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[] otis's Unban Appeal

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Steam Account Name: otis
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:69430258

Alternate Accounts: STEAM_0:1:420665001

Server Group:  

Date / Time of Ban: 02-22-18 10:49

Admin that Punished You: Nyalon

Reason for Ban: doxxing

Why I should be unbanned / unmuted: I am a long time member probably having an older forum account than 99% of people and have supported this community all throughout the early start it had, I am an ex staff being admin on 3 servers and used to love playing KZG. Perviously I got banned for doxxing a moderator under the name of hayley, I doxxed his snapchat to the server and trolled with him, I do agree this was very dickish of me and that I should have not done it. But this was more then 1 year ago and I have matured greatly since my ban, it would be very appreciated if I could be unbanned as I would love to play on one of my favourite communitys again and have the past enjoyment I once recieved from this old and very dominate community.
Thank you for your time, regards.


🙂 no need to be mad buddy

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I feel like If this where to be considered and appealed, you would mostly likely be perma silenced. Up to the higher ups. 





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