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    Killzone Gaming Newsletter (DEC/JAN)

    • Killzone Gaming Bot
    • By Killzone Gaming Bot

    Today we will be introducing the first-ever KZG Newsletter.

    This Newsletter will consist of news regarding Notable Promotions,

    Blurbs from our Head Admins/Managers, Introductions and Farewells and much, much more!

    Interested in becoming a part of the KZG Public Relations Team? Great! Express your interest with @Cam or @My Name is Tito


    Do YOU want to be interviewed for the next KZG Newsletter? You can do so by messaging @Cam or @My Name is Tito

    Did YOU do something amazing on KZG and want it to be noted in the next NEWSLETTER? Send a message to again @Cam or @My Name is Tito




            COMBAT SURF
            SKILL SURF




    Within the last few months, we have seen many promotions within the senior positions in Killzone Gaming. This article will outline some of their plans and ambitions for their respective server groups. We have asked the newly promoted senior staff members to elaborate.


    We also have six new Head Administrators to join the team, some of their roles and responsibilities are;

    - Maintain their server groups staff team

    - Promotions/Demotions of staff

    - Help solve issues on and off the server with players and/or staff

    - Report to management about ideas/issues/reports and more

    Without further ado, here are our notable promotions:

    @[email protected]ñk ([email protected]) - BlankD has recently been promoted to the Head Administrator of our SKILL SURF Server Group, along side Whizz. Here is what he has to say about what his plans and ambitions within his newly appointed role.

    I've been playing counstrike since the very beginning. I've watched how the game has advanced and the communities all round have expanded. i enjoy chilling and surfing while chatting to people across the world. As one of the head admins I'd love to use my experience to make surf even more fun and to teach others how to surf

    @Mr Awesome - Mr Awesome has recently been promoted to the Head Administrator of our JUMP Server Group. Here is what he has to say about what his plans and ambitions within his newly appointed role.

    Hi i'm Mr. Awesome, Lately I've been, i've been thinking, I want you to be happier, I want you to be happier? you know? When the morning comes and when we see what we've become... Then only for a minute! I want to change my mind 'cause this just don't feel right to me. I want to raise all of your spirits and I want to see you smile, but know, that means, i'll have to leave

    @Nala - Nala has recently been promoted to the Head Administrator of our AWP Server Group, Here is what she has to say about what his plans and ambitions within his newly appointed role.

    Hello, Nala here, I recently have been promoted to Head Admin of SG and AU AWP. I have been looking in areas that need to be improved and fixed on AWP. After asking around within the AWP community, including staff members of AWP I am able to try and fulfil what the community is wanting.

    @ReedaNZ - ReedaNZ has recently been promoted to the Head Administrator of our Combat Surf Server Group. Here is what he has to say about what his plans and ambitions within his newly appointed role.

    Most of you already know me, as I have been a part of the combat surf community since CS:S. My main goals for the server are keeping the map rotation fresh, potentially increasing the tick rate, and increasing the number of active staff. So if you feel like you would be a good addition to the team feel free to apply!

    @RetroViper - RetroViper has recently been promoted to the Head Administrator of our AIM Server Group. Here is what he has to say about what his plans and ambitions within his newly appointed role.

    As the new Head Admin of aim I hope to bring many new and exciting things to the servers, this may vary from things such as new servers to updating and fixing noticeable issues from server to server. As of currently, I’ll be looking into making a list of what the community wants to see in added or taken away from AIM as our main focus is the players.

    With our focus on the players, we want to make the experience the best it can be, with this being said we are always looking for new staff members and hoping to change the duration of time it takes to get a response on all applications and creating a more fair system that will favour both players and staff to hopefully get more people involved in our community.

    @OMGWhizzBoyOMG - Whizz has recently been promoted to the Head Administrator of our SKILL SURF Server Group, along side BlankD. Here is what he has to say about what his plans and ambitions within his newly appointed role.

    Hi I'm the head admin and I'm really good at surfing. I can do tier 6 ez even with my lights off :) I've been surfing since I got Steam in 2009 on C:SS playing greatriver 24/7 and playing all these different community servers. I wanna help keep community servers alive and let them continue to be open and fun.

    @ruthles_kila! - Ruthles_kila has recently been promoted to the Manager of our JUMP Server Group. Here is what he has to say about what his plans and ambitions within his newly appointed role.

