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Police Rules

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      1. The police are friends and helpers, behave accordingly!

      2. All policemen are expected to act as role models! This means that they must strictly follow all rules!

      3. Purposely injuring innocent players leads to the removal from the police force!

      4. A policeman has the right to interfere without notice in the event of violent crimes.

      5. Players must be given an appropriate response time.

      6. Depending on the number of policemen present, one should always be on the road.

      7. Any kind of corruption leads immediately to the removal!

      8. The rule "First speaking, then initiating further actions" is always to be undertaken!

      9. The Taser may only be used on a suspicious player. The player must be addressed before touching. Constant and reckless use will lead to punishments.     

      10. Exception, is a situation of at least one policeman against 3 attackers / teammates. In this case, of course, one can be quickly taser one after the other in order to protect themselves and to avoid the injury /              killing of other players. If a player draws a gun in the presence of an officer then they have the right to taser you. Please not guns should not be carried in public and will warrant suspicion/law breaking.

      11. The killing of fellow players on the street is only allowed in extreme emergencies! These emergencies / exceptions are:          

            when you are shot by a fellow player. 

            if you are attacked by a group of players and do not have time, take each of them to tasers to remove their ability to run/do damage and to control the situation.

            if a player steals a police vehicle or is caught stealing and can not be stopped.


      12. The sending of your own police equipment to players is prohibited and can lead to the removal!

      13. In the context of little crime, it is at the discretion of the policeman whether the suspect is to be imprisoned or not. It is always fair and in the sense of the player to be decide.

      14. Everyone arrested has the right to know why he was arrested.

      15. Everyone who is arrested has the right to explain his situation. It is then in the hands of the policemen how they deal with the suspect.

      16. The injuring of prisoners is not allowed.

      17. In order to carry out raids, at least three policemen must be involved in the raid.

      18. An apartment can not be stormed without warning. There must also be an urgent need for action.

      19. You must a nonviolent solution. In the event of resistance by force, this may be returned.In hostage-taking, the life of the hostage has top priority!

      20. Unrealistic or unlawful claims may not be considered. The principle of proportionality applies.

      21. Police must try to stay in at least numbers of 2. This is not always the case though. Police should discuss amongst themselves the situation and how to deal with it.

      22. In the case of robbery, the detection of the perpetrators has the highest priority. Raids are appropriate, but there must be a concrete suspicion.

      23. The stolen property must be returned to the victim.

      24. If a player is suspected of drug addiction, he must be dealt with as soon as possible. Raids are appropriate.

      25. It is forbidden for policemen to camp at the poppy field.

      26. Selling drugs to a dealer is not punishable. Can be suspicious.

      27. At least 3 policemen must intervene in a bank bomb/robbery.

      28. Each policeman is responsible for shooting a player.

      29. Corruption is not tolerated and leads to removal from the police force.

      30. Every policeman must play fairly and decides whether he has to pay a penalty to a player or to pay a fine.

      31. The prisoner is to be released when paying a fine.

      32. In the case of bombardment or attack, a policeman may use a weapon.

      33. In the case of a bank robber, all the policemen present have to go to the bank. It should be noted here that existing roleplay situations are terminate    





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