[SKILL] oh double w oh's Unmute Appeal

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Steam Account Name: oh double w oh
Steam ID: STEAM_

Alternate Accounts: STEAM_0:0:145956658

Server Group: SKILL 
Server:  Easy

Date / Time of Ban: 10/11/2019

Admin that Punished You: [email protected]

Reason for Ban: my friend got muted for something he didnt say so i asked him to unmute him then he muted me for calling the owner retard although i didnt. i was just trying to help my friend from being falsely muted.

Why I should be unbanned / unmuted: i shouldnt be muted for 1 week for something that i didnt do, same with my friend. blank is on a power trip because he has perms although i dont think hes mod anymore pls delete his perms .


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You said, and i quote


" im sure i can complain to the retarded skyprah "


" no i f#%$ing hate him "


Your friend was muted, it's not your problem so you shouldn't be getting involved. It also doesn't look good on you when you lie in your unban appeal. i won't be messaging again since you clearly did what you said you didn't do.

Technician by trade, gamer by night...





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