[COMBAT SURF] ⓂMrⒽ︎HurlsⓏueS's Unmute Appeal

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Steam Account Name: ⓂMrⒽ︎HurlsⓏueS
Steam ID: STEAM_

Alternate Accounts: STEAM_1:1:179306077

Server Group: COMBAT SURF 
Server:  Combat Surf

Date / Time of Ban: friday 8th 11.00

Admin that Punished You: reedaNZ

Reason for Ban: cause i was playing on and person who started the mrhurls is a terrorist then it offended me so i called him a nigger but i just get pissed cause i dont like being called that way so next day i come on this friday i come on at night and reeda perma silent me becaues i was being racist i was but braided was too he pissed me off by calling me a terrorist terrorist is racist at the same timr

Why I should be unbanned / unmuted: cause braided called me a racist word witch is terrorist if poeple dont like it then dont say it so i tried not to say ok nigger and the reason i should be unsilent cause i want to talk in mic talk in chat but what if i want to say hi but i had to defend myself i dont take terrorist as my word i say things back look braided made me got silents he knew i was not going to get perma silents and he got me silents so pls i want to be unsilent i dont deserve this :(


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Being angry isn't a valid excuse.
You've been previously muted and banned for greater than a week for this sort of behaviour.
The last two times you said you would change, this usually lasted about a week.
No remorse or any real action on you changing your ways has earned you this silence.





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