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[SKILL] caav's Unmute Appeal

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Steam Account Name: caav
Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:146323442

Alternate Accounts: STEAM_

Server Group: SKILL 
Server:  Hard

Date / Time of Ban: 20/8/2019 12pm

Admin that Punished You: Obi

Reason for Ban: rtv'd kitsune2, told Obi he was too shit to finish it anyway, muted for 24 hours

Why I should be unbanned / unmuted: admin abuse


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I've got a clip of it. you were being a toxic elitest child. sit the day ban. not like you contribute anything useful in voice comms anyway.

Having problems in life and need to let it out? Send me a DM, I'm always available to listen! You're not alone! #KickOn

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