Paintball would be usefull for ct's when they say "rush to my bullet shot & button freeze" it would be much easier to see.

Good for custom lr example :


Flower Game


Anyone familiar with runescape you might have come acorss this game in the past


Way the game method would work, is a T does !lr then selects the Flower Game option

The T & CT are given a Gun with 5x bullets similar to shot 4 shot

The T will then shoot 5 times on a wall or selected area with " painball enabled "

Lets say the T shoots  ●●●


Then its the CT's Turn and he Shoots  ●


The T would win  with a  Triple Flower of Pink


You could also work with the method of   " Doubles " ●●

Made By @ VelxinOne



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need paintball added in the !store or have a custom LR of it

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Paint balls for CT's should definately be added. there are alot of fun/exciting ways to use it. A benefit is that it's very fast and accessible, describing locations/coordinates are easy by spraying at the "area". Games similar to the one's rockii described can be use for LR or games that can be played during a round. Paintballs are much easier to spot than regular bullets as they have a wide colour pallet, drawing destinct tones.

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