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[AIM] Swifter /7/'s Unban Appeal

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Steam Account Name: Swifter /7/
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:130696990

Alternate Accounts: STEAM_1:1:424249979, STEAM_1:0:434811996, STEAM_1:0:229534625, STEAM_1:0:458997985, STEAM_0:0:130696990

Server Group: AIM 
Server:  FFA DM

Date / Time of Ban: 02-05-18 07:09

Admin that Punished You: CONSOLE

Reason for Ban: I got banned for using a bunny hopping hack on a ffa dm server over a year ago

Why I should be unbanned / unmuted: It was a long time ago and i used to really enjoy playing on your surfing servers and i miss the community on there, also i haven't used any cheat in 500 days as you can see from the alt accounts except for one which is my current smurf.


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