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[] Rippa Rimmy Rom Ram Rim Rem Rum's Unban Appeal

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Steam Account Name: Rippa Rimmy Rom Ram Rim Rem Rum
Steam ID:

Alternate Accounts: STEAM_

Server Group:  
Server:  Retake

Date / Time of Ban: 2/10/19

Admin that Punished You: Automatic From Server

Reason for Ban: I have been advised by Paradiso my ban was due to duplicate account.

Why I should be unbanned / unmuted: I had accidentally played while connected on my VPN, I usually turn it off before I play CS as it causes lag. I have forgotten to turn it off a few times whilst playing on your servers. I wasn't aware that playing on a VPN will cause me to get banned. I will make sure I turn my VPN off in future before playing.
This is a revised ban appeal of my previous one as my info was all over the place in my last one.


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