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[AWP] FatKitty HippityH's Unban Appeal

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Your in-game name: FatKitty HippityH

Your Steam_ID: 76561199032774900

Any smurfs/alternate accounts that you have: STEAM_noneSTEAM_none

Discord Handle: HippityHoppitus#2656 

Server Group: AIM

What server were you banned on? AWP - AWP AU

Staff Member that Punished You:  CONSOLE

Reason for Ban: [KillZone-AntiCheat]: Cheating Infraction

Why I should be unbanned / unmuted: Wrongfully banned as I was hopping around with my skills and was shooting with AWP on the AWP AU server. And I get a good no-scope kill and then I get banned. This account is my new main as my main account: Hippity H got banned a while ago as my friend wanted to play competitive because he had a cool-down on his one.  But on this account I have never ever cheated I play almost everyday and have over 1500 hours overall in my experience of CSGO. I don't know how it was a cheating infraction but I know it was a wrongfully ban accusation as I am NOT CHEATING, i'm just playing on the AWP server because it's fun I don't use any cheats I don't have anything to do with it. I don't know if the anti cheat picks up these kind of things such as these shots that I have made etc. but I know it was a wrong ban. I would like to get unbanned as I am 100% a legit player and was not cheating at all.

Here is a link to my other account:  https://steamcommunity.com/id/HOPPITUS

I have never cheated on any KZG servers and I never will. I just want to hop onto retakes and jam with my mates. I enjoy playing KZG, I play on it every single day and then I just get a message saying I got banned. Please help.




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Added extra information.

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Killzone Gaming Bot

Hi HippityHoppitus,

A member of the Management Team will look in to your Unmute / Unban Appeal.

In the mean time please wait for a responce from someone on the team.

The Unmute / Unban Appeal process usually takes 1-2 weeks.

DO NOT try to bump this post and / or harrass a member of the staff team to have a look at your application.

- Killzone Gaming Management

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Hey I'm Kora ❤

Hey bud, may I ask the reasoning behind the Vac ban on your second account? 

Gamers Haven -

- Steam -

pokemon pika GIF

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