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[AIM] ThatAintFalco's Moderator Application

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Steam Account Name:  ThatAintFalco
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:20490560

Age:  28
Sex: Male

Desciption of Myself: Long time lover of FPS. Avid Gamer. Good CSGO community presence. I consider myself a very fair and honest person. I'm very easy going and am not easily triggered and deal with conflict situations logically and professionally.

Qualities I bring to Killzone Gaming  Reliability: I'm extremely active and can supervise the server at unstaffed hours if needed.
Friendliness: I've played CSGO for a long time and I like to think of myself as a respectful, mature and easy going person. I tend to have a good rapport with the community.

Why I Deserve to be Part of Killzine Gaming:  I've noticed people being abusive via text and mic and I feel I could help moderate the server to limit the toxicity to make it more welcoming to both new and frequent players. I would also be able to assist with the removal of cheaters from the server. I think I would be a good fit to the Killzone staff team because I frequently am on both the Retake servers and the Aim maps whilst warming up for competitive/faceit or just to simply unwind. I have a good rapport with a few of the regulars on the server and I like to think I'm a fairly neutral person so if it was to come down to it I wouldn't kick for personal reasons it would always be with evidence.

In the past I have had admin experience through the organization and management of my own Call of Duty team. This enabled me to deal with a number of issues including server bullying/abuse, possible cheating and griefers. I feel like this experience is directly transferable to being a moderator for KZG.

I have some experience in using source bans from my time in TF2. Due to knowing a KZG admin personally, they have assisted me in understanding the disciplinary system and what is and isn't acceptable on KZG servers and the forums.

I am proficient with shadowplay and understand the importance of gathering evidence to back-up my decisions or claims when moderating the server, in order to show to the more senior staff.

In my time playing on the KZG retakes servers I have noticed a lack of admin or moderator presence. I want to help and keep the community fun and friendly for everyone but without a mod online there isn't much anyone can do to prevent the toxicity from spreading. I feel like I can fill that gap.


Play-Time on Server Group:  Aim 1 v 1 : 13 hours, Retakes: 2 days., Retakes Executes: 12 hours

Times Usually Played on Server Group:  My availability varies, however I can usually attend the server in short notice.

Vouching Staff on Server Group:  Mr Awesome,

Vouching Players:  Taz_Dawg, Shifto , Wurls, Timuwu , Pine, Blurple, Tal

Have Read Server Group Rules:  Yes

Have Met Server Group and Application Requirements:  Yes

Have working Microphone:  Yes

Are you currently a Staff Member within another Community:  No ,  

Edited by ThatAintFalco

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Mr Awesome

+rep Known Falco for almost 3 years, very mature and easy going guy, would make a great mod.

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-1 Played a scrimmage against him and he was so toxic, definetly not someone you want on your admin team. 

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My Name is Tito

Hi Falco, please get in touch with me via Discord or Steam (Discord prefferably) :) 

Yours Truly,

My Name is Tito
Management | Killzone Gaming


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