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  • Comunity Server Rules:

    General Rules:

    1. Hacking/Cheating is a permanently bannable offence.
    2. Scripting/Macroing will result in a suspension for 2 weeks when first caught. If caught again, said user will be permanently banned
    3. Abuse towards other players will not be tolerated and will be punished with the utmost severity.
      We understand that the environment on all servers can become heated at times, but the community of Killzone Gaming does not condone any form of toxicity/hate speech/abuse/racism/discrimination.
    4. No advertisement of any form. The only exceptions are KZG, twitch and/or youtube links.
    5. Mic/Chat spam is not allowed.
    6. The use of vocoders (voice-changers) and/or stupid accents is forbidden.
    7. The only language that is allowed to be spoken over voice chat is English. (ALL SINGAPORE SERVERS ARE EXEMPT FROM THIS RULE).
    8. You are not allowed to play music over your microphone unless you have a Staff Member's permission.
    9. Glitching/Exploiting maps, plugins or server features is not allowed and is punishable.
    10. Ghosting is not allowed and is highly condemnable on servers that allow all talk. Ghosting is disclosing enemy information once said user has died [excl. retake].
    11. If caught DDOSing any Killzone Gaming servers/users, said user will be dealt with accordingly. 
    12. DOXing or revealing personal information about another player will get you a permanent ban - this includes: names, address’, social networking accounts, mobile phone numbers etc. 
    13. Impersonations of any Staff Members or users are prohibited.
    14. Players are NOT allowed to publicly accuse other players of cheating. This creates unnecessary spam and could alert a possible cheater of the servers awareness to their hacking. To privately message an online Staff Member -
      Open <TEAM CHAT> (not <ALL CHAT>) and put an @ in front of your message  e.g. @Nyalon is aboosing his powers.
    15. Delaying rounds purposely is punishable by death. Continuing to delay rounds once told not to will most likely result in a suspension.
    16. On the defusal gamemode, not defusing the bomb and/or purposely making other players unable to defuse the bomb will result in a kick or suspension.
    17. On Gamemodes that are team based (AWP, Casual Competitive etc..), Team stacking is not allowed.
    18. Trolling Staff Members or users is not acceptable and said user will be punished grimly. 
    19. Ban evading is punishable by a longer ban sentence.
    20. You agree to the Killzone Gaming Terms of Service which can be found at https://killzonegaming.com/forum/terms




    Retakes / Executes:

    1. Any form of flanking is not allowed and will result in being slayed/kicked


    1. Teleport camping (telecamping) is strictly forbidden and will result in a slay and/or ban if repeated - Telecamping is the act of killing a player within 2 seconds of them exiting any teleporter on the map including the jail teleport; This does not apply if you have exited the teleport after the player. Falsely accusing someone of Telecamping may result in a mute/kick.
    2. Elevator camping is not allowed and will result in a slay - this is the act of waiting at the top of an elevators for players to come up and kill them.
    3. Jail camping is not allowed and will result in a slay - players must actively attempt to leave jail and the areas around it.


    1. Using the n word in a non racist way will be allowed.
    2. Selling drugs or describing how to make them will not be tolerated. This includes telling someone where to buy them.




    • No hoarding vehicles on this server. 
    • 1 vehicle per person. 
    • Squads of 4 or more, must only have MAXIMUM OF 4 VEHICLES. 
    • Penalty for hoarding vehicles, will result in ALL your vehicles being despawned, so you will have to walk the map yourself again to find a vehicle.

    There are a minimum of 65 vehicles on this server, and we like to be able to have spare vehicles around the map for newcomers to the server to find.

    Raiding Rules

    • If you raid a base, do it in a clean manner. You must ONLY fill ONE car's worth of goods. DO NOT despawn items from chests. So choose what you want to take wisely.
    • NO other vehicles must be present during a raid, so ONLY take one vehicle, and/or keep ALL other vehicles away from the area.
    • NO returning to the raid area once you have CAREFULLY looted the limit of one full vehicles worth.

    Sticking to these raid rules, helps the server. Thus, not making solo players feel like leaving after a raid, from having everything destroyed and taken or despawned.

    ZERG Style Squads

    NO ZERG STYLE RAIDING ON THIS SERVER. YOU WILL BE BANNED. If we suspect any form of Zerg Style Squads forming on the Killzone.gg Scum server, you, and your whole squad will be kicked and / or banned from this server immediately. 



    Killzone Gaming Community Discord Server Rules:

    General Rules:

    1. Always be kind and courteous. A channel is just as much yours as the next player. Give the respect you want to receive.
    2. No Chat or mic spam.
    3. No links may contain advertisements of any kind, pornography, racism, or disturbing links
    4. No channel hopping. Channel hopping is defined as switching channels in quick succession for either positive or negative purposes.
    5. Trolling is not allowed in any form.
    6.  When gaming, please find the appropriate channel in which to game.
    7. Abuse towards other members will not be tolerated and will be punished with the utmost severity. We understand that the environment on all servers can become heated at times, but the community of Killzone Gaming does not condone any form of toxicity/hate speech/abuse/racism/discrimination.

    Channel Specific Rules:

    1. #general-chat -- for general discussion only. Only upload images/screenshots/gifs that are relevant to the CURRENT conversation. Using this channel for commands will get you muted.
    2. #role-request -- Information on requestable roles.
    3. #cmd_chat -- For use of Bot commands.
    4. #support -- Can be used for questions and suggestions.
    5. #images -- For any non-nsfw art/images/screenshots.
    6. #memes -- For posting memes and use of 「FUN」Kawaii, and 「FUN」Memer.
    7. #games -- Game related and use of 「FUN」CS:GO.

    Terms of Service's:

    ANYTHING THAT IS FOUND IN DISCORD’S TERMS OF SERVICE OR COMMUNITY GUIDELINES WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED Please refer to https://discordapp.com/terms & https://discordapp.com/guidelines for more information.

    ANYTHING IN OUR TERMS OF SERVICE MAY ALSO BE ENFORCED Please refer to https://killzonegaming.com/terms-of-service/ for more information.




About Us

Killzone Gaming is a non-profit gaming community that has been providing servers to the oceanic region for over 3 years. We host a wide variety of servers for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Mordhau. We are constantly expanding and improving our servers to provide our community with a reliable and fun gaming experience.

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