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[SKILL] woods's Unmute Appeal

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Steam Account Name: woods
Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:54491292

Alternate Accounts: STEAM_1:1:71497436

Server Group: SKILL 
Server:  Hard

Date / Time of Ban: 08-25-19 20:07

Admin that Punished You: Tito

Reason for Ban: I was perm silenced in exchange for an unban to just be able to surf.

Why I should be unbanned / unmuted: Well it's been almost 2 months and i have been actively surfing on the servers despite my inability to talk. A have spoken to a few people since coming back through steam chat that would probably say I've changed and i'm not toxic like i was once. But since I've been maining the hard and expert servers, i'd like to request to be ungagged at least. I'll happily stay muted, but as one of the "better" surfers on kzg, i could really help the others on the hard servers where i'm unable to now since i can't offer them tips and show them how to do certain skips.
Thank you :)


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+1 don't really see a problem in ungagging at the very least. Pretty easy to regag if he were to ever re-offend. 

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