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[AIM] mihjlobbe's Unban Appeal

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Steam Account Name: mihjlobbe
Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:190987262

Alternate Accounts: STEAM_NONE

Server Group: AIM 
Server:  Casual Competitive

Reason for Ban: trolling greifing not listen to staff.

Admin that Punished You: Aim Admin Yassuo

Reason for Ban: trolling greifing not listen to staff.

Why I should be unbanned / unmuted: I should be unbanned because i am fairly new to kzg i've only ever played on the easy surf server and i wanted to try something new so i came onto the casual competitive server and i saw people emoting in spawn when the round started then i saw people getting banned and i thought they were somehow cheating so i thought nothing of it then the next round i was emoting again for about 30 seconds and thats when i got banned.


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You and your group ruined the game for at least 15 other players. You were warned and you were aware of the consequences, you also disconnected once your posse started getting banned in an attempt to evade it.


Despite your whole group being warned about a ban you continued knowing the moderators could only kick you.

Ban length is one week and six days for all involved. 





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