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GU Patrol TD42T

[SKILL] GU Patrol TD42T's Unban Appeal

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GU Patrol TD42T

Steam Account Name: GU Patrol TD42T
Steam ID: STEAM_Belshnick

Alternate Accounts: This is my main but I have another basic profile.

Server Group: SKILL 
Server:  Retake

Date / Time of Ban: 8/10/2019

Admin that Punished You: Not Sure, Doesn't Say

Reason for Ban: I think it was BHOP Scripts. (Whenever I try to view the ban and login through steam I logs me out straight away making me unable to view the ban.

Why I should be unbanned / unmuted: Because I'm loyal, I don't like proper cheat and i'm active and friendly to other people in the servers. Have been playing on KZG servers (1v1 and Retakes) for over a year on other account. Would love it if I got unbanned or worst case i'll jump on my non prime account. Look the truth is I'm really sorry and THIS WILL NOT HAPPEN AGAIN. Please show some grace as all my friends use your servers aswell. Thank You.


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