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[STEAM] Brutalskillz's Abuse Report

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Your In-Game Name: Jagd
Your Steam_ID: 76561198202917856

Their In-Game: Brutalskillz
Their Steam_ID: 76561198045346927

Reason(s): Abuse of admin role on mordhau servers. Liberal use of the gun and retaliation against him was met with a 12 hour ban. He aimed a gun at me for no reason so i swung at him, he then shot me and banned me for 1000 minutes. Game: Mordhau

Proof / Evidence / Witnesses: Brutalskillz has agreed to be a witness, he will admit to his actions and defend himself accordingly. It can alse be seen i have a 1000 minute ban on one of the KZG mordhau servers as of the time of this report.

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Friendly Guy

I do agree that a 12 hour ban is overkill for this type of matter.

As for him abusing his "parrythis" command.. This kind of thing is currently in trial and if admins are found abusing it i will straight up remove it from the server. Context does matter with these situations and they can quite easily get out of control. To you it may seem like hes shooting randoms in the server but to them it could just be a fun game of chase the guy with the gun, which happens quite often and it is something that alot of people enjoy doing.

I will speak to brutal about this matter and get back to you. 

For a quicker response on these matters i suggest using the discord ticket system as i check them every spare moment i get. 

Use the support tab and follow the prompts. 

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Interesting.. :) 





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On 18/01/2020 at 12:46 AM, Jagd said:

He aimed a gun at me for no reason so i swung at him, he then shot me and banned me for 1000 minutes.


I had just respawned, and spawned in my gun in order to shoot a player using a ballista on one of the towers. (Grad) Jagd came up to me, and started florishing (emote to initiate 1v1 duel) and I used the "No" voiceline, along with the disapprove emote.(Character wiggles finger too say no.) As I went to walk away and deal with the problem at hand, I was smacked in the back of the head with a greatsword. I turned around to see Jagd starting to swing at me again, so I swiftly shot him.

The 1000 Minute ban may have seemed excessive, but it was in order to remove the player from the server, so I could deal with the other players causing issues. This occurred at 11pm, meaning that the 16 hour ban would have finished at about 4pm the next day. Keeping in mind, this ban was only from one of five of our servers, and there was nothing stopping him from connecting to another server to continue duelling.

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