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[SCUM] Beandog's Moderator Application

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Steam Account Name:  Beandog
Steam ID: beandon123

Age:  18
Sex: Male

Desciption of Myself: I enjoy lengthy hours of gaming and wish to help you administrate the Scum Killzone server. I believe I hold the responsibilities and values that meet with your requirements.

Qualities I bring to Killzone Gaming  A bit of spice; I can keep the server interesting by creating some in-game events and remaining active. Scum Pro; I've been playing Scum since release so I know I can help with any modifications that must come to the server, I have a lot of knowledge of the game and have been following it closely since its launch. Responsible; I will not abuse my admin power as I have had my own experiences with abusive admins in Scum and strongly believe it ruins the game, I want to maintain a positive environment for the game.

Why I Deserve to be Part of Killzine Gaming:  I deserve to be apart of Killzone Gaming’s staff team because I wish to bring something new to the server and be apart of a community. I’ve noticed Killzone’s Scum server has been spiking in popularity recently and decided to play on it, the admins are great to talk to and I think I could be a part of that to grow the server even more. Some of my traits are; creativity, good working with a team or independently, proactive, responsible, quick learner and a fast problem solver. I also have experience with admin control in the past on other game servers, I have helped moderate a previous Scum server in its earlier days and also ran my own Minecraft server which started with close friends to then expand into something larger (roughly 50 people logging a day). I also ran a large discord server with 100+ members last year but recently created a new one with just closer friends as the other server lost traction. I have been playing a lot more Scum lately and have been trying to find something to maintain my interest and I firmly believe being an admin would do that. From talking to other admins, I understand you don’t get to play the game as much, but I don’t mind, I have already played the game a lot and feel admin of a server is the next step for me. I also respect Killzone Gaming’s rules and regulations for each of their servers, as they are quite fair and work well. I will strictly follow and enforce these rules, and will not favour any players (even friends, although they do not play much which is why I’d like to get this role). Altogether, I believe I deserve to be a part of Killzone’s team because I have the qualities and experience to do it successfully and efficiently.

Play-Time on Server Group:  Roughly 70+ hours

Times Usually Played on Server Group:  Depending on the situation with school. Off School - Any day and any time (probably a couple hours per day, but sometimes about 6 hours so far.). During School - Some days after 4pm and possibly 2-5 hours each weekend day at any time.

Vouching Staff on Server Group:  zippy6234

Vouching Players:  zippy6234

Have Read Server Group Rules:  Yes

Have Met Server Group and Application Requirements:  Yes

Have working Microphone:  Yes

Are you currently a Staff Member within another Community:  No ,  

Edited by beandog
Adjusted my hours played as I have played a lot recently.
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Beandog is proving to be a really good candidate for another admin to join our team he knows the game really well and is pretty active and helps out where he can,he is also a streamer and brings a few extra players on our server, myself and zippy have spoken to him about this role when he has asked so he understands what its like to admin our server he would be a nice addition to the team as our server is now begining to grow in numbers 

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Yes, beandog seems to be right for an Admn position. I had even noticed him letting people know our scum server rules etc, when he thought there was no Admin online at the time.

It is worth given beandog a go, even if you give him 3 or 4 week probationary position, to see how he goes.


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please contact me on discord @ruthles_kila#0003. 


Community Director

Teamspeak: ts.killzonegaming.com

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