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  • About Us

    Killzone Gaming (KZG) is a non-for-profit Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) Gaming Community predominetly based in Australia and New Zealand. KZG host's a wide variety of server's for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Mordhau, Minecraft and SCUM Game Servers. These servers are hosted in Australia and Singapore which are used by thousands of gamers daily. Over the past year KZG has had over 1.5 million unique players who have played and enjoyed our free to play Community Servers. We KZG are constantly expanding and providing our community with unique and quality content. Please consider supporting our community by donating in which you will receive some perks in-game.

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    Jailbreak Event


    Hey all. We as a staff team have decided to run a Jailbreak contest! Here are the details

    • Date and Time: 15th of April from 4pm-6pm
    • Server: Jailbreak obviously
    • Prizes: 6 keys to win in competitions, and 4 more as random giveaways. And maybe some more :) 


    The maps that we have chosen are

    • jb_peanut
    • jb_renegade
    • jb_canyondam
    • jb_nrx

    The reserve maps that are played if we still have time before the event ends.

    • jb_potato
    • jb_banteroonies
    • jb_clouds
    • jb_summerjail
    • jb_underwaterprison

    The reserve maps may switch out the main four maps, and maps might replace the maps in the reserve pool. The map pool will be confirmed closer towards the date.


    There will be 5 different categories that you can win prizes in!

    • Most LR Wins
    • Most Kills as a Rebel (outside of LR)
    • Most Successful Rounds as a Warden (getting to LR period is counted as successful round)
    • Most Rebel Kills as a Guard.
    • Best Overall Player

    For all categories except "Best Overall Player", Jailbreak Staff will be exempt from winning them.

    Best Overall Player will reward two keys rather than one.


    I will be playing out of pool maps for an hour before the event begins (probably end up playing obama or something like that, maybe some new maps as well :) )

    If you have any questions, message me on steam. Hope to see you there.

    Thanks to Lethiem and Zek for providing the keys in advance.

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    4-6pm in which timezone? please specify

    and give NZ time please

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About Us

Killzone Gaming is a non-profit gaming community that has been providing servers to the oceanic region for over 3 years. We host a wide variety of servers for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Mordhau. We are constantly expanding and improving our servers to provide our community with a reliable and fun gaming experience.

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