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[MINIGAMES] phatгaт's Unban Appeal

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Steam Account Name: phatгaт
Steam ID: STEAM_76561198876818087

Alternate Accounts: STEAM_none

Server Group: MINIGAMES 
Server:  Minigames

Date / Time of Ban: a couple months ago

Admin that Punished You: speed.toggle

Reason for Ban: becuase some told me to type in console

Why I should be unbanned / unmuted: it was a setup


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Firstly, no idea why you decided to post two of almost the exact same ban appeal but anyway.

Secondly that isn't your steam ID so here ya go, I'll just do all the work for you: STEAM_0:1:458276179


You were indeed banned for the speed.toggle command which I know of others that have been unbanned for it. Should be unbanned even though you're stupid enough to type in the command.

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