    Hi, Bhoppers it’s ruthles_kila here also known to some as Red, I have recently been promoted to JUMP MANAGER. During the time I have been manager of jump (roughly a month now) I have been eager to fix and evaluate what problems and issue we have on our Jump Server, this could be regarding/ involve the running speed cap during the start zone to be adjust, adding new zoned maps for our players to enjoy, fixing exploited map times due to cheated and or glitched runs & broken bots/ runs not saving into the replays.


    Within the last few months, we have seen many changes within our Server Groups at Killzone Gaming. This article will outline some of the changes and just all round news from the server groups.


    First and foremost the KZG Aim staff would like to welcome you to the first iteration of the monthly aim newsletter. Here you will be able to keep up to date with all current projects, updates and community achievement inside the aim servers.


    Current Projects And Updates

    The Aim staff is proud to announce the revamping of all aim related servers (Retakes, 1v1 arena, executes, etc.) as we look to ensure the highest quality of gameplay and facilities for our players. Retakes will be the first to receive these new changes and closely followed by executes. Some of these changes include:

    • Patching any existing internal and external software defects that might hinder gameplay or performance of the server

    • VIP and Staff can now set their own tags with /tags or through /settings

    • Fixed spawn issues on both retake and executes(Main focus on cache)

    • Reduced the number of rounds in a game from 60 to 30

    • Fixed any formatting issues with the text

    • New scramble system

    • Looking into the current server map pool for all pre-existing servers


    Ranking system

    After a long discussion with players and staff, the highly anticipated new ranking system and Leaderboard is set to commence production in the up and coming weeks. More information on this topic will be released at a later date.


    Emotes And Icons

    The emote command on casual competitive will be put under review as it has been scrutinised by players due to its exploiting and spam capability. Actions have already been taken to reduce these issues and staff have been instructed to remind players to only use emotes during the start of the round to avoid being kicked.

    VIP and Staff ranked players now have the ability to change their in-game icon which is placed next to your name when holding the tab. Browse the variety of icons on offer using the command !icon. Please note that you must be either VIP or Staff to access this feature. If you’re of rank and can't use the command please contact your head server admin. Icons don't hold any extra benefits and only serve as a cosmetic item.


    Community Achievements

    The aim staff would like to congratulate the following players for their outstanding achievement on our aim servers. 

    William -      77,098 Points     (RETAKE)
    Forleks -      66,012 Points      (RETAKE)
    Develex -     17,675 Points       (CAS COMP)
    Anarchy -    17,385 Points       (CAS COMP)
    Jinxx -        15,028 Points      (EXECUTES)
    Pan1k -        9,341 Points       (1V1 ARENA)

    Whilst we congratulate players we would also like to congratulate new and recently promoted staff members, this includes:

    Rem1cks - New trial moderator

    Potato - New trial moderator

    Coddo - New trial moderator

    Reverse - New trial moderator 

    Forleks - New trial moderator

    ChusKah - Completed his trial period and is now a full administrator 

    Aether - Completed trial period is now a full administrator 

    Sinister - Completed his trial period and is now a full moderator

    We hope to see many more great things achieved in the future.


    Our staff members in SG and AU AWP treat everyone equal, in total, we have 10 Admin across both servers and we have a total of 7 Moderators. Both are able to assist with certain needs. Easy to access on the forums staff under AWP. 

    Without saying that, we are always looking for staff to make the experience more fair for both players and staff to make our community grow.

    In the past month, we have seen some changes happen in and to AWP including our long time number one AWP player Sir Blazemore getting moved to number two as Munckey takes the lead as number one with 15,038 points leaving Sir Blazemore on 14,599 points.


    India_small, the backward spawning is now not a thing anymore, you will spawn in facing the front on both CT and T.

    The auto-balance had been an ongoing situation with AWP, the community had spoken up about it and we had listened and that is now not a problem anymore.

    More Fixtures and improvements are defiant in the near future and late future, we are always working to make the environment safe and enjoyable to everyone at their own needs whether you are a new player or not. 


    Combat Surf in 2020?

    In the past couple of months, Combat Surf on KZG has returned! With the progressive increase of new and old players returning back to KZG, the server has received remarkable upgrades to make gameplay and interaction alike smooth, clean and easy. 

    So? What's changed? 

    New plugins have replaced old ones. We no longer support the old point system. Our new system redistributes points more fairly giving new players and old easy ways to gain points rather than lose them. Our Knife/WS has finally been updated, making it so much easier to access your custom skins and your float values. Most importantly our map rotations have finally been updated and balanced. The staff team felt that it was necessary to update the current map pool as players and staff alike were tired on the same maps rotating around in circles. 

