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Discord Nitro Boosting Perks

Discord Nitro Boosting Perks

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By boosting the KZG discord you will be rewarded with a bunch of perks from us to say thank you! You can only boost one server at a time. You need a discord nitro subscription to boost a discord. You can find out more information about it here.


Perks you'll receive:

  • Discord Booster Role (choose between 3 different colours)
  • Change your nickname
  • Pick 5 custom emojis to add to the server
  • Private voice channel
  • Priority ticket support
  • VIP on KZG servers* 
  • Boost Squad rank on the forums
  • Boost Squad forum award
  • Booster group icon
  • VIP forum perks
  • & more to come



The benefit of you boosting the Killzone discord:



Level 3 perks are out of our reach so we intend to maintain our level 2 perks which require only 10 users boosting. 


How to claim your perks?

Submit a ticket on the KZG discord and wait for a response from our support team. 


Thanks for boosting 


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