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[MINIGAMES] bubba's Ban Report

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Your In-Game Name: vulture.
Your Steam_ID: STEAM_1:1:89435509

Their In-Game: bubba
Their Steam_ID: STEAM_1:1:528542419

Reason(s): using a "moving clan tag" meaning you have to be injected with cheats you use it, (yes i know you can do the bind where it changes tag but hes doing it with mine and my group is private) 

also yesterday he was blatantly telling me in Vc that he was cheating and wanted to hvh me

Proof / Evidence / Witnesses: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MuHjKFSEhyE

video quality had a bit of a fit i guess, but can still tell that its changing between anyones possible tag on the server

Edited by vulture.
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+1 I was convinced he was cheating but couldn't get enough evidence for my liking, this is enough on top of what I have for a ban. If you need me to supply my evidence I can.

Thanks vulture:)




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