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Trouble in Terrorist Town Server Rules





What is TTT?

Trouble in terrorist town, or better known as TTT is a gamemode that consists of three roles; Traitor, Innocent and Detective.

The purpose for the Traitor is to try and kill as many Detectives and Innocent players as possible, whilst making sure they do not get caught doing so.

The purpose of an Innocent member is to stay alive. Whilst doing this, they will look for suspicious players that may be Traitors.

The purpose of a Detective is to further investigate suspicious players. They are able and encouraged to purchase items that will further assist the investigation.

The round is ended if either of these scenarios occur: All Traitors die OR all Detective and Innocent players die OR a Detective is the last player alive.


General Rules

  • Players should use common sense at all times.

  • Staff Member/s word is final. - Continuously arguing with admins decisions despite multiple explanations will result in a kick.

  • Be respectful to all other players as bullying and/or abuse is not tolerated on any of our servers. Please note that Admins will not be able to interact with abuse or bullying if they did not see it happen. In this case, please make a thread on the forum with valid evidence.

  • Do not spam voice chat or game chat. This includes any voice changers, bad microphones or playing any music over your microphone - Will result in a temporary mute.

  • Do not advertise others servers or websites. Please ensure before joining you do not have any websites in your team tag and/or name as you may be asked for it to be taken off by admins.

  • RDM is not allowed and will result in a slay.

  • Mass RDM is not allowed and will result in a 3 day ban. (I.e: You RDM 3 or more players)

  • RDM and leave will result in a ban - The length of the bans will go up in conjunction with the amount of RDM's before leaving.

  • Do not intentionally delay any round - regardless of your role, delaying is a slayable offense. If you are stuck somewhere please type ‘kill’ in console.

  • Do not exploit any maps - do not go into places that would normally not be accessible.

  • Do not use props to gain an advantage - Please ensure that you do not use props to kill other players. Prop surfing IS allowed as long as you are not using it to exploit the map/server.

  • Do not RDM (Random Deathmatch). - Do not kill players for no reason. You may also not kill players because they are acting suspicious.

  • Do not ghost or metagame.

  • Participating in a traitorous act allows other players to kill you - This is regardless of your role. (i.e: You as an innocent try to kill someone).

  • Do not kill AFK players.


Detective/Innocent Rules

General Detective and Innocent Rules

  • DI1: You may not RDM (Random Deathmatch, look below for vocabulary explanations).

  • DI2: Do not team damage or damage players without a valid reason.

  • DI3: Do not call a player KOS unless he/she has killed or attempted to kill.

  • DI4: You may not kill off suspicion.

  • DI5: Detectives must actively fulfill their role.

  • DI6: Do not traitor-bait (look below for vocabulary explanations).

  • DI7: Blocking players from moving is not allowed. The player being blocked must give the blocker 10 seconds to move. If they do not move by the 10 second counter they may be shot.

  • DI8: Revenge RDM is not allowed and will result in a slay/ban if it occurs multiple times.

  • DI9: Do not call KOS based on a player's location.

Claiming Areas

  • DI9: As a Detective you are allowed to claim an area - The area claimed may only be a room or a portion of a floor. The only people allowed in the area are Detective and proven Innocent players. This must be done via the in-game chat.

  • DI10: The Detective MUST give all other players 10 seconds to abide by the order - The Detective must say where the room is that is being claimed. They must do so via the in-game chat.

  • DI11: Killing players in the claimed area before the 10 seconds will be considered an RDM.

Live Checks

  • DI12: Live check may only be commenced by a Detective or an Innocent, twice a round maximum.

  • DI13: Live checks must be commenced via the in-game chat and voice communication at least once each.

  • DI14: The only time a player can be killed for not responding during a live check is if the Detective states so. (i.e “If you fail to respond during this live check you will become KOS.”)



Traitor Rules

General Traitor Rules

  • T1: Do not intentionally kill other Traitors. If found doing so you will be slayed.

  • T2: Do not “snitch out” any of your fellow Traitors to any Detective or Innocent players. You are a team!



Traitorous Acts

The following acts will allow you to be killed and called KOS

  • TA1: Attempting to kill someone as an Innocent or Detective without a valid reason will result in you being called KOS.

  • TA2: Killing someone without a valid reason will result in you being called KOS and slayed the following round for RDM.

  • TA3: Throwing HE Grenades or Molotovs towards players will result in you being called KOS.

  • TA4: Falsely calling someone KOS.

  • TA5: Hiding bodies will result in you being called KOS.

  • TA6: Using props or other map objects to harm/kill players will result in you being called KOS.

  • TA7: Blocking players after a 10-second warning is not allowed. Doing this will result in you being called KOS.



Common Phrases

RDM or Random Deathmatch - Killing someone without a valid reason. (I.e: You kill a player that did nothing wrong)

Mass RDM - The RDM of 3 or more people. This results in a 3 day ban.

KOS - Any player called KOS is to be killed on sight.

Revenge RDM - The act of killing someone for something they did in a previous round.

Traitor Baiting - Committing traitorous acts that may/may not make someone believe you are a traitor.

Metagame - Using third party communication programs to gather information about the round.

Ghost - Being told round information by a dead player.

Blocking - Blocking a player from moving through a doorway, floor or any other path.



Important Commands

!ws - Shows you the weapon skins menu

!knife - Shows you the valve knife weapon menu

!changetag - Shows the menu for chat tag

!colors - Shows the menu to change colours of the in game chat

!shop - Shows you the TTT shop

!tradio - Shows you the Traitor Radio options

!ttt_radio - Shows the radio for all players

!credits - Shows you how many credits you have

!karma - Shows you how much karma you have

!status - Shows what role you are to yourself only

!id - Shows that you are innocent in chat to all players

!log - Shows the last rounds log

@ <msg> in team chat - Direct message to admins

!rank - Shows you what rank you are on GameMe

!place - Shows you what place you are on the GameMe leaderboards


Useful Binds

Bind <key> sm_shop

Bind <key> sm_tradio

Bind <key> sm_id

Bind <key> ttt_radio




Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. I heard someone kill someone else with an M4A1-S. Am I allowed to kill the next person I see that has an M4A1-S?

  1. No. This would be killing of suspicion and is not allowed. You cannot be 100% certain that the person you saw was the Traitor.

Q2. I killed someone who was an innocent but he was called KOS. Do I have to slay or does the person who called him KOS have to slay?

  1. The person who called the player KOS must slay. You were simply following KOS orders.

Q3. Someone RDM’d me for no reason last round and is refusing to slay. Am I allowed to kill the player this round?

  1. No. This is called Revenge RDM and is highly frowned upon. Doing this could result in a slay or ban.

Q4. Someone just mass RDM’d. What do I do?

  1. Immediately take screenshots of the console log at the end of the round or record the incident and make a ban request. Make sure you have adequate proof and vouching members.

Q5. Someone is exploiting. What do I do?

  1. Make sure you tell the player to stop. If he/she continues after the warning take adequate screenshots and make a ban request.

Killzone Gaming Terms of Service


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