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[SKILL] jordaN's Moderator Application

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Steam Account Name:  jordaN
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:767
Discord Handle: jordy#7099

Age:  29
Sex: Male

Desciption of Myself: Reserved but confident individual, by day I'm a Project Manager for a resources department within TOLL Mining - by night I usually have a few games of surf to unwind and MM with a few friends. I've been apart of 3 organizations and had administrator status on said organizations. These were Revolution Gaming Australia, GameArea, and TGBL; ranging from the years 2002-2008. Weekends, depending on workload me and my partner go travelling quite a substantial amount, whether it be camping or for purely for fun. We have a fish called finely (he has fins), a black German Shepherd named Mahina and many disputes about cleaning up dog poo.

Qualities I bring to Killzone Gaming  Since I'm getting close to being 30 now - I would say I'm fairly responsible and mature. Nevertheless, I'm able to enjoy CS. I'd consider myself able to be held accountable, I hold a margin of humility to the people that warrant it. I believe all good decisions are made on logic and character, not by feeling. This may be due to my nature of work, but it still applies to CS. Ergo, I bring a sense of maturity and experience to a realm of CS I've never really experienced or moderated before. However, I am willing to give it a shot and put my best effort in regardless of circumstance. I have ample free time now as the COVID affects all sectors of my business - it gives me time to game more, spend time with friends, and more importantly, surf!

Why I Deserve to be Part of Killzine Gaming:  Deserve is a strong word here, and I'll apply it liberally - based on what I've mentioned above, all I can offer is an adult who is able to distinguish between behavior that is and isn't acceptable which of course pertains to the server guidelines.

Play-Time on Server Group:  1 days 09:43:28 hours on surf, and I believe a few more on Retakes and 1v1.

Times Usually Played on Server Group:  Monday to Friday [7-10pm]
Saturday to Sunday[5pm-2am]

Vouching Staff on Server Group:  

Vouching Players:  triGGa

Have Read Server Group Rules:  Yes

Have Met Server Group and Application Requirements:  Yes

Have working Microphone:  Yes

Are you currently a Staff Member within another Community:  No ,  

Edited by jord(",)

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Killzone Gaming Bot

Hi jord(",),

We wish you all the best in your Staff Application!


The Staff Application Process usally takes between 2-3 weeks upon making an application.

- Killzone Gaming Management

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CL | trigga

+rep on this man, always active
this application is written better than any essay I've done through school and uni, how can you not accept him.
and can definitely vouch that he'll hold up to them standards.


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+1 great skill person and would be an excellent addition to the admin team.

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+1 someone of this age & maturity would be a great addition to the team as he will calmly and maturely be able to control the busy servers. as an older player he also stands as a great role model to the younger players which most aspire to be, having someone like Jord in a staff position would help shift the behaviour of players on the server. with Jord's previous admining experience across previous communities, I don't see why he doesn't deserve a trial. gl

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+1 have seen him around and seems like a good bloke. He'd be great staff

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