[MORDHAU] TRAXXESS's Moderator Application

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Steam Account Name:  TRAXXESS
Steam ID:

Age:  18
Sex: Male

Desciption of Myself: I'm a 2nd-year electrical apprentice that enjoys playing Mordhau after work. I have played for 3 different competitive teams, but i currently play for Trident and will be competing in the Mordhau league.

Qualities I bring to Killzone Gaming  I can bring an active admin with a great understanding of the game mechanics, so I can help duel servers be fair for all and prevent quick starting and FFA.

Why I Deserve to be Part of Killzine Gaming:  I have played this game since release now and have witnessed the player base die down since then. I would like to help the most popular duel server (KZG) stay alive and have active members that know their dueling experience won't be ruined by trolls. I have personally played on the KZG servers and witnessed some great admin work but sometimes admins just aren't available, and the server can be terrorized by FFAers and salty duelers.

I would moderate the KZG servers on a very regular basis as I practice on duel servers nearly every day. I would only remove people from the server if I have witnessed the offenses myself but I would first give them a warning in chat. This is to make sure that the offender knows that they are in the wrong and they know they know the consequences if they continue what they are doing.

The absolute main reason that I would like the privilege to become a moderator of the KZG dueling servers is so that the experiences of newer players are not ruined by the actions of free-for-all players who only want to cause havoc in the server. These sorts of players are the reason that this great game's player base is going downhill so fast.

Thankyou Traxxess

Play-Time on Server Group:  over 100
Times Usually Played on Server Group:  After work 1600 - 2400
When not working up to 6 hours a day

Vouching Staff on Server Group:  Shyft
Vouching Players:  BigRedFred

Have Read Server Group Rules:  Yes
Have Met Server Group and Application Requirements:  Yes
Have working Microphone:  Yes

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Effort?? Nani???






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