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[H1Z1 Updates] Game Update V1.9.X - Shotty Snipers Makes Its Return!

Killzone Gaming Bot
Shotty Snipers Arcade Mode
A fan favorite makes its return this week. Drop in, loot up, and get ready to fight. It is time to put both your close quarters and your long range shots to the test. Are your short and long range skills up to the task?

Dynamic Safe Zone Tuning Phase 1
Dynamic safe zones are getting opened up a bit with this patch. When a match starts in dynamic mode the first circle (gas wall) will be at 1.5x its old value. This will open up the starting area a bit more and allow a little breathing room. This is step one of our tuning on dynamic zones. Phase 2 changes will be up on later today.

Tradable Skins Wave 2 Unlock
First patch of the month means it is time to unlock the next wave of tradable skins.

Skins unlocking this week:
Hugz Needed Scrubs Cap
Kurama Medical Scrubs Shirt
Kurama Medical Scrubs Pants
Kurama Medical Scrubs Cap
Happy Skull Scrubs Cap
Happy Skull Scrubs Pants
Happy Skull Scrubs Shirt
Military Scrubs Shirt
Military Scrubs Cap
Military Scrubs Pants
Mask of The Zombie King
Mask of The Scarecrow

Death Hype
You will find a new option in your audio settings today called "Play Death Screams". In short what this does is give you that extra bit of satisfaction as you hear the final guttural scream from your enemy as they are eliminated. Precautions: May cause hurt cheeks and side splitting laughter, enable at your own risk.

New Hosted Games Operators
Join us in welcoming 3 new members to our already amazing group of Hosted Games operators. Today we add KookyClown, THEBETTYMEINN, and SICKOfps.

Bug fixes
The Bubble Military Backpack animation has been fixed. Gone are the days of bubbles coming out of your feet. The bubbles will now originate from the bubble wand.
Fixed the tint on the Black Racing Shorts.
Various minor world fixes

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