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[every single server] cxxchie's Unban Appeal

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Steam Account Name: cxxchie
Steam ID: 

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Alternate Accounts: STEAM_NONE

Server Group: MINIGAMES 
Server:  BHop

Date / Time of Ban: 11-24-19 11:40

Admin that Punished You: SOURCE

Reason for Ban: it says duplicate account but i dont have one. the only thing i think why it says duplicate account is because me and my friend have the same name but onw word is different so sorry about that i have changed my name so can i please be unbanned

Why I should be unbanned / unmuted: i should be unbanned because the only reason i was banned is becuase i apparently had a duplicate account but i actually dont and i have multiple houra on the server and i really enjoy playing on your servers and i am always nice to the community.


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I cant find the ban in our records. If you could, please link the 'duplicate account' name so i can check once again but at the moment the account you linked above "cxxchie" isnt banned on any servers

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