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[SKILL] GriZ's Moderator Application

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Steam Account Name:  GriZ
Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:160336955

Age:  17
Sex: Male

Desciption of Myself: I am a 17 Year old Male, I like to have a joke but I can be serious and mature when needed, I bring the skills required to make KZG a better server for everyone to play.

Qualities I bring to Killzone Gaming  I bring many Qualities to KZG. Being able to have a joke being one, meaning I will bring the server to a tighter community as a whole. I have many other qualities too such as being able to be serious if someone is being abused in a racist way, or if they are being personally attacked.

Why I Deserve to be Part of Killzine Gaming:  I would be active a lot and be able to handle peoples needs well. I can also be mature and crack a joke, I will be able to adapt to any situation in a matter of seconds and believe I will make a change for the better on KZG. I have 1,956 hours on CS:GO and I know how to deal with situations like Toxic Players, Abusive Players and other situations maturely and politely. If further action is needed to be taken I am easily contactable and have time to contact others. I can be mature when needed.

Play-Time on Server Group:  6 days 01:18:38 hours
Times Usually Played on Server Group:  Most days, 3:00-9:00, Thursdays I have off work so I can be actively online through the day.

Vouching Staff on Server Group:  I'm Obi
Vouching Players:  I'm Obi, Sky_, Mom's Spaghetti, Mini_jaquans, Unfazeable

Have Read Server Group Rules:  Yes
Have Met Server Group and Application Requirements:  Yes
Have working Microphone:  Yes

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