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Fast Ed

[MORDHAU] Fast Ed's Unban Appeal

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Fast Ed

Steam Account Name: Fast Ed
Steam ID:

Alternate Accounts: STEAM_

Server Group: MORDHAU 
Server:  1v1 Duels

Date / Time of Ban: 10:00 am 26/11/19

Admin that Punished You: ψ | Judge

Reason for Ban: Not given

Why I should be unbanned / unmuted: Judge was standing still either AFK or typing something, right near where I was dueling another player. As duels go we moved around when dueling and not paying attention to our surroundings, so I tried to do a drag and looked away from my opponent and swung around blindly to try to get my opponent to mistime their parry. When my maul swung around it went right into Judge's head killing him instantly. Im guessing he thought I was ffa and kicked me instantly without any reason and perma banning me. Its ridiculous that admins can just stand anywhere afk and not expect to get hit, and then to put the blame on good dueling players like me. I also want to point out that I was getting ffaed by some naked people with zweis who I didnt see get kicked let alone banned, but I hope did get banned after I was. There have been many instances where the entire server has been ffa lately, when I have been trying to duel, I hope something can be done about this happening. Thanks mate, Fast Ed


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