    Each map has been updated or been removed these maps include popular maps such as:  

    • Greatriver (UPDATED) 
    • Ski_2_go (UPDATED + RE ADDED)
    • Dust2_2014 (UPDATED)
    •  Legends

    We also have new staff members joining us over the past couple of months. With the new addition of Nightmare and Dassi joining as Administrator and Moderator. Both of these chaps have been added on to our staff team ensuring that rules are enforced and the gameplay is as smooth as anything.  Player skins! All player skins have been removed and have been replaced with a simple red for Terrorists and blue for Counter-Terrorists, green for spawn protection. Finally, our knife detection has been updated. Bringing that godforsaken knife sound and actually doing damage instead of giving up your hopes for that juicy damage.


    What’s New with Jump?

    We on the jump server have been working hard maintaining our dedicated community. Out of every kzg server, we have one of the most loyal player bases with active players returning every day! This is evident with the arrival of some of our new staff Rarksy, Jitterbug, and dire. There have been a few new hoppers jumping on and setting new server records on various maps, it’s good to see that the bhop god’s runs of the past aren’t immortal after all. The bhoppers dire and Water have climbed the ranks faster than anyone has ever before with both players sitting in the top 25; notably dire has been seen setting insane normal recs on longer maps and Water has been grinding points to break into the top 5 highest point-scoring players! Considering that the remaining top 4 players are no longer active we may have a new no.1 on our hands… Or will we??


    The Return of a Legend, 

    Some people may have seen this mysterious bhopper recently, currently sitting in the 200s ranks, this new player has been casually setting insane ‘easy’ recs just because he can, beating the runs of >>Dynamic (One of the best bhopers in the world), Viper and Smexy Turtle. But who is he? After recently discovering his identity I can say that one of the ‘Old Gods’ has returned and that he was a previous top 10 player. For those who are interested in who this player is with his 670+ SSJ and his freakish 97-98 sync! Keep an eye out on the ‘WR’  lists because he has been beating his old times by a couple of milliseconds here and there. It’s up to you to find out who this mystery legend is, all I can say is welcome back buddy, it’s been too long.


    Fixing & sorting known server issues

    • Zoning, we are aware of some maps requiring zoning fixes, rezone totally and some not even having zones, this would also include cheat zones that turn your time off due to you trying to achieve a massive skip/map exploit to beat the record and checkpoint zones to work out if you have done that section fast enough for the record.

    • Pre-speed, this value needs to be adjusted to 290, we would also like for the sm_speclist and sm_ssj to save, so if you enable it, it stays enabled until disabled, not when the next map starts it clears and you have to turn them both back on. Bots, the record replay bots have been a bane on our existence for some time now but we are working on getting them fixed and stable.

    • Having players start WITHOUT a pistol, the reason we want this is when players leave/disconnect from the server their pistol drops on the ground and this can be picked up if someone jumps on it/over it when they are going for their run. This could be run ruining for a good player to pick it up and cause a distraction and this isn’t what we want.

    • The BhopTimer, it has been brought to our attention that our timer, although working, could be improved.

    • Cheated/Exploited record times, it is very hard to remove the times themselves but we are looking into this also.

    • Knives and the cosmetic shop, this will need to be fixed as for some reason it’s all that the newer players care about.


    Quick Tips:

    A lot of new players come on and see the veterans flying around and wonder why they can’t do that too. Well, you can! Here are some helpful hints for beginners:

    • “!r” or “sm_r” (r short for restart) in the chat is how you spawn back to the start zone, it may be worth binding this to a key so you can just tap it if you mess up a run.

      • Ex `in console` - bind "<key>" "sm_r"

        • `in console` - bind "r" "sm_r"

    • Hold Spacebar! Our server is an autohop server and it’s best to learn using auto/normal style to get better at strafing before moving onto legit for all you comp tryhards. However, if you are adamant on playing legit, type “!legit easy” into the chat. This will ruin your life and make you jump individually for every hop, have fun! (Type: “!n” to return to normal or “!style” to select a different style.

    • Lots of maps have a bonus! Type “!b” in chat to see if the map has one. “!r” to return to the normal map start zone.

    • We have lots of styles like sideways, half-sideways w-only, low gravity and more, Type “!style” to check them out.

    • Weapons, we are working on bringing knives back! however, you can’t use them! Guns and knives on our server do nothing but cover your screen and mess up your strafes, so you might as well just drop them, and yes you can drop your knife.

    • “!wr” will show you all our best player’s times for the current map.

    If you have any further questions feel free to ask our staff, or me! :)

    Written by,

    Mr Awesome (Jump H.A) & edited with love by ruthles_kila




    Skill surf consists of 6 servers(Beginner, Noob, Easy, Hard, Expert and Speed) which vary from difficulty. Skill surf is a vibrant place where players all over the world can come to play surf maps and talk to others, there are times when players decided to perform and show their talents over the surf server, we also have popular YouTubers that come on every now and then so you might be able to meet one of them. There are a variety of skill levels across all the servers which gives players a chance to learn from skilled players and improve their own skills.

    Over the past few months, there have been a few changes, There were new maps introduced into the map cycle;

    • Surf_hotwheels

    • Surf_grotto

    • Surf_vgaport_go‎‎

     Which has given players the opportunity to get a higher rank. There was also a timer fix since the speed wasn't showing up on the centre timer, along with a few minor bug fixes, we have also picked out a few new staff members to help with the servers.

    Recently there have been a few new records being set, Duck set a new record on surf_utopia which hasn't been broken for a long time now and set at 00:47:92. Not only that, Hob set a record on surf_egypt2_v2 with a time of 00:38:59, there are rumours that myste is looking to take some time off the record. We also have a competition going on surf_trainingschool, currently, droplet holds the time of 00:20:81 and Hob is looking to beat that time. He is slowly rising and may set a new map record very soon.

     As for the future of Skill Surf, we have a few things planned, for starters, we have noticed that players seem to love the two maps surf_luna and surf_luna2... so we decided that we were going to make a new surf_luna map to add to the series. But that's not all we have, we are also looking at adding a new surf style into the mix, this will be a unique style that will be in the fun section upon release. There will also be a new Stats page for users to use, and a new Achievement system waiting to be added. Along with the new changes, we have heard complaints about broken times and we will be removing glitched/broken times in the near future.


    The Killzone.gg Scum server has been up and running for around 12 months now with a small community that comes and goes. There are a few of us that just love the hardcore survival experience, and Scum doesn’t disappoint.  Lately we have had an influx of new players and squads’ join in the fun.

    There’s something for every type of gamer here and so many different ways to play. You can team up with friends in a squad, play solo or even go nomad and live off the land. Guns have improvised upgrades you can craft or just loot for the correct attachments.  The huge map has cities, farms, air bases, factories, underground bunkers, cars, animals, Zombies and military bases guarded by enormous Mechs.

    There is base building, character development, all different types of skills to learn, heaps of clothing and gear to find, and even a full metabolism that is being implemented as the game develops.

    If you are new to the game or have played it in the past and want to check out the development, then come join us in the Killzone.gg server.  Admins are on duty most days and nights to keep the game-play fair and fun for all.

    Give the community a shout out if you need a hand getting started. We are all here to help.

    See you, online prisoners,




    Do you have any goals on the server and how are you going to about achieving them?

    To get a lot of people playing and a shit tonne of fun. Make a community in scum.

    What is your honest opinion on the KZG Community?

    I haven’t had a great deal to do with the community yet but will be sooner rather than later.

    If you could have a position of power for a day, which rank and why?

    Supreme overlord, rule them all

    How long have you been with KZG for and what motivated you to stay here?

    12 months, the quality and speed of the server. Server size is awesome.

    If you could have any superpower for a day, what would it be and why?

    Invisibility, to sneak around and observe.

    If you had the chance to travel to one place on earth and stay there for a month, where would it be and why?

    Japan - I love everything about Japan. ANIME!!!!

    How did you find out about KZG and what were your initial thoughts of the server?

    Through SCUM. Love the game and the server fit in well. Better than other servers.

    Anything else you would like to say or any shoutouts?

    Shoutout to the SCUM community. Amazing group of people.


    Do you have any goals on the server and how are you going to go about achieving them?

    To get a good time on Leet. Keep choosing leet

    What is your honest opinion on the KZG Community?

    I like it. Had problems solved which is good. Some of the players help with personal stuff. Play guitar for everyone.

    If you could have a position of power for a day, which rank and why?

    Mod. Mute the mic spammers.

    How long have you been surfing with KZG for and what motivated you to stay here?

    A year and a half maybe 2. No reason to when knowing a lot of people that play KZG.

    If you could have any superpower for a day, what would it be and why?

    Shapeshifting, could be a pretty useful thing to have. 

    If you had the chance to travel to one place on earth and stay there for a month, where would it be and why?

    Scotland. Family is from Scotland. Cool area. 

    How did you find out about KZG and what were your initial thoughts of the server?

    One of my friends played it so I followed suit. Funny and interesting people.

    Anything else you would like to say or any shoutouts?

    Sub my youtube ----> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0ltP1y4n7lsU_i3nycPNDg




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