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[AWP] Amaterasu's Ban Report

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Your In-Game Name: Poichan
Your Steam_ID: STEAM_1:0:441970232

Their In-Game: Amaterasu
Their Steam_ID: STEAM_1:1:446324167

Reason(s): Walling at awp_vietnam

Proof / Evidence / Witnesses: Pugoi - in the video
Anony - i was behind the wall
and idk how he shoot through it and kill me
i mean it so hard to actually where enemy was behind that wall lul

He was already called out before i was recording, so he probably toggled it off.
He occasionally shot through the walls as shown in the recording, its usually hard to hit through the spawn boxes, and he tried to shoot through it when the terrorist just crosses his crosshair.
He also had a small flick/aim movement even though there was no one.

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