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morpheus's Unban Appeal

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Steam Account Name: morpheus
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:8550693

Alternate Accounts: STEAM_0:1:30773003

Server Group: AIM 
Server:  Retake

Date / Time of Ban: 12-17-16 04:46

Admin that Punished You: N/A

Reason for Ban: SMAC BHOP

Why I should be unbanned / unmuted: Was mis-banned an extremely long time ago. for bhopping by SMAC. Also appealed it through sourcebans a while ago however never followed it up. I know this sounds like a bullshit common story (apart of dtk and was apart of CG a/c panels), read through this

Been involved, and admin'd on DTK servers since 2010, also apart of the DTK and CG A/C panels. Still apart of DTK A/C panel to date. We stopped using SMAC because of this exact reason. VALVe has been able to detect bhops since almost the beginning of go. Have only ever been banned from your servers. Been playing csgo for god knows how long. Only have ever held these 2 accts. Devo about this.

KZG retakes servers are really the only online servers now, I was playing STIPE because i couldnt get onto these ones. Gallus servers suck, have FPS lagg from the loads of plugins. Hoping this can get resolved so I can peacefully play on your retake servers.

Hoping someone with some in-depth knowledge of SMAC and VAC, can be referenced. It can be set off with high sensitivenes/continous movement. Not only this, but theres no such thing as 'bhop scripts', rather they come within cheat packages but never as 'bhop', more often speed hacks etc. If I used this, I wouldnt have been able to dodge VAC at the instant, letalone the kagillion ban waves. Dont know how i set it off, was afew years ago, i was probably trying to give it a crack, im not sure.


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Hi morpheus,

Your hope of finding someone with some decent knowledge of how SMAC works has been answered.

Firstly, "theres no such thing as 'bhop scripts'" is a huge misunderstanding of what is going on.

There are 3 basic types of Bhop cheating:

  1. Bhop Scripting (Autohotkey spamming +jump when a specific key is pressed)
  2. Bhop macro (Razer synapse spamming +jump at specific intervals constantly)
  3. Bhop hack/cheat (sends +jump command at the earliest tick available when you hit the ground)

The last of which triggers a SMAC Autobunnyhop ban after (by default) roughly 20 detections. This is shown by these lines of code:

// Player jumped on the exact frame that allowed it.
if (fCheckTime[client] > 0.0 && fGameTime > fCheckTime[client])
AutoTrigger_Detected(client, METHOD_BUNNYHOP);

This is why I have repeatedly said, this trigger CANNOT be achieved by mouse wheel scrolling. It sure as hell CANNOT be set off by high sensitivities (nothing to do with the detection method) or continuous movement. 

As for comments like: "VALVe has been able to detect bhops since almost the beginning of go"

Of course they have, they also have been banning people who inject cheats like auto bhop hacks since the beginning of CS:GO. Detecting AHK or software +jump spammers is a little more difficult and isn't always 100% (and is the reason why we have admins to ban for 2 weeks for these infractions).

If I have gotten anything wrong, feel free to correct me.

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Pantha, thanks for your response.

Dont know how else I could convey my position...

SMAC, specifically bhop cheats is bypassed by all paid cheats very easily. You know this, youre no idiot obviously. Adding an extra tick delay to attack, sending clicks as events rather than isc's etc etc.. tonnes of avoidance code online, thanks to SMAC's open source which you kindly posted.

Assuming I used a paid cheat - SMAC caught me, unlikely. 

Assuming I used free cheat - caught by SMAC, but not by VAC? Maybe i got lucky. 

We can sit here and argue this to see who has the bigger sword, but a waste of time.  I dont know what else to say, hopefully you can see past this, and use my background and time played as enough of a pre-req for an unban. If not, then youredoing your job as best you see fit    and as seriously (to what extent do we go for this), making it a case of it is what it is, which is.... AIDS servers for me :D


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Just not sure what you expect from us.

In order for this ban to trigger, you need to have a cheat that doesn't bypass SMAC and in your words: "bhop cheats is bypassed by all paid cheats very easily."

Look at it from our perspective.

We have a ban from SMAC, an anticheat that has an extremely low false positive rate. To a point where I have personally never seen a false positive from the bunnyhop trigger.

User says originally: Hey, wasn't cheating. SMAC can be set off by high sensitivity and continuous movement (objectively false)

User then says: Hey, what are the chances I was using a shit cheat and didn't get VAC banned. 


You legitimately offer no real tangible evidence or even argument that would even offer a reason to why SMAC would trigger a bunnyhop ban which requires you to have hit +jump on the first tick available, every tick, for a minimum of 20 ticks (20 jumps) IN A ROW. Maybe that's because given your AC experience, there just isn't an explanation to it. In my mind, you used a cheat a long time ago, got caught and want an unban all the while knowing there is no real evidence or reason for us to unban given cheating is a permanent ban.

If you do have a legitimate claim to why this ban was a FALSE ban, please make another unban appeal but based off the information you provided this will be denied.

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