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[OTHER] SuperSoc's Unban Appeal

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Steam Account Name: SuperSoc
Steam ID: Sully.#5633 (Discord Ban)

Alternate Accounts: 

Server Group: OTHER 
Server:  Other

Reason for Ban: I am honestly not sure. I would assume for general toxicity.

Admin that Punished You: Skyprah (i think)

Time: 2018

Why I should be unbanned / unmuted: Hello. Its been a little while. This to be is more of an apology than an unban request. I was looking at my old groups and friends on my steam account, and I came across a little group know as "Killzonegaming Combat Surf" and I clicked on it and it took me back to 2017. It made me laugh, but also cringe at all the degenerate stuff I had done after I had left the staff team. I want to apologize to @b1n and @bubbles but in particular, I want to apologise to @skyprah who had to deal with my toxicity. Its been quite a while since this thread "https://killzonegaming.com/forum/topic/5065-banned-on-discord/" has had any action, but I think i have served my time and deserve to be unbanned from the discord. Also, not to sure if they are still popular but join my club: 



Edited by Super_Soc

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I've spoken to him recently regarding as he is an old friend.

He has changed his ways and is reformed. Would be nice to see Super_Soc active in the community again he's generally quite active on discord. 

Good Luck


Fedora and his E-Girl Army United.

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Hi Super_Soc,

I will be looking into this one for you and will advise how it pleads.



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