! They have no other position or other rights.

8. Only English is spoken in voice and text chat.

9. Insults or racism are not accepted. Deal with each other fairly!

10. Do not kill rule breakers, instead announce/contact an admin.

11. Instructions from an admins must be followed!

12. External advertising (links in the name, the posting of links or the distribution via voice chat) is not allowed.

13. Any kind of fraud or scamming is punished with a permanent ban.

14. Cheats or hacks are not tolerated.

15. Donator items may not be passed on to non-donors or even sold. This includes VIP player models, if you’re caught trading a VIP model, you will lose your VIP and be punished. Anyone caught wearing a VIP player model and not being VIP will also be punished.

16. The Roleplay mode must be played with working audio. If you miss the announcement of the police, admins or other players in the voice chat because your audio does not work, you have to bear consequences. Always check in the console, if voice_enable 1 is activated.

17. You are not allowed to join on a second account after you have been banned (no matter what duration). Your ban will be increased in this case and your second account will be permanent ban.

18. Ban requests must only be posted on our forums in the correct section. The template must always be used.

19. A staff member has final say on all rule interpretations including those not explicitly stated in the rules.

20. Do not complain about staffing decisions in game, if you think their decision is unfair then make a report on the forums.

21. In game currency may not be sold or traded for real life items (Anything outside the server)

22. The use of furniture in your apartment:

  • Must be set up realistically

  • One way furniture to block windows is not allowed and will be deleted.

  • Do not player block areas to stop people from entering doors/rooms.

  • Furniture outside of your apartment zone/in walls will be deleted without warning



General RP Rules


1. New-Life-Rule:


New Life Rule applies to you when you die and means that you must not come back to the your death point within 10 minutes(or anywhere close to the location). You must also forget all previous experiences/events before your death. (Start with a fresh mindset)


You can not return to your house if you died defending it from a raid until the raid is over. This also includes trying to kill players from a distance.


  • After your death, you forget all past roleplay experiences that happened leading up to your death and including your death.

  • You are not allowed to seek out and/or kill anyone involved in your RP death.

  • Do not have your gang affiliation revenge your death

  • Do not have a friend track down your killer and take revenge

  • Do not tell people in teamspeak who killed you unless they were a witness

  • You must do your best to avoid players who killed you for 30 minutes

  • You can not return to the area you died at for 10 minutes

Harsh punishments will apply to players who break these rules


2. Random Deathmatch:

Random DeathMatch aka RDM means that a random attempt to injure or kill without any reason. All kills and shots fired must have a valid role-play reason, so use your common sense.


  • Do not shoot or deal damage to a random player with no suitable roleplay reason.

  • Maximum of 5 players can engage/attack police officers are any given time

  • Hiring a hitman is classed as RDM and is not allowed

  • Do not start insulting players with the intention of turning the situation into a fight.


You may NOT kill someone in the public place. This includes areas such as the bank, back of the bank, hospital, shops, or any other public building with or without witnesses. Public places such as these are under 24/7 surveillance. An NPC is counted as a witness. 

Harsh punishments will apply to players who break these rules


3. Mugging:

  • You may mug one player per 45 minutes. This includes your gang members who are included/standing near the original mugging. 

  • You may not mug the same person within 12 hours.

  • Maximum mug amount is $10,000. If a player states they have no money and you kill them, if they provide evidence of this situation then the mugger will be banned for RDM. Think wisely before killing someone.


You may NOT mug someone in the public place. This includes areas such as the bank, back of the bank, hospital, shops, or any other public building with or without witnesses. Public such as these these are under 24/7 surveillance. You may also not mug people on streets. All muggings must be done indoors in a closed off area with NO witnesses. Zip tying players in public is also not allowed. Hitmans are not allowed on the server.  An NPC is a witness.


You cannot assume that someone has a gun and then kill them because they did not give it to you. If you 100% know they have a weapon stashed and refuse to give it to you then that’s fine. If they didn’t have a gun you would then be banned, so you take the risk when mugging players. If you want to be a criminal who shoots people you will be dealt harshly by the police.


If you are being mugged, you not hide the fact that you have any money or items of interest on you. If they ask for your gun and you have a gun stashed, you must give it to them. You cannot pretend to not have anything as it's unrealistic and not part of role play.  Anyone found not following this rule will be banned. Any abuse reports against another person and you are abusing this rule, will be ignored.


Please also refer to rule 17 - Fail RP.


Do not

  • Camp outside of someone's apartment

  • Camp the black market/field

Harsh punishments will apply to players who break these rules


4. Weapons may not be worn openly on the street. Have weapons stashed at all times. If you are seen with a weapon, police may arrest you as you are a threat to the public.


5. The entering of the poppy field is prohibited and is punished with crime / ticket.


6. Any type of attack must have a roleplay background. Just calling "raid" is NOT Roleplay. You cannot just randomly kill someone.


7. You can not own more than 2 apartments. Also not through multiple accounts. If caught then all others will be deleted without mercy and released for other players. The lost items will not be refunded.


8. Entering strange houses is at your own risk. If you do not leave the property after a clear request, you must deal with the consequences.

  • Do not randomly shoot a player you find in your apartment, allow them time to leave.

  • You must give them clear instructions to leave the property (multiple times)

  • If the player says that they will leave then give them the required time to leave.

  • You must try to deal with this situation by avoiding casualties.


9. Give each party an appropriate response time. That is, if you (on rule 7) asked someone to leave your house, give the person enough time to react! Instantly shooting counts as unnecessary killing of a player and is punished.



10. The intentional suicide/logging off to get out of a roleplay situation is forbidden.

  • This includes typing kill in console or jumping off a building to avoid prosecution from police or another RP situation

  • You are not allowed to log off during or just after a roleplay situation. You should wait at least 5 minutes for the situation to be completely over. Situations may involve longer wait times if you are being chased and hunted by Police Officers. Please report to an admin if you are no longer able to play so that the appropriate actions can be made so that the role play situation continues when you rejoin at a later date.



11. Please try to stick with a character / role. XP/Levels gained on your previous jobs will always stay the same so that you can return to the job in the future.


12. If you are tied/ziptied

  • You can not use weapons / Tasers or similar items.

  • Tell your friends on teamspeak or out of character chat, that you are ziptied. Out of character chat includes ingame chat which is used as a global chat and should not be used in a ziptied situation.


13. During an attack, it must be ensured that what has been said is heard and understood by the opposing party.


14. A police officer patrolling by himself may be attacked by a maximum of 2 players, must involve RP situation.

  • If you kill an officer in RP, it is considered the worst offence and will result in a large amount of crime.

  • If an officer reports to his fellow officers the name of the attacker via radio before he dies , then your character will be added to the wanted list which result in you being hunted by the police station until justice has been served.

  • If a witness to the Police murder reports the attackers name to the police station then the attacker will be hunted by the Police force.

  • Players should be looking for a peaceful solution for such things as a bank attack, disputes or police raids/attacks.

If you gang member is being arrested, it may be in your interest to just let him be arrested for his small amount of crime. If you attempt to kill and officer and fail you will get 5k+ crime. If you attempt to break someone out of prison, it is only to be done with a maximum of 5 people. If you kill and officer and he reports it via radio prior to dying or a witness sees the murder and reports it to another officer then you will be added to the wanted list and hunted by police and given 10k+ crime for killing a police officer with no chance of bail. If you escape jail your crime will double. Think wisely!


15. A hostage may only be taken if at least 3 policemen are online the server.

  • A Random must be appropriate and may consist of a maximum of $15000 for Officers and $10,000 for civilians.

  • Only money may be requested during a hostage situation and must be paid by police officers.

  • Only one hostage may be taken at any given time.


16. Unauthorized entry into the police building is strictly forbidden for civilians!

  • You are allowed in the waiting room (with the glass window)

  • Visiting hours are decided by police and can be whenever they like. You will be searched upon visiting a player.

  • Police may taser any unauthorised player found in the police station and search them. First offence will result in a fine or warning. Repeat offenders will be arrested and put in jail

  • It can be considered an attack if you are found in the police station


17. Any illegal activity is pursued by the police. This includes eg. The cultivation / possession / removal of drugs, the production of other drugs and much more. Planting plants in public/roads/footpaths is against server rules.


18. Do not Fail RP. If someone attempts to mug you, you can not un-stash a gun and kill the mugger. This is "Fail RP". (If you already have your gun in your back pocket, then you may pull it out) Stashing a gun from your backpack is unrealistic as in a actual scenario you would of been shot before you could pull it out. Potentially a delay when taking a weapon from your backpack may be implemented in the near future.


19. During a bank raid

  • There may only be 5 players robbing the bank

  • Before the bank heist the robbers must try to remove all other players from the bank without killing them. You can zip tie or threaten them to leave.


During a bank robbery all other players that are not apart of the robbery must leave the bank and are not allowed enter the bank - breaking this rule will result in a ban. All players not involved must stand on the other side of the road opposite the bank if they would like to watch. Random players can not join in on the bank heist nor can they kill or attack the police if they are not apart of the 5 players attempting the heist.


20. Following Police around is counted as pestering. You will be asked to stop and if you continue you will be tasered and searched.


21. Getting caught in the restricted areas of the banks (behind the counters or the back of the main bank) will result in getting tasered, searched and possibly given a ticket or jail time depending on your criminal history and contents of your backpack. Getting caught with lockpicks will also result in crime/tickets or jail time depending on your prior history and situation.


22. Gangs: Walking around in a gang of 4+ can result in being searched by police for weapons/drugs without warning. There is a serious issues in the city in regards to gangs, murders and criminal activities which has resulted in this rule. Being an active gang member in a top gang can result in police raids on your apartment or being targeted by police.

  • Gang members from other gangs can not save you or someone from being arrested. This includes killing the police officer who is arresting a member from another gang or a non gang member. You can only protect your own gang members. If you choose to protect your gang then face the consequences.

23. Crime:  Extremely high crime is now a bannable offence. This rule has been put in place to prevent the endless cycle of cop killers from escaping and re offending over and over again. Due to these cop killers with large amounts of crime which is breaking the game play of the server. Players are refusing to pay their fines and are repeat offending as they just get broken out of jail with no repercussions. These players are making the crime system redundant. Players now found with over 75k crime, will be temporarily banned from the server.

*This rule may change completely in the new future as the crime system is remodeled.

Killzone Gaming Terms of Service

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