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Avocado 4 Life

[] Avocado 4 Life's Unban Appeal

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Avocado 4 Life

Steam Account Name: Avocado 4 Life
Steam ID: STEAM_STEAM_1:1:147782470

Alternate Accounts: STEAM_

Server Group:  

Date / Time of Ban: 08-06-18 06:46

Admin that Punished You: ADMIN nosey

Reason for Ban: walls

Why I should be unbanned / unmuted: I am so sorry first in 2018 i was was not using walls i was using a friend 2nd im am truley sorry and im 13 and i am never cheating in my life again
i cant do this anyways because my friend needs the account and rarely uses his acount and 3rd I hope you see this and ill never cheat i promise of the bottom of my heart if i get one more time ill will never ask to get unban because 2 bans will not get me unbaned so ill never do this ever again . ♡


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