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José M. Hernández

[AIM] José M. Hernández's Unban Appeal

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José M. Hernández

Your in-game name: José M. Hernández

Your Steam_ID: STEAM_0:1:81832644

Any smurfs/alternate accounts that you have: STEAM_STEAM_

Discord Handle: El Chapo#6793 

Server Group: AIM

What server were you banned on? -SELECT-

Staff Member that Punished You:  It says ADMIN DELETED in place of the staff name I dont know who it was

Reason for Ban: Inappropriate Language

Why I should be unbanned / unmuted: I dont even remember the ban at all, just got back into csgo and i found alot of the full servers with good maps im banned from. Im not a dickhead like i was 3 years ago so id be keen to hop back on. Thanks


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Killzone Gaming Bot

Hi José M. Hernández,

A member of the Management Team will look in to your Unmute / Unban Appeal.

In the mean time please wait for a responce from someone on the team.

The Unmute / Unban Appeal process usually takes 1-2 weeks.

DO NOT try to bump this post and / or harrass a member of the staff team to have a look at your application.

- Killzone Gaming Management

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