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Gardener Level 20

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First person to reach level 20 gardener? I think Naga is pretty close too


For the numbers people who want to know if the job is worth it or whether they should grind gardener:

At level 20 Gardener you can plant 12 Pumpkins, which gets you 9k everytime you sell (Seeds cost $200, selll for $750, 6.6k profit overall)

Takes 15 minutes for all plants to grow in gardener job.

155 coins per harvest in the Garden patches. This gets you $3875 every 7-8 minutes, you would typically get about 7 of these harvests in an hour if you are on to it.

Overally you can make about 50k an hour at level 20 gardener without having to put too much work in.


Harvester and miner next ;) Aim is to get all jobs level 20 and all player models. No player models for Garbage Collector and Gardener job yet.


My Job stats:

Drug planter: Level 21 (max)

Garbage collector: Level 21 (max)

Gardener: Level 20

Medic: Level 7

Harvester: Level 5

Miner: Level 3

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fuckkk yeah, Whats the next job gonna be? ;)

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'Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don't.'  — Bill Nye


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18 minutes ago, Naga said:

fuckkk yeah, Whats the next job gonna be? ;)

Harvester hahaha, fuck my life! Need a few more perks for it if you ask me ;)

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