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Drone Bomb Me

[AWP] Drone Bomb Me's Moderator Application

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Drone Bomb Me

Steam Account Name:  Drone Bomb Me
Steam ID:  STEAM_0:1:60734622

Age:  19
Sex: Male

Desciption of Myself: quiet cheerful guy with incredible aim on his good days and not so much on his bad days 😉

Qualities I bring to Killzone Gaming  no tolerance for toxicity of any kind and im never afraid to ask for a second opinion or own up to a mistake

Why I Deserve to be Part of Killzine Gaming:  i can work as part of a team irl and online, while bring a cool and calm approach to tough situations and proving valuable input to a group discussion. i'm always eager to learn new approaches to doing things and love being apart of the kzg community and although i don't talk much i do speak up when i feel someone is out of line. i like involving myself in the csgo community as much as i can and feel i have grown a lot as a person since i first joined kzg servers, and continue to grow still. i believe i have the possess the maturity to take on the role and prove myself to fellow mods, while always making sure to not take the role too seriously and only use my role as a mod when absolutely necessary.

Play-Time on Server Group:  19 hrs
Times Usually Played on Server Group:  7pm - 3am

Vouching Staff on Server Group:  Nala
Vouching Players:  colour

Have Read Server Group Rules:  Yes
Have Met Server Group and Application Requirements:  Yes
Have working Microphone:  Yes

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incorrect answer

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Never seen you personally on and don’t really know you. There is room for more effort into the application so I’ll leave it at -neutral